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    The Academy

    Post by Pyriel32 on Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:51 am

    Cpt Cannons wrote:Cannons wakes up to the sound of his alarm clock. "ugh anouther day to hit the books." Cannons sighs and gets out of bed and gets dressed. he heads down stairs and meets his dad siting at the kitchen table. "hi dad" "hey brad you might want to get moving you don't want to be late again." "yea yea im supposed be doing my finals today so it should not be that hard." Just as Cannons sits down at the table after geting some bacon and eggs from the replicator some one walks in the door.

    "hey were are you Bradly we gota go now or we will be late." "hey zoey im almsot done hear jsut let me scarf this down first hmm" Zoey walks into the kitchen and sits down at the table. "hi mr. Cannons" "hello zoey you look cheerful today" "well the last day of Academy who wouldn't hehe" Cannons finsihs his breakfast and puts the plate back int othe replector"recycle" the plate disapers. "alright zoey lets go." zoey gets up "alright See you later mr.Cannons." "bye Zoey Bye Brad have a good day at the academy." "yea thanks dad later"

    the head out the front door and get onto the motorbike Cannons had built from old blue prints from the year 2000. It is a 2000 Kawasaki ninja. they slip on there helmets and Cannons starts up the bike."you ready?" "always" they take off down the road for the land vehciles of the 2400 centuray. Its a sunny day and cannons has no problem seeing the road ahead of him and just speeds on down the road. "WEEE This is so much fun im glad you finaly finsihed this what did you call it motorcycle?"
    "yes thats what it is it is fun haha" they lean into a wide turn and rip around the corner. a short time later they arrive at the academy and park the bike out front of the building.

    Alright lets get to astrophysics i know i would not have passed the class with out you Zoey haha" "yep well lets hurry" Zoey runs off into the school with Cannons close behind her. They Reach the Class jsut a few mintues before it starts. "wow just made it come on" they head up to there normal spots and sit down. jsut then the teacher walks in and says "alright today is the day for finals" all the cadets cheer "alright now ill be handing out the data pads and wait till i tell you to start and remember no peaking." the class recieves all there Data pads and the teacher gets bac kto the front of the class "alright you may begin" the teacher then sits down in his char and starts reading a data pad with a noval in it.

    After a hr every one is done and handed in there tests. "alright class head out to your next class" every one gets up and heads out of the room. Cannons and Zoey get up last and walk out together and head for the piloting exam. When they reach the class they find 1 shuttle siting there waiting fo the class and the teacher waiting near by. "alright class get into your assigned groups ill be going up with each group to evaluate your team and cooperation and skills."

    Zoey, Brad, Ter (bolian female), and goran (klingon). get into a group. the first of the 4 groups to go up board the shuttle and the teacher boards right behind them and sits down then states alright begin the shuttle door closes and the shuttle takes off for a 15 minute test. "well now that he's gone we might as well go sit down." "ahh who needs to sit when one can stand." "easy there goran its not like its going to damage your honor haha" the other 2 jsut snicker a bit and head to sit down in some chairs. "I am so scared that we might fail" "don't be Ter we have Cannons hear to pilot theres no way we can possibly fail hehe" "well i guess your right zoey" Cannons comes adn sits down while Goran stands there with his arms crossed. a short time later the shuttle comes back and lands a little roughly. every one there snickers a little. the shuttle door opens and they all disembark. "alright will the next group please board the craft." Cannons group then boards the shuttle and takes there postions.

    Cannons sits in the pilot seat. Zoey takes the co pilot seat, Ter takes the science station, and Goran takes the weopons station. "alright ready begin." "aye sir" Ter raises the shuttle door. and asoon as it is up Cannons lifts the shuttle off and hits it in reverse and then flips it around and heads for the first way point. "nice Cannons but lets jsut keep it simple shall we." "yes sir" a few way points down they stop and are to scan a object get the readings and move on. they then head threw a few more waypoints and then are to hit 4 targets with the very low power phaser. Goran Cannons swings it around and he hits the 4 targets with ease from the ark the shuttle comes at the targets.

