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    Season 9 Dev Blog #2

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    Season 9 Dev Blog #2 Empty Season 9 Dev Blog #2

    Post by Pyriel32 on Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:27 pm

    Militia Intelligence Regarding the Undine

    Season 9 Dev Blog #2 3244a33d171d076713297f7b2fc14d081395192717

    To: D’Tan, Proconsul of the Romulan Republic
    From: Subcommander Nadel, Militia Intelligence
    Re: The Undine

    The species known as the Undine are a threat, although it is yet to be determined if they are as high of a priority for the Republic as Admiral Tuvok suggests.

    What we know about them is limited, and mostly comes from information shared by our allies in the Federation and the Empire.

    The Undine, known then by their Borg designation Species 8472, were first encountered in the Delta Quadrant by the U.S.S. Voyager in 2373. They are non-humanoid, and originate from a dimension known as Fluidic Space, where they are the main known lifeform.

    It is believed that the Borg intruded on Fluidic Space in their search for new species and technology to assimilate. They came into conflict with the Undine at that time, and provided the first real challenge to Borg supremacy. The Undine invaded the Delta Quadrant in pursuit of the Borg, but retreated when several of their ships were destroyed by Voyager, which used warheads equipped with modified Borg nanoprobes.

    It was later discovered that the Undine are shapeshifters, capable of using Isomorphic Injections to modify their appearance and are capable of taking the forms of Alpha and Beta Quadrant species. Seeing the Federation as a threat after their encounter with Voyager, the Undine began a program of infiltration to place individuals in key positions in the Federation and destroy them from within.

    Voyager found one of their training facilities for these infiltrators in 2375, a replica of Starfleet Academy. Captain Kathryn Janeway negotiated a truce with the leader of this facility, but later it was discovered that the Undine leaders in Fluidic Space rejected any agreement with an “inferior” lifeform.

    Undine infiltrators have been found in most of the major species in our region of space. At least one high-placed Federation ambassador has been revealed to be and Undine infiltrator, as well as a Starfleet admiral. Other Undine have been found in governments and militaries across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

    The Klingons were the first to detect this new wave of infiltration, and responded with their typical force. Their pursuit of the “qa’meH quv,” as they call the Undine, was one of the major reasons behind their invasion of the Gorn Hegemony. It also was a major factor in the breakdown of the Khitomer Accords and the start of their current war with the Federation, although it is now believed that Undine infiltrators at high levels in Starfleet and the Federation government were a major factor in the breakdown of diplomatic relations.

    There has been at least one recorded instance of an Undine infiltrator in the Romulan fleet, but their engagement with our species has been relatively minor. Perhaps it is a small blessing of the tyranny of the Tal Shiar and their ruthless hunt for dissention and deception not of their own creation.

    The Undine are immune to Borg assimilation, aggressive, and extremely xenophobic. They are telepathic and have an immune system that will destroy almost anything that penetrates their systems. This immune system can also be used as a means of attack. They are obsessed with strength, and will destroy lesser species at the first hint of a threat to their domination of Fluidic Space. Their biological technology is a rival for anything the Collective possesses, and surpasses our current technology, even with the addition of the discoveries from the Jenolan Dyson Sphere.

    Their “planet killer” technology is of greatest concern. A formation of Undine bioships has shown it can fire an energy beam of sufficient intensity to destroy a planet. Voyager witnessed once such event in 2373, and we know it has been attempted at other times.

    I am concerned about the recent event in the Jenolan Dyson sphere, as well as the gates opened between it and the Solanae sphere deeper in the Delta Quadrant. These gates provide almost instantaneous access to the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and the Undine fleet has made use of the gates. In addition, it is now clear that the Undine used manipulation by infiltrators to encourage the opening of the gateways.

    Admiral Tuvok is calling for a conference at the Jenolan sphere to debate actions to take in light of the rising Undine threat. The Undine are a concern, I do not know if they are a Republic concern. They have shown little interest in us, and unless the situation changes there is no reason to antagonize them. The Republic should attend and support our allies.

    In addition to the Undine, this conference should be used to determine control of the Jenolan sphere. The Jenolan sphere, and the secrets it may hold, is our greater concern.

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