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    LC 58: [REDACTED]

    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

    Fleet Rank : Vice Admiral
    Number of posts : 721
    Location : Bonnie ol' England
    Ship Name : U.S.S. Viper
    Ship Registry Number : NX-204971-X
    Ship Class : Defiant
    Fleet Division : Command

    LC 58: [REDACTED]

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:06 am

    Authors Note: These Section 31 files are correct as of the story LC 55.

    Classified report: U.S.S VIPER
    Vessel class: Defiant


    Captain Talaina Kazzur


    Newly promoted to Captain following capture of Cromone Stunshock. Kazzur is a tactical orientated officer, proven as a capable commander in previous postings. Level headed with a capacity for unorthodox battle tactics. Respects chain of command completely. Excellent hand to hand fighter, aims to disable opponent quickly, regardless of any honour code usually found in andorians.

    Weakness: One older sister on kdf ship. Tallara Kazzur flies on the vessel of disgraced captain Bravok and may be a point of emotional blackmail. Loyal to crew and may disregard orders if Stunshock is located. Consult Admiral Cullen for further details.

    Current orders: patrol btran cluster and search for Bonaventure's location. Attache to Admiral Rykon's operations in btran cluster.

    Threat level to federation: none.

    Accessing file: Tallara Kazzur


    Ship: Fek'lhr's Heart (translated)
    Class: B'rel Bird of Prey

    Name: Tallara Kazzur


    Tallara Kazzur is the older sister of Starfleet Captain Talaina Kazzur by ten years. Had the same military upbringing as her sister, but was prone to periods of violent outbursts. Was sent to Military School in an attempt to focus her, but dropped out after assaulting a superior officer. Although indications suggest she and Talaina had a close relationship, Tallara was jealous of the attention Talaina recieved upon her acceptance to Starfleet. Tallara left Andor shortly after and dropped off the grid. Various reports over the next three years had her sighted on Nimbus III and various stations along the Klingon/Romulan border. Next confirmed sighting had her joining the crew of Captain Bravok on the Fek'lhr's Heart. Operatives indicate she is third in command of the vessel and loyal to the ship's crew. Exact details on how and why she has been accepted by this crew is unconfirmed, but due to the ship being part of a punishment duty, it is theorised she defended Bravok during an incident on Drozana Station and was offered a place. Profiling suggests the aggressively unbalanced nature of Tallara would accept this posting as an attempt to find some stability.

    Loyal to her Captain, but prioritises family. No loyalty to Klingon Empire nor the Federation.

    Risk to the Federation: Low. Although her position on such a vessel indicates she is in no position to cause serious harm, the Fek'lhr's Heart is often seen raiding civillian vessels and small Federation ships in border skirmishes and neutral space. A recent attempt from Captain Talaina Kazzur to contact Tallara on her vessel indicates a strong emotional bond between the two still exists, despite their history and either sister can be used to blackmail the other.

    Accessing file: Captain Bravok.


    Ship: Fek'lhr's Heart (translated)
    Class: B'rel Bird of Prey

    Name: Bravok, Son of Tobin


    Bravok was a young and promising warrior in the KDF. Given command of a small Bird of Prey, he proved himself a capable, if somewhat limited commander in small skirmishes. As of Stardate 485887.3, Bravok is an older Klingon with a noticable scar and eyepatch over left eye. Reasons for this has been investigated by DTI. Please refer to case file #DTI32947 for further details on this transition.

    By all acounts, the older Bravok is the same as the younger self. However, his attitude is one of general annoyance and discomfort. Shortly after this shift, he was involved in a battle on the Cardassian border which resulted in him opening fire on a Bajoran transport ship bound for DS9. The Empire did not take kindly to massacaring a ship of innocent children and promptly cast him aside. He was reassigned to the B'rel class ship and sent on a permanent border patrol. Officially designated a raider by the Empire, he is allowed in Klingon borders, but is generally shunned by others. To this end, he has staffed his bridge crew with almost exclusively Orion women, including N'Nesh, his second in command. Reports indicate N'Nesh uses her natural assets frequently to get Bravok to do her bidding.

    The other non Orion members of his crew include a fat and depressed Gorn that rates zero on any kind of threat meter, and Tallara Kazzur, older sister to Starfleet Captain Talaina Kazzur. Also of note is the Klingon science officer Laska, another Klingon assigned to the ship due to family disgrace, although it should be noted Laska herself is an upstanding member of the Empire and respects it's ways despite her situation.

    NOTE: Whille usually in the B'rel, there has been rare sightings of him in command of a carrier ship, I.K.S. Praxis, and a Kamarang class cruiser, identification unconfirmed. Investigations are currently underway to ascertain the reasons for these other sightings.

    Weakness: Bravok is an older warrior. His physical strength and endurance, while much greater than that of a human, is still weakened compared to other Klingons due to his advanced age. Bravok also seems uninterested in galactic affairs, prefering to only bother with threats to the KDF borders. This lack of interest can be exploited if his interference is not desired.

    Threat to the Federation: Low. Fek'lhr's Heart is usually spotted in the Eti Eradani sector. However, it has been spotted heading as far as to Cardassian space on occasion, performing hit and run raids on civillian vessels and small Starfleet frigates. He generally avoids direct contact with any Starfleet ship Excelsior class or larger. Threat level while piloting one of the other vessels is slightly higher, as it has been observed he is willing to engage larger targets in a larger ship, but appears uninterested in harming Federation interests beyond border raids.

    Awaiting Command....

      Current date/time is Tue May 22, 2018 4:53 am