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    D'Elon's plan

    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

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    D'Elon's plan

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:33 am

    This overarching story takes place after the first story of Saga of the Viper. Please read the first story post in that before continuing in this thread.


    Captain Tolbar sat in the command chair of the Typhon as they sped at high warp towards the Briar Patch. They had been the closest vessel when Facility 4028 sent out the distress call, but when they arrived, the attackers had already fled. They had only taken one item, a crate of parts that the Holographic guard had identified as containing the pieces to a Soong type android named Lore. Security footage showed a bunch of humans overpowering the guards using holographic dispersal grenades, essentially just walking in. Such was the problem having the entire base staffed by holograms. But at least they had been able to get the sensor data of the warp field, so the Typhon had jumped to warp as soon as they found it. And it seemed to be heading for the Briar Patch.


    Commander Cooper turned from his station and looked at the Captain, seating in a slightly elevated position in the centre of the bridge. "We're approaching the Patch now sir. No sign of the attackers, but the warp trail definately ends here."
    "Helm, drop to Impulse. Cooper, have a wing of Valkyries ready for launch. Maintain full sensor scans and ease us in, half Impulse."
    "Sir, sensors are picking up an Ion wake heading into the Patch. It starts from where the warp trail ends, it has to be the attackers."
    "Track that wake. Keep us away from Metreon Gas pockets and keep all sensors on full alert."

    The carrier ship moved into the Patch, cosmic clouds rolling off the hull. Like a shark hunting it's prey, the Typhon moved gracefully, trying to track the attackers. After a few minutes, the trail led to a ringed planet. Cooper confirmed the trail went into the atmosphere, but no return signal indicated they landed and are still there, but radiation interference prevented them from getting any sensor data on the surface. Tolbar ordered the launch of some Valkyrie wings to perform high altitude flybys with ground teams to beam down and search on foot.

    Something caught Cooper's attention. There was some kind of spatial disturbance in the planet's rings. He focused his scans on the area.

    On the Bridge of her ship, Commander D'Elon watched as the Starfleet vessel started sending fighters down towards the planet. Stood nearby, her guest, a Suliban, grew agitated. "Starfleet will find my ship, and they will find your cargo. And neither of us want that to happen." D'Elon remained calm, simply steepling her fingers and leaning back slightly in her chair. "No, Frillisk, we don't." Frillisk looked from the Romulan, to the viewscreen, and back. "Well? Aren't you going to do something? Shoot them down?"

    D'Elon kept staring at the viewscreen as she replied. "That is a Typhon class carrier command ship, with a full compliment of Valkyrie fighters. Starfleet doesn't have many of them, and if we were to engage in a straight fight, we would suffer heavy casualties. No. No I have no desire to see my ship and crew lost because some smuggler got scared."
    "You would do well to watch your tone."
    At that, D'Elon turned, piercing Frillisk with a stare that could cut steel. "You are a guest on board my ship. As such, shut up or spend the next part of your insignificant life rotting in a jail. That ship outmatches us in terms of sheer firepower. We'll have to use our brains to get out of this one. Tell your crew to prepare for transport. Ta'el, decloak and maintain standby status. Make no hostile moves."

    On the Typhon, the ship instantly went to yellow alert as a Romulan Warbird decloaked in the planets rings. The tactical officer reported they had not powered weapons or raised shields. In fact, they had made no hostile moves, but were hailing. Tolbar straightened in his chair, making sure to project the correct air of authority that Romulans always needed. "Romulan Commander. I am Captain Tolbar of the Federation Starship Typhon." On the viewscreen, D'Elon nodded, smiling gracefully. "Greeting Captain. I am Commander D'Elon, of the Imperial Warbird Tomalak. How can we be of assistance?"
    "You can tell me why you are cloaked so deep in Federation space."
    "We are simply on a scientific mission Captain. We are here to analyise the metagenic properties of this region, and determine if it would be feasable to establish a hospital here."
    "You are aware this is deep in Federation space?"
    "I am Captain. And are you aware this is not the days of old? Romulan and Federation ships freely traverse the space of each others, provided they stay away from major homeworlds, in the name of scientific research. If you wish, contact Romulan Command, or Starfleet Command, they will confirm our permission to be here."
    "That may be, but it still doesn't explain why you were cloaked."

    D'Elon kept her face perfectly genuine as she replied. "The answer is simple Captain. We detected a civillian ship approaching our position. They had no I.D. code and were heavily armed. They appeared to be pirates, and we have no interest in fighting so we cloaked until they passed. They entered the planet's atmosphere and we simply waited until it was safe to beam up our research teams. I assume you are in pursuit of that vessel?"
    "That's correct. You know where they are on the planet?"
    "Of course Captain. Our sensors have been modified to penetrate the radiation. We will transmit the coordinates to you. As this appears to be a Federation matter, we will transport up our research teams and withdraw from the Briar Patch."
    "I would like you to stick around until we can confirm your story."
    "Very well Captain. Tomalak out."

    As the comms were cut, D'Elon turned to Ta'el and Satra, her smile dropping. "Beam the Suliban onboard and engage cloak. Take us back to Empire space."

    As they departed the system, Fillisk blurted out. "What about that Starfleet ship? They'll find my vessel!" D'Elon didn't even look back to him, just kept staring at the passing gas clouds on the viewsceen. "Of course they will. We transmitted its position to them. But we also beamed up your entire crew and cargo. And by the time they can get a message to Starfleet to confirm we do not have authorisation to be here, we will be long gone. All they will be left with is some questions, and no proof of why we were here. After all, thanks to your shapeshifting abilities, they are searching for a group of augmented humans, not Suliban. And why would we give them the pirate ship if we were engaged in some transaction with them? Now, I believe you will find your payment and the rest of your crew in Cargo Bay 2."

    Though she didn't look back, she could tell Fillisk hadn't moved. She waved a hand dismissivley at him and Ta'el took the sign, escorting Fillisk to the cargo bay.

    After a few minutes, D'Elon stood up and went to the security console, bringing up an image of Cargo Bay 2. Ta'el was showing Filisk the components they were being paid with. While the rest of the Suliban checked their new aquisitions, Ta'el slipped out and locked the door. D'Elon pushed a few buttons as she commented sarcastically. "Oh dear. It looks like a force field has failed in Cargo Bay 2. We had better fix that." On the monitor, the force field cut out, exposing the room to space. The Suliban struggled to remain inside, but the pull was too strong and they tumbled out. D'Elon gave it a few seconds to ensure they had all been blown out, then reactivated the forcefield. "Satra, beam our cargo back onboard."