    At this point the co pilot is to take over the last parts of the course. Cannons then relases the controls to his co pilot. Zoey having been taught by Cannons does almsot as good as he does flying threw the markers. they hit the next object to be scanned and they get there reading fast as Ter is very good wit hthe sensers and gets them to basicly sing as she taps away to get her reading. they then go threw there final check points and go back to landing pad at the class room. they touch down with out a sound as the shuttle lands like its landing on pillows. well i would have to say you guys just set a new record for this exam that was abslutly marvelous team work." "why thanks teach" they all then get up and go back to the chairs and sit down.

    after the last 2 groups go up and come back the teacher then disembarks and taps a few things on his pad and then says" alright before you all take off for the next class i have your marks. team 1 good work you recieved a 90% your landing had somethign to desire and your scenice station should learn her controls a bit better. team 2 you recieved 100% excellent team work. team 3 you recieved 97% well done the only flaw was your weapons man shoulda have had that last target 2 times till he got it. team 4 you recived 71% barly a passing mark but good job your pilot is not exactly the best and missed 5 easy markers and your co pilot missed 2 tho they were the hardest ones good job. alright class dismissed" every one filters out as Cannons group passes the group that got 71% they hear "damit I knew I should not have stayed up so late I could barly keep my eyes open out there.

    Alright Zoey since the rest of our classes are not togeather ill see you back at my bike after the last 2 exams." "right bye see you then" Zoey takes off down the hall to her next class while Cannons goes to his last 2.

    After the School is out Cannons gets back to his bike and waits for Zoey. She shows up 15 minutes later. "what took you so long?" "I got caught up talking with my teacher hehe he says i have a good chance at geting assigned to one of there science stations with my skills" "well thats awsome alright lets go to the restraunt now its time for dinner" they both get on the motorcycle and put on there helmets and take off. a time later they find them selfs at Sisko's Creole Kitchen. "i jsut love this place even tho it is so far away. the trip is fun on the bike tho" "I agree hehe" they head into the restraunt and are seated. the waiter then asks what they wish to order Cannons orders first "I would like a beer and fish plater please" "and ill have the lobster yummy i love lobster." "alright it shoudl be hear in a few minutes. "so Zoey I think ill be stationed on the USS Chronos i was talking with the Captian before i got out." "well it should be a good post for you at least you arn't going to get stuffed on a station hehe" "haha yea a pilot like me yea a station would kill me haha i just hope we can keep in coms range."

    "Yea me to" she lets out a long sigh. "I wish we could be assigned togeather" "yea me to but don't worry one day im sure we will" "hear you go fish for you and lobster for you" "thanks alright lets eat." they eat there meals and order dessert. "hey Zoey i have something for you." "oh?" "even tho we are going to be apart for so long i want you to have this every time you look at it jsut remember me" She blushs whe nshe see's the item. "oh its so beautifull."she then pulls the beautifull locket out of the box and puts it on and starts to cry a little. "hey don't worry ill always be there for you even if im of on hte othe side of the galaxy now open the locket" she does so and theres a picture of them both laughing and and dancing to a song called the macarenina. "oh hahaha that was such a funny dance hahaha" she jsut keeps crying. Cannons then gets up and sits down in the booth beside her and hugs her and she hugs him back. "I promise we will be together some itme in the future." she stops her crying and says "ill hold that to you mr hehe"

    After they finish there desert they head back home. Cannons Drops her off back at her house and they kiss each other goodnight. And Cannons heads off back home.

    The Next day Cannons is told to report to the head masters office for duty assignment as with Zoey. They show up in the office and the head master begins "ah Cannons and Peterson. I have your duty assignments you Peterson are to be assigned on the science station out on the outer boarders the yare studying the newly found planet and its strange animals and plants. and Cannons I have a direct request from the Captian of the USS Chronos as helmsmen. you are to report to the ship which is in dock at the station in orbit today at 1700 hrs and you Peterson are to report to a ship to be transported at 1200 hrs you shoudl hurry or you will miss your flight. alright good bye" the yleave the office and then start talking "oh we did get split up ill miss you" she then huggs cannons and he hugs her back. "well don't think I won't miss you either ill be thinking of you every day im away from you ill try to contact you when ever i get free time."

    They then look into each others faces and kiss and Zoey takes off to catch her shuttle to her ride waving breafly before she exits the hall.
    Cannons jsut stands there and sighs and the nsits down and pulls a little black box out of his back pocket and opens it. it is a beautfilly done Dimand wedding ring. he just sits ther elooking at it for a while and then puts it back in his pocket and heads out of the building.

    *and that concludes the finals for my star fleet academy hope you enjoyed*

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