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    LC 53: The Gateway

    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

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    LC 53: The Gateway

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Thu Oct 31, 2013 12:46 pm

    Author's note: This is the latest LC from the Sto website (there are 4 I have yet to post on this forum, but that's one long narrative and I want to get a different story posted first). For reference, these characters are played by these actors:

    Admiral Rykon: Sam Neill
    Captain Grylak: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
    Commander Berry: Halle Berry (Yeah, I kinda went the real lazy route with her name).


    Admiral Rykon sat behind the desk in his Ready Room, the room itself mostly spartan, but with a few small momentos and keepsakes of past missions dotted around. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes as he kept rubbing, feeling the start of a headache coming. Oh that was never a good sign. The comm went off, Captain Grylak over the comm.

    "Sir. We've got an incoming hail for you."

    "Thank you Grylak. Route it through."

    With a sigh, he turned in his chair and activated the screen in his desk. A familiar face came on screen.

    "Hello again Drake. What's wrong?"

    Franklin Drake simply nodded curtly before continuing.

    "Romulans. We've got word D'Tan is doing something increadibly stupid, and it needs to be seen to. The usual."


    The transmission ended abruptly. Rykon brought up the transmission carrier wave and ran the spectral analyser over it, seperating the information from the standard transmission. Rykon was an Admiral in charge of dealing with political fallout and brush fires on worlds along the borders. Operating from his flagship, the Odessey class Halestorm, he was used to contact with Drake. Knowing full well he worked for Section 31, an organisation that had suffered some secrecy trouble during the end of the Dominion War, but had been able to slink back into the dark so they could continue to protect the Federation, it was Rykon's decision what to do with the information that was provided. It just so happened his objectives aligned with theirs often.

    As he started reading through the reports, he leaned forward.

    "You have got to be bloody kidding me."

    Ten minutes later, Grylak had been joined by Rykon and Commander Berry, the Ship's First Officer, a human woman of African descent. The Admiral rested his elbows on the desk as he informed the other two.

    "Basically, D'Tan, leader of the 'Free Romulan Republic Hippies' or whatever they're calling themselves, has decided it's a good idea to ignore all history and activate the Iconian Portal they discovered in the ruins on New Romulus."

    Berry frowned.

    "Iconian portal? I thought the reports coming out of New Romulus said that thing was offlined perminantly when the Dewans tried to use it."

    Rykon nodded.

    "Indeed. The reports had been. But.... it seems the Romulans have proven once again their resourcefulness. They've tapped into the geothermal power used by the Dewans, claimed to have stabilised it and have got power flowing to it. They intend to activate it next week, with a delegation from the Klingons and the Federation present."

    Berry stiffened slightly, knowing what was coming.

    "At maximum Slipstream, we can be there in just over-"

    "No." Rykon was perfectly calm as he interrupted. "The Halestorm can not be seen in the sector. Instead, I want you to take Lister and head to Galorndon Core. There you will find a Romulan scout ship. Cloak her and meet up with us in the Dera system for picking up the team."

    Berry saluted, then left to carry out her orders. Rykon turned his attention to Grylak, whom had been quiet the entire time.

    "What's up Captain?"

    Grylak shifted slightly on his feet. Rykon indicated for him to sit down. After