    D'Elon made her way towards Cargo Bay 1, where engineers were already unpacking the components of Lore. D'Elon approached a table near the crates recovered from the Tuffli a few weeks ago, where his head had been put and picked it up, running her fingers over his face. "We've gone to a lot of trouble to get you out. But some secrets are worth taking the gamble for. And once we've cracked your brain, all your secrets will belong to us." She set his head down and looked to the engineers. "Tell me when you've got his positronic network hooked up to the isolated system. I'm eager to find that colony."
    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

    Fleet Rank : Vice Admiral
    Number of posts : 721
    Location : Bonnie ol' England
    Ship Name : U.S.S. Viper
    Ship Registry Number : NX-204971-X
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    Re: D'Elon's plan

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:34 am

    The IRW Tomalak approached the MS-1 colony. With it no longer being part of the Federation, D'Elon had no fear about political repurcussions. They had been patient, working for a number of months to put this mission together. Starfleet archives had been procured. The head of Lore had been retrieved. And the cargo that was nearly stolen by the Son'a was already rigged to begin transmitting once they arrived at their destination. D'Elon looked at the planet, stroking an eyebrow in anticipation. Satra looked over to her commander. "Sir. We're approaching the coordinates indicated in the Enterprise's logs."

    "Excellent. Begin sweeping the deflector dish through the frequencies once we get there." Ta'el spoke up from Tactical. "Commander, sensors are picking up three fighters coming from the planet on an intercept course. They're hailing." D'Elon lowered her hand and leaned back in her chair. "On screen." The image of a human male, mid forties and with short stubble appeared on screen. "Romulan vessel. You have entered the territory of colony MS-1. Withdraw, or we will attack you." D'Elon couldn't help but let out a short sharp laugh at that. "Seriously? You want to attack a D'Deridex warbird with three little fighters? Be my guest. We have no quarrals with your colony, and we will leave you in peace provided you leave us alone." D'Elon pushed herself forward slightly, losing all softness in her voice. "But I warn you Human, one weapon strike against this vessel will be considered an act of war against the Star Empire, and will be responded to accordingly. Do not make a mistake your friends and family will regret."
    "Starfleet will protect us. We-"
    "You are nothing. You are not members of the Federation. You are not protectorates. You are unaligned, unaffiliated, and alone. Back off. You will not be told again." D'Elon cut communications and turned to Satra, but was stopped by a very mild shaking of the ship. She spun around to Ta'el.

    "Have they fired on us?"
    Ta'el checked her instruments, then looked up and nodded. "Their weapon systems are ancient. Shields are still at one hundred percent." D'Elon briefly raised an eyebrow as she slowly turned back towards Satra. "Destroy them all." She didn't even bother waiting to hear a report, talking over the three whines of plasma disruptor beams firing. "Satra, take us through the frequencies. Open up that transwarp corridor."

    The Tomalak's deflector started glowing as it shifted through subspace frequencies, finally finding one that tore open a gap in space. D'Elon remained fixed on the viewscreen as the warbird entered, the blue light of the corridor casting it's light over the bridge. The ship rumbled slightly but she knew the vessel could handle it. Finally the rumbling stopped as the ship dropped out of Transwarp. "Report."

    Satra worked her console. "Sensors say we're deep within the Delta Quadrant. Exactly where we intended to be." D'Elon stood up and walked to Satra, reading the sensors herself. "Then it appears these transwarp corridors don't need gates to work. Just the correct trigger frequency."
    "Yes Sir. But they also don't appear to be connected to any other destination."
    "So without the gate to control it, the Transwarp corridor can only ever come here?"
    "The one in the MS-1 system, yes. It does leave me wondering how many of those single target corridors exist in our space."
    "That's a question for scientists." Noting the brief look of dissapointment on Satra's features, D'Elon quickly continued. "Scientists that make Transwarp their area of expertese. You know I consider you a scientist first and foremost." She moved to her chiar, hoping to just move past it. "Activate cloak and set course for the planet." The Tomalak became invisible, heading towards the lone planet nearby.

    Upon reaching orbit, D'Elon hailed the Cargo Bay. "Lolius. Are we ready?"
    "Yes Commander. The Vinculum is powered up and ready to begin transmission."
    "Good. Await my order before triggering it. We need to be certain." D'Elon leaned back in her chair and looked at the planet before them. The coordinates retrieved from Lore's brain, along with the transwarp calculations were so far proving correct. And the Enterprise logs corroberated the planet's position. So, there should be a colony of free Borg down there, just right for the plucking. "Satra. Have sensors confirmed the location of the colony?"
    "Yes Sir. We will need to drop into the atmosphere for the Vinculum to take affect, but this is the right place. Although...." D'Elon narrowed her eyes at her friend's pause. "Speak Satra. This is not the time for second guesses."
    "It's just.... is this the right thing to do? We'll be no better than the Borg. Those are sentient, living creatures down there."
    "They are Borg. They have some twisted illusion of freedom, but all it will take is one cube to enter orbit and that colony down there will turn straight back into the Collective. We are simply ensuring they will serve for the Romulan Empire, instead of against it."
    "But even if that is true.... it's still brainwashing. We're doing exactly what the Borg, the Elachi, even the Tal Shiar have done to our people."
    "Satra. They are Borg. They don't dream. They don't think. They just act. The Undine attack on Earth showed none of us are prepared for what they have. These Borg are the most powerful soldiers available. They are faster, stronger, more adaptable than any other Borg we've seen. At least, up until the Collective killed that planet of Queens. We still haven't found out what that was all about. But having not encountered any Borg since then, those things down there are the best we have. Is this a moral grey area? Of course. But we are Romulans. We put aside any such qualms for the greater good of the Empire. And it's not like they are going to have any families or loved ones to miss them. Helm. Take us down into the atmosphere. Decloak and keep a full sensor scan. I want to know if they have any weapons trained on us."

    The D'Deridex class warbird shimmered into view, her beak glowing from the heat. Passing through the cloud cover, the majestic green ship spotted a tiny settlement ontop of a hill. There was a basic infrastructure set up, enough to sustain a small number of people. Water channels, solar panels, foundries, all indicating a small, yet highly technological settlement. D'Elon squinted at the small black shapes moving around. She tapped the comm panel on her chair's arm. "Lolius. Activate."

    In the cargo bay, the salvaged Vinculum started pulsing. Engineers swarmed the device, making sure it wasn't going to assimilate the ship, or cause any problems. After all, when one has the heart of a Borg Cube in the ship, one must be careful. Lolius tapped at a screen. "Power levels within acceptible parameters. Signal is being transmitted. And confirmed, it is recieving a reply." D'Elon listend to the reports. The Borg on the ground had stopped moving. Every single one stood perfectly still. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. It seemed to be working. How.... fortunate for the Romulan Empire. D'Elon got to her feet. "I'm beaming down. Satra. You have command." Satra shook her head. "Commander, that's a foolish risk. We should verify first-"
    "The Empire will not survive if we don't take risks. I have confidence in Lolius and his crew. Don't you?" She looked at Satra, waiting for a response. The First Officer simply shook her head again. "Fine. But at least take some security."
    "A wise precaution. I'll be in contact."

    The green lights faded, leaving D'Elon and her guards standing on the grass. Borg drones were all around here, unmoving. They were clearly an older version of the drones. Their skin was pale but not mottled. The exoskeletons appeared a little more basic. D'Elon wondered just what species it was that had given them such a widespread and obvious alteration. Perhaps the introduction of the Queen? Whatever it was, these appeared to be normal, pure Borg. D'Elon approached the nearest drone. "State your purpose." The drone continued to stare directly ahead as it replied. "To serve the Romulan Star Empire. To follow the commands of Commander D'Elon at all times. To ensure the survival of the Romulan race." D'Elon smiled. The alterations to the Vinculum had worked. "All drones are to approach this position." Though she couldn't see it, D'Elon knew those orders were being spread through the small hive mind of this colony. As drones approached her position, D'Elon couldn't fight it any more. Everything had come together perfectly. Her own private Borg army gathered before her. "This. Is perfect." She looked up at her ship, hovering overhead. Tapping some commands into her wrist device to open a comm, she imagined the faces of her enemies when she beamed this group into their midst. "Satra. It's worked. Begin transporting the group into Cargo Bay Two."
    "Yes Sir. But... now we've got them, what will we do next?"
    "We will use them against the enemies of the Empire. The Undine. The Elachi. The Iconians. The Klingons and Federation if they betray us. The Dyson Sphere may be destroyed, but they are still sending ships into the Delta Quadrant through the Gateway. Rator III and Mol'Rihan will be defended from such retributions. But first.... I think a small test is in order. Take us back to Colony MS-1. I believe they wanted to start a war with us."

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    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

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    Re: D'Elon's plan

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:36 am

    The Imperial Warbird flew at top speed towards New Romulus. They had only just reached Romulan space after their incursion into the Delta Quadrant when a sector wide alert was detected. A large Elachi fleet was approaching the Republic's homeworld and all ships were to intercept. D'Elon drummed her fingers impatiantly against the armrest. This was a particularly apprehensive time. The Republic had just started setting up their orbital infrastructure and some of her friends were to be stationed up there. But the facilities would be not yet capable of defending themselves. To die in battle was honourable. D'Elon could accept that. But to be turned into one of those Shrooms? That was a fate worse than assimilation. And she had no desire to let her friends suffer that fate. "Time?"
    "Ten minutes."
    "She'll tear herself apart."
    "Then tear her apart!"

    D'Elon kept gazing at the viewscreen as her mind wondered back to the days of Romulus. The original Romulus....

    The sun shone down on the small colony. Out near the Neutral zone, the cluster of buildings set up a small but adequate settlement. The young girl, barely older than nine years, laughed as she chased her two friends through the streets around the outskirts of town. A couple quickly sidestepped to let the children through. D'Elon saw Tovan slip and she pushed forward, hand outstretched. Her fingers snagged his collar and she forced his head back. "Got you!"
    "No fair D'Elon. You got lucky."
    "Yeah. But sometimes luck works." She slapped his head and laughed at his frown. "Oh Tovan, you're such a Vulcan."
    "I am not!"
    "Vulcan Vulcan Vuulcaaan."
    "I'll get you for that!"
    "Approaching the system."

    D'Elon snapped out of her memory. Ta'el reported they were approaching the Mol'Rihan system. "Drop to Impulse, raise shields and power all weapons. Prep the Scorpions for launch and prepare the Drones for boarding actions." As the ship went into full battle mode, Satra turned slightly to glare at D'Elon. "Drones? Commander, we haven't tested them in combat. MS-1 was nothing more than a slaughter. It proved they follow commands, but nothing more. I really think we should consider not using them in this engagement. Not until-"
    "ENOUGH! The Elachi have attacked a Romulan colony. As officers in the Empire, we WILL defend our people at all costs." D'Elon shifted her eyes, staring down Satra. The First Officer took the hint and turned back to her console. The ship shook as they entered the fray. The Lleiset was already in the midst of Elachi ships, pounding them with her weapons. A mix of Republic and Imperial ships were darting around, plasma disrupters lancing out in every direction. Most of the Elachi ships were smaller fighters, but there was one large capital ship that looked like it had clamped onto the side of the station. D'Elon knew that had to be the primary target. "Launch Scorpions and target all weapons on that mothership. FIRE!"

    The Tomalak raced forwards, firing every weapon in her arsenal. The mothership took the hits directly to its hull and retaliated with a tractor beam. Much more powerful than what they had used before, it grabbed the Tomalak and stopped it dead. Smaller Elachi ships flew up and clamped onto the hull. Ta'el sounded worried as she reported them cutting into the hull. D'Elon ordered the deployment of security teams to each of the areas, only to instinctively duck forwards in her seat as the doors to the Bridge exploded. Weapons fire flooded through the smoke as D'Elon rolled forwards and ducked behind a console. Ta'el let out a shriek as she was hit and went down. D'Elon pulled out her pistol and set the power level to maximum. No one was going to take her crew away from her. They were basically like family now. She wouldn't lose them. Not again. She popped up from the console and started firing at the robots that were invading the Bridge. Typical of those creatures, to send in robots first. The ship started shaking again. Over the comm, reports were coming in of major fighting throughout the ship. Romulans were falling. Brave, loyal Romulans who had no business being turned into Shrooms. They wouldn't hold out, not against these odds. There was but one course of action. D'Elon hit her communicator. "All Drones: Activate. Defend this ship. Destroy all Elachi forces!"

    Lolius and Borailis had been forced out of the Engine Room. The Elachi had overpowered them and now they ran for their lives. An explosion tore through the bulkhead in front of them. A howling wind clawed at them, dragging them towards the hull breach before emergency forecefields sprang up to save them. Borailis brushed the hair from her face, panting as her lungs burned from even that small time in a growing vacuum. Lolius grabbed the small Romulan by her shoulders and forced her up to her feet. "Come on! We can't stop!" They ran past the broken wall, Lolius wincing at the starscape visible through the numerous decks below them. The whine of transporters indicated more Elachi transporting in. Instead of robots, these were the Elachi themselves. Obviously the ship had been compromised enough for them to send in the main troops. Crescent cannons chewed up the decking inches behind the Romulan's feet. A lucky shot hit him, tearing his right leg off below the knee. He tumbled to the deck, clutching the stump. Borailis turned as she ran, but Lolius yelled at her to keep moving. He tried to get up, but the Elachi quickly surrounded him. Borailis turned a corner and ran straight into a Borg drone. A middle age looking human male with a gold eyepiece; he looked at her. "Run."
    Borailis skirted around the drone and pointed down the corridor. "They've got Lolius!" The Borg didn't react, he simply started running. Bounding around the corner, he instantly achieved target aquisition and raised his arm, shooting rapid blasts of energy with pinpoint accuracy. Before the Elachi knew what had happened, their heads exploded. The Borg ran up to Lolius and performed a medical scan. "You are bleeding out. We will stop the injury." He grabbed Lolius's leg, ignoring the pained yell and injected nanites into the stump. They started cautorising the wound, shutting themselves down as soon as the bleeding stopped.

    It all happened too fast for Lolius. All he knew was he had been saved. By a Borg. It was.... extremely strange to put it mildly. Lolius started trying to get to his feet, but the Borg suddenly pushed him onto the deck and lay ontop of him. Crescent blasts splashed across the Borg's back, absorbed by his shield. He raised his head quickly, locking onto the new group of Elachi that had entered the corridor. Keeping Lolius covered, he raised his arm and fired at them.

    Satra watched with morbid fascination. D'Elon seemed to have become possessed. Her usual calm demeanor had fallen away completely. Grabbing a shattered robot leg, she ran forwards and jammed the spiked foot into the skull of an Elachi before diving back into cover. Satra shook her head and looked down at Ta'el. The tactical officer was awake, but too badly hurt to move. "Ta'el, hvae you ever known the Commander to fight like a Klingon?"
    "No." Ta'el replied meekly. "She's always been a calm, calculating, perfect Romulan. I don't-" She stopped as she abruptly started coughing up blood. A new sound rose over the din. Satra peeked over the top of the console. Borg drones were swarming the Bridge, moving quickly and firing their arm mounted weapons at the Elachi. Most of them dropped dead, but a couple of the invaders fell to the floor and started twitching. With the dust settling, D'Elon emerged from cover and moved straight to Tactical. "Elachi forces have been driven from the ship. But they've boarded the station. Drones. We're beaming over. Destroy anything that isn't Romulan."
    "Or Reman!" Satra felt the need to add that part. D'Elon seemed to be going insane. But it was a stressful time. She would have to have words with her after this was over. D'Elon and the Borg vanished in a sparkle of shimmering green light. Satra pushed herself to her feet and moved to Tactical. The ship was in pieces. The Singularity Core was offline. Hull breaches littered the framework. How this ship was still holding together was beyond Satra. A scuffling sound caused her to turn and frown. The Elachi that were twitching were now having spasms. But that wasn't what worried Satra. She moved over for a closer look. The Elachi skin was going pale. The first sign of assimilation. But.... how? The Borg on board were not part of the Collective. They never got close enough to use their nanoprobe needles. All they had done was shoot them. Then the scientist mind came into play. Had the Borg been shooting nanoprobes? Assimilating their targets from across the room? If so, that was an extremely dangerous evolution.

    The control centre of the Orbital Station flickered in green light. The Elachi troops turned to see a group of ten Borg drones surrounding a Romulan female. The Drones in front dropped down, all of them firing in a 360 degree arc. Most of the Elachi dropped in the first volley, but some were able to take cover. They opened fire, the Borg grabbing D'Elon and protecting her with their bodies. Borg shielding took the hits, and one drone collapsed. The remaining drones opened fire again, finishing off the invaders. As an eerie quiet descended over the room, D'Elon stepped out of the group and looked around. A group of Romulans had been gathered and bound nearby. Including her friend Tovan. She moved over to them. He was the only concious one. His stomach had a green mucus growing across it. The Shrooms had already started the procedures to convert them. She knelt down, placing a hand on Tovan's cheek. She cast a glance over her shoulder. "Secure the station. Leave no Elachi alive." As the drones left, her mind went back to the days of Romulus. The original Romulus....

    The game had been going on for a few hours now. Tovan had just caught her with a tackle and they tumbled to the ground laughing. There was a definite spark between them. D'Elon felt her heart starting to beat faster as she lay ontop of Tovan. She'd never kissed a boy before. She closed her eyes, feeling her soft lips press gently against his. It was unlike anything she'd ever felt before. The ground itself seemed to shake. Pulling back, she opened her eyes and smiled. "I liked that." Tovan seemed distracted. D'Elon frowned. "What?"
    "I hear screaming." D'Elon rolled off Tovan and looked back towards the settlement. People were definately screaming. The whine of disrupter fire carried over the breeze. D'Elon sat up. "Are we under attack?" A green light shone down through the clouds, encompassing the entire settlement. The ground started shaking again as the tractor beam started lifting the town up from the planet's bosom. D'Elon couldn't believe it, she'd never seen anything like it. A cybernetic man with pale skin and implants through his body came lumbering towards them, stating something about resistance. A tingle flowed through D'Elon's body as she and Tovan were transported.

    As the effect faded, D'Elon looked around. She was on one of the colony shuttles as it was achieving low orbit. Survivors packed the shuttle tightly. She pushed her way toards the front window, where a large black cube was drawing the colony up towards it. "What happened?" One of the survivors replied, his eyes almost glazed over in shock. D'Elon recognised him as a friend of her father. Someone who had known her family for nearly one hundred years. "They called themselves the Borg. They.... they started injecting people with needles. Our weapons were useless." His gaze shifted suddenly to focus on her. "I'm sorry D'Elon. Your parents were among those injected. They've.... they're dead." D'Elon felt her whole world collapse under her. She staggered back, falling against a chair and hitting the floor. She was only numbly aware of Tovan putting an arm around her. She turned to watch the colony enter the cube before the shuttle jumped to warp. It was another ten minutes before she could process what happened. Fifteen minutes after that before she spoke. "I swear, I will make the Borg pay for this. Whoever they are, whatever they want, I will make them pay."

    D'Elon smiled at Tovan. "And I made them pay. They do what I tell them now. Fight when I order them. You stood by me all those years, helped me become who I am today. I have avenged our families." Tovan tried to look at her. "I tried to make you a better person. One not obsessed with revenge. Don't let the Borg take control of your life."
    "The Borg control nothing. I control them. I'm a woman of my word Tovan. You know that."
    "Yes." he replied sadly. "I know."
    "Oh bravo." The male voice caused D'Elon to spin around. A large Romulan stood in the room, an Elachi commander beside him. The Romulan started to slowly clap. "How very touching. But you see, your efforts are in vain. The Republic is a cancer that must be excised from Imperial space if our people are to become great once more. You wear the uniform of the Empire. You must agree with me." D'Elon stood up straight. The contempt. The arrogance. The superiority. This guy was Tal Shiar. "Attacking our own people will never make us strong. I don't care who you are, no one abducts Romulans and turns them into something else."
    "You have no choice in the matter. The Tal Shiar still runs the Empire. Do as you are told, or die."
    "I will never serve an empire run by the likes of you."

    D'Elon raised her pistol and fired at the Romulan, but his personal shield absorbed the blast. This gave the Elachi time to close the ggap and grab the weapon from D'Elon's hand. She reacted with a knee into it's crotch, but the creature didn't react beyond throwing away the weapon. It grabbed her by the throat, it's long thin fingers closing her air supply. She would never allow one of these things to take her. She pressed her hands against it's face, digging her nails into the softer tissue at the side of it's head. Flashing lights started encroaching in her vision, which only caused her to dig her nails in tighter. The Elachi had taken too many Romulans for their own already. Too many aliens thought they could march straight into Romulan space and take what they wanted. But no more. The Republic and the Empire were proving the Romulan people were no pushovers. That they can defend ourselves. Only through the betrayal of the Tal Shiar were anyone able to get any kind of foothold. The Borg had done it over fifty years ago along the Neutral Zone. And now the Elachi were doing it. She could feel her rage building, filling every fibre of her being. Klingons had assaulted Romulans. Federation had lied to Romulans. Chodak tried to destroy the Romulans. Though her vision was nearly blacked out, she managed to cough out a defiant: "Romulans. For. Romulans."

    The Elachi commander tightened it's grip, but D'Elon saw what she had to do. She wasn't getting through the skin, but there was something that was a very easy target. Something she should have aimed for from the beginning. She grabbed one of it's eye stalks and twisted it sharply. The thing released a hand to grab D'Elon's wrist, but her determination gave her the strength to fight it. She pulled the stalk out as far as she could, and then some more. A squelching started coming from the appendage, the Elachi now frantic in trying to get away from the Romulan, but she would not relent. Not now. Not ever. She pressed her other hand against it's face for levarage and tore the eye free. As the Elachi grabbed it's face, D'Elon slammed her head forwards with a gratifying crack. A stinging in her forhead told her she had cut herself but the Elachi was worse off, staggering back dazed. She ran towards it, tackling it to the ground. Pinned under her, it was helpless as she balled her fists up and started smashing them into the creature. Blow after blow, unrelenting, unending. Over fifty years of pent up emotion came bursting free, gates open to the flood. She snarled as Elachi blood splashed across her face. Her features twisted in fury as the Elachi's head fell sideways on the floor. She screamed in veangence as her fists crumpled the bulbous tissue at the side of it's head. Only with the flattened skull and it's contents smeared across the floor did D'Elon finally stop. This thing, this alien that was responsible for taking so many Romulan lives, was gone.

    D'Elon leaned back, panting at how much energy she'd spent. But she didn't have time to regain her composure, as the Tal Shiar operative ran over and struck the back of her skull. She landed face first on the ground, her nose breaking at an uncomfortable angle. She kicked out at his knee, but her boot just bounced off his shield. He grabbed her by the leg and started kicking at it. Two hits later, it bent the wrong way. The sheer amount of adrenaline in her system stopped her from feeling it, but she knew she would never get past his energy shield. She tried to crawl backwards, trying to think of a way out of this. One of the Borg drones could probably get through the shield, but there were none here. A boot connected to her jaw, spiralling her backwards. Her arm hit something hard. It was the body of the fallen drone. It's arm weapon was still active. Remembering what she had seen on her own Bridge, she knew there was only one way out of this. She grabbed the arm and aimed it, mentally begging for forgiveness before firing a shot.

    The Operative watched as D'Elon's shot skimmed past him, missing by inches. He laughed. "You should have made your shot count. Because you won't get another." He grabbed her arm amd stomped on her hand. Fingers cracked under the assault. D'Elon tried to move away but The Operative kicked her face again. Blood gushed from her, staining the floor green. One arm at a time, she crawled towards the door. The Operative walked over and pushed his foot against the back of her neck. "Weak Romulans have no place in the New World Order."

    He raised his foot to stomp on her neck when something struck him from behind. He crashed into the wall, sliding to the ground. D'Elon gradually turned over, blood stinging her left eye and forcing it shut. But she saw exactly what she had hoped with her right eye. She smiled, one of her teeth hanging loose. "I did make it count."

    Tovan stood tall before D'Elon, his skin pale, his eyes dead. His chest bore the burn mark where D'Elon's shot had hit him, flooding his body with nanoprobes. Tovan strode over towards The Operative who punched Tovan in the gut, but he didn't even flinch. He grabbed The Operative's head in both hands, the shield glowing intensly at both contact points. But Tovan gave no indication of pain, he kept holding on. The nanoprobes were already enhancing his strength, letting Tovan twist the Romulan's head sharply. His neck broke instantly, leaving his head at an almost one hundred eighty angle. Dropping the body, Tovan turned to stare at D'Elon. Motionless. Calm. There was no trace of recognition from her old friend. D'Elon struggled over to where her pistol had fallen, then crawled over to Tovan. Clutching his leg, she hauled herself up, using him as support.

    "I'm sorry Tovan. Forgive me. I never intended for you to die this way. In making the Borg my slaves, for retribution on what they did to us, I have forced on you a fate worse than death. Forgive me, my friend. I will release you from this nightmare. You will die a free and honourable Romulan."

    She pressed the pistol against his temple and pressed the trigger, quickly falling back out of the blast area. Tovan made no reaction as a green glow spread through his body. As it faded, it took his body with him, leaving his spirit free to soar on the Raptor's Wings.

    Satra was working on getting the ship back online. The Singularity Core was stabilised and providing power, but the ship was still in no position to fight. Fortunately, the rest of the fleet were more than capable. The transporter beam deposited D'Elon back onboard. Satra turned and gasped in horror at the state her Commander was in. "Sir! Are you ok?" D'Elon was being supported by one of their Borg drones as she limped towards one of the Engineering consoles. One that was retrofitted to control their most powerful weapon. "Sir? What are you doing?"
    "There's a Tal Shiar ship in close proximity to that Elachi mothership. We can destroy them both in one go." She started working the console, diverting power to the Deflector systems. Satra saw this and moved forwards. "NO! Commander, not only will you destroy that station, but you'll cripple us as well! The ship's framework is too fragile for a Singularity Projection!"
    "It'll hold. The Drones are already fortifying the ship. "
    "But.... The Romulans over there!"
    "Better they die free at the hands of a Romulan, than be turned into something like those." She cast a glance over her shoulder at the couple of assimilated Elachi, standing motionless at the back of the Bridge. Satra pushed infront of D'Elon and started trying to shut down the Projection systems. "No. Sir, you've lost it. Under medical orders Six One Three, I deem you unfit to command. I am relieving you of your rank and position. Step away from the consoles and-"

    Satra was quickly silenced by D'Elon's arm slamming into her face. Satra staggered back and tumbled to the floor. Blood trickled from her nose as she got back up and unholstered her pistol. "Commander. I won't ask again." The drone supporting D'Elon turned and grabbed the pistol, twisting it in such a way Satra had to release it. It grabbed the front of her uniform and lifted her off her feet. "Commander D'Elon is to be protected at all times." The Drone threw Satra clear across the Bridge. D'Elon ignored all of this, determined the Romulans over there would be freed. The Elachi would die and the Tal Shiar would not threaten a Romulan world again. The ship screamed as the Deflector Dish spat forth a black hole, shattering the dish upon launch. The ship creaked and groaned, but the Borg repairs were holding. D'Elon watched with her one open eye as the black hole ripped through space, catching all the ships in it's path. They collided together when the black hole struck the Elachi mothership and exploded outwards. As strong as it was, no ship could withstand such a force of nature. The hull started rippling, mere tin foil shredding against a gale force wind as the ship began to collapse in on itself. Explosions flashed through space as it broke apart, colliding with parts of the station. Unfortunately, the station didn't suffer a better fate. It too started rippling, crumbling and disintigrating. It was beautiful in it's death. The black hole reached it's programmed size and collapsed in on itself, blasting a shockwave out to disperse the remains. The few remaining Elachi ships turned and fled.

    Satra struggled to her feet, wiping blood onto the back of her sleeve. She watched in horror at what D'Elon, her friend, had done. A beeping indicated the Lleiset was hailing. D'Elon ignored it, instead ordering the ship to warp. Commander Jarok's voice came over the static filled speakers. "D'ELON! WHAT IN THE NAME OF ROMULUS HAVE YOU DONE?!" D'Elon didn't reply. She simply looked down at the console. No one dared move. No one but one of the assimilated Elachi. It moved to the helm and programmed in a course. The ship turned and jumped to low warp. Satra just stared at her blood soaked, battered and broken Commander. She feared her friend was more battered than she appeared.

    Four days later, the IRW Tomalak floated in the remains of the old Romulus system. Repairs were going well, mostly due to the Borg using their assimilation techniques to quickly rebuild the hull. It did leave the warbird with some faint traces of assimilation along it's structure, but Satra had much larger concerns. Lolius was hobbling around with a crutch. He would eventually replace his missing leg, but he wanted to ensure the Borg were not trying to take over his ship first. Ta'el was in the medbay undergoing some extensive surgery. They had lost some good crew in the assault. But D'Elon. She was another matter. As soon as the ship went to warp, she had limped down to her quarters and sealed herself in, where she had remained ever since. They should be at a starbase getting repairs and medical attention, but the Drones had all but blocked anyone from trying to steer the ship. Not until D'Elon commanded it. And she wasn't seeing anyone. It was almost a shame the Vinculum had so many backup systems to keep it operational in the event of even the most catastrophic disaster hitting the ship. Satra walked down the corridor towards D'Elon's quarters. A pair of Drones were on guard outside. They remained motionless until she was close, then they turned their heads. "No one is to see Commander D'Elon until she is ready."
    "I'm her First Officer. And her friend. Let me in. I need to talk to her."
    "No one enters." The Borg shifted their stance, clearly getting ready for trouble. Satra held her hands up and backed away. "I'll try again later." She turned and walked away.

    D'Elon sat on her bed, looking out of the viewport. Her wounds felt stiff where the skin was healing naturally. Her broken bones were setting in the wrong places, but she didn't care. She stared, unblinking, at the remains of Romulus outside. Great pieces of their once great homeworld, reduced to rubble. It was a perfect metaphor for what she had become. An outside force of immense power struck, destroying everything. She had lost her composure. She had lost her honour. She had lost the faith of her crew. And worst, she had lost her friend. A tear gently rolled down her cheek. Forcing Tovan to be assimilated was the worst thing she had ever done. She loathed the Borg. They were one of the worst species in the galaxy. And she had willingly allowed a Romulan, a friend, to become one of them. But by doing so, she had save Mol'Rihan. The life of one, in exchange for thousands, maybe millions. It was... D'Elon sadly smiled as she finished the thought. It was logical. But she didn't feel very logical. There would be heavy repurcussions. No doubt the Empire would revoke her rank. Probably arrest her. Maybe even her crew. The ship would probably be taken in for study due to the Borg repairs. The Drones would be dissected. D'Elon dared not think what they would do to her for getting the Drones in the first place. It wasn't like it was a sanctioned mission by anyone. And then the Republic would no doubt have their own issues. D'Elon gently sighed, staring unblinking at the remains of Romulus outside, and all it represented...

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    Re: D'Elon's plan

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    K'hotiim sat in the chair of his briefing room of his newly taken D-7. Or maybe it was a K'tinga? They were essentially the same. The massive hulking Gorn shifted slightly, one of the first things he had done when he took command was to put in custom chairs. After all, being well over nine feet tall and built like a tank on steroids, the usual Klingon chairs were far too small for him. Or most of the other Gorn on his crew. Music that was referred to as 'Dark Celtic' was playing over the speakers. It was a style from Earth, but it pleased him to listen. And it was similar to Klingon music, but different enough in that it didn't sound so damned stupid. A Klingon male walked in and thumped his fist against his chest in salute. He looked intently at his Captain, taking in the large spiked mohawk and the distinctive triangular nose, the nostrils giving him a dual ridged snout. K'hotiim looked up from the screen but didn't speak.

    "Captain, we are approaching the Romulus system."

    K'hotiim noted how K'Gan grimaced at the music. The Klingons really seemed to hate the sound of it. Probably because it was from Earth. And that was just another reason he kept playing it. His people may serve the Klingons, but one day they would rule. Until then, K'hotiim would take any victory he could.

    "Good." He rasped in his deep and throaty voice. "Engage the cloak and tell the Assault Squad to be ready."

    K'Gan saluted again and walked off. K'hotiim looked back at the reports. A Romulan Warbird with Borg enhancements had been reported in the Old Romulus system, causing trouble. One Klingon ship had already reported an incident with it, the M'Charr, a B'rel captained by one Bravok. Not part of the Imperial Forces, but in better standing than he used to be. And of course, the KDF decided it was too dangerous to let such a vessel fly around by itself. Even if it was far into Romulan territory. Scans from the M'Charr indicated no lifesigns were on board. Of course, that meant nothing with the Borg. But if the Romulans had abandoned it....

    K'hotiim stood up and made his way onto the Bridge. "Report."

    K'Gan reported from his position. "We have just dropped from warp and entered the system. Sensors are picking up one D'Deridex class ship drifting amongst the rubble of the planet. Transponder identifies it as the I.R.W. Tomalak, under the command of Commander D'Elon."

    Thraak spoke up from his sensor platform, the dark blue Gorn dwarfing his console. "I'm not picking up any Romulan lifesigns. The ship is moving under it's own power. I am detecting a single Borg signature in the Engineering section."

    K'hotiim narrowed his eyes and growled. "Take us closer. Thraak, gear up. We're boarding her. K'Gan, you have control."

    The two Gorn left the Bridge.

    The transporter dropped the five Gorn Assault Squad in the middle of a corridor, facing outwards in a circle, weapons drawn. As well as K'hotiim and Thraak, there was S'Sraat, S'ag whose skin was covered with cybernetic implants and his entire lower half was replaced with mechanical components. Unlike the rest of the Gorn present, he had a short squat face with a large underbite. The cybernetic parts were clearly not Borg, but he had obviously suffered a major accident sometime in the past. Each one scowled, scanning the area, and were well over nine feet tall. The armour on their chests could barely contain the sheer mass of muscles that had beamed into the Romulan ship. The final Gorn was Srin. Skinnier and shorter than everyone else on the team, he was still nearly seven feet tall and would still be a force to be reckoned with in close combat. K'hotiim growled. "The Bridge is ahead. We take it and see what state the ship is in. Identify what happened to the Romulans. Then we proceed from there."

    The squad moved in perfect unison. The corridor was dimly lit, but fortunately good vision was a perk of being a Gorn. The walls seemed to be partially assimilated, Borg equipment layered over Romulan panels. The door to the Bridge opened easy enough. No one was present, but there was sign of battle damage. While S'Sraat took up a defensive position with his minigun aiming back into the corridor, Thraak and Srin moved to different stations and tried to activate the computers. K'hotiim and S'ag moved towards the centre chair. He had a slight electronic hint to his voice.

    "Sir, I have a bad feeling about this. It's not like the Romulans to just abandon a full warbird."
    "If the Borg got onboard somehow, I think they would be perfectly willing to abandon it."
    "But we've heard of past incidents where they would still try to recover assimilated ships for their own ends. Remember, this is an Imperial ship, not one belonging to those flower pushers. Thraak, found anything?"

    "Yeeessssss. It seems Commander D'Elon has gone rogue and tried to get her own private collective. She succeeded in taking a Borg colony, but during the last Elachi attack of New Romulus, the ship was boarded and things got out of hand. The ship took heavy damage and retreated to this system afterwards. There's a time gap in the logs, but the last record indicates the crew abandoned ship."

    "Ha!" S'ag started laughing. "Romulans are always biting off more than they can handle. Serves them right."
    "Yeessssss, but this timestamp is before the M'Charr's encounter. Which means the ship is still functioning."

    K'hotiim strode over. "We already know it's functioning. What happened to the Borg on board?"
    "It doesn't say. Since we are picking up one lifesign, you would assume we would pick up the others."
    "Which suggests they somehow got off the ship. Hahahaha! Let the Romulans worry about that. Remain here with Srin and figure out how they took control of that Borg colony. Us three will go see what the Borg in Engineering wants."

    Thraak saluted and got back to work. K'hotiim contacted his ship and got them to transport him, S'Sraat and S'ag to just outside Engineering.

    The beam dropped them in a dark corridor. After a quick check to ensure there was no one around, K'hotiim moved to the door. Raising his pulswave disruptor, cursing once again how comically small the rifle was in his hands, he opened the door with a hiss onto the dark room beyond. The flashing glow of the singularity instantly started annoying him. His reptillian eyes picked up how much this room had been assimilated. Only the spinning singularity and the layout of the walkways remained the same. Borg Alcoves lined the outer walls, the green light from the panels not enough to let them see any details.

    "Switch to optics. And be careful. That Borg is in here. I don't want to snap any of your necks today." The three Gorn pushed a button on their arms and a segmented silver cover slid into place over their eyes, providing a full HUD display. Now able to see properly, the three officers cautiously moved in three seperate directions. S'ag's voice carried over the dark.

    "I've found the drone. It's in an alcove."

    The other two closed in on his position, S'Sraat keeping his minigun aimed at the drone. K'hotiim holstered his weapon and inspected the drone. It was a Romulan female, wearing the outfit of the Romulan Empire, but she was heavily assimilated. Despite this, K'hotiim recognised her from the mission reports. "It's Commander D'Elon. The ship's captain. Huh. It looks like her private little Borg army got the better of her."

    S'Sraat chuckled. "Always the way with Romulans."

    Suddenly the three Gorn all jumped back as D'Elon opened her one unassimilated eye. She stepped away from the alcove and looked at each one. "You are not part of this Collective. Identify yourself."

    K'hotiim took the lead. "I think not. You have the disadvantage here. You will tell us what happened to the rest of the crew."

    D'Elon twitched her head towards K'hotiim. "This Collective has left this vessel. This Collective will survive."

    "Identify yourself."
    "We are One of Many. We are Borg. We are Romulan. We are survivors."
    "One? Of Many? You meant to be some kind of Queen?"
    "This Collective does not require a Queen. No Collective requires a Queen. All will become one with this Collective."

    D'Elon raised her arm, the device on the end spinning ominously, as she stepped forwards. K'hotiim quickly took a step back and activated his motion accelerator. Although he now had faster movements, it still only meant he moved roughly at standard human speed. But against a Borg, it was more than enough. He circled around her and backhanded her clear across the room. As she started to get up, K'hotiim charged forwards and slammed his foot down on her arm, pinning it. S'ag ran over and planted his foot on her back, servers working to force her down into the deck. K'hotiim growled as he leaned down.

    "No one assimilates my crew."

    Picking her up over his head, he carried her towards the large spinning singularity and casually threw her over. She didn't even scream as she vapourised. S'ag watched her go with satisfaction. "I will never get tired of watching Borg die."

    S'Sraat holstered his minigun. "Shame she went down so easily though."
    "Don't worry S'Sraat," S'ag commented. "We'll find you a Brikar to fight some day."

    K'hotiim was already on his communicator. "Thraak. Have you found anything?"

    "Yeeeesssss Captain. It seems the source of the Romulan's Borg nonsense is sitting in Cargo Bay One."
    "Excellent. You two stay on the Bridge. We'll check it out. And that drone has been dealt with."
    "Then the ship is ours."
    "Not yet. But soon."

    K'hottim then hailed his ship to have his three man team transported to the cargo bay.

    They appeared in a brightly lit room. Deactivating his optic shields, K'hotiim let out a whistle as he looked at what was before him. "No wonder they thought they could get their own Borg army. This couldn't have been easy to get."

    Before him, hooked into the ship, was a Borg vinculum. Cables and wires covered the device. S'ag moved closer, inspecting it.

    "Blast damage. Someone tried to shoot this."
    "Probably when the Borg started taking over. Thraak, Srin, both of you beam down here."

    K'hotiim waited for the two Gorn to beam in. "Inspect that device."

    Thraak and Srin got to work. S'Sraat and S'ag took up defensive positions while K'hotiim started prowling. Eventually, Thraak walked over to his Captain. "Sir. I've extracted data logs from the vinculum. It seems following the Elachi battle, the Borg took over the ship."
    "Yes, yes, we know that."
    "Yes, but at the time, they were programmed to protect D'Elon. She was injured and the Borg simply switched into a protect mode. The Romulan engineer tried to infect the Vinculum with a fractyl virus to shut the drones down, but it backfired and caused them to start killing the crew. They evacuated and rigged the ship's self destruct. The drones simply assimilated D'Elon to gain her access codes to shut it down, and then reverted to their basic programming. They took some shuttles and left, leaving D'Elon behind in the protection of the ship. I think that virus screwed up their minds pretty badly."

    "I see. Can you reactivate the self destruct?"
    "Easily. But as a loyal officer of the Empire, I must remind you, Captain, that this ship would aid the Empire greatly and we should recover it."

    Both Gorn smirked at the understanding. Thraak looked back to the Vinculum. "I'll set it on a two minute delay. That should give us the time to get off."

    Thraak moved to a console beside the Vinculum and started typing. Alarms started blaring and K'hotiim grabbed his communicator. "Qu'Vep! Beam the team back NOW!"

    K'hotiim materialised on the Bridge of his ship with everyone else. He looked at the viewscreen as the assimilated warbird erupted in flames, before shrinking down, sucked into it's singularity before imploding. As Thraak took his Bridge station and the other Gorn left the Bridge, K'Gan stepped beside his Captain. "How could you fail to recover an empty ship? That technology would have been a great advantage for the Empire."
    "When we accessed the ship's navigation systems, it triggered the self destruct. A trap set by the Romulan crew before they abandoned ship to make sure the Borg couldn't take it anywhere."
    "Then you failed to take the proper precautions. And you call yourself a Captain?"

    K'hotiim looked down at the relatively diminuative person beside him and growled. "Are you questioning my abilities? Do you wish to challenge me for leadership?"

    K'Gan shifted slightly, knowing at this range, K'hotiim could easily rip his face off with just those razor sharp teeth. "No, my Captain. I was simply stating that it was a simple error that you overlooked."

    "Setting the self destruct into the navigation systems is not something easily done. Nor is it something one would consider doing. Take your station."

    When K'Gan didn't move, K'hotiim punched him in the stomach. And because he'd forgotten to switch his motion accelerator off, it was a rather harsh punch. K'Gan doubled over and dropped to his knees. K'hotiim deactivated the motion accelerator and withdrew the battery from his belt.

    "Activate cloak and set course back for Klingon space. And charge that up." He tossed the empty battery to the nearest bekk and walked off the Bridge, back into his briefing room. As he sat down, he started the music playing and took off his chest armour, dropping it onto the floor with a sigh. Though he would serve the Klingon Empire as a loyal soldier, he was not about to let it get too strong. After all, the day when the Gorn Hegemony would rise up and become the leaders was a day he looked forward to. It would take a careful balancing act, but one that could be done. But a day that couldn't start until he had finished gradually replacing everyone on his crew with Gorn. And that was a process that would take a long time in order to stop raising a flag. As he leaned back in his chair, he smiled a very toothy grin.

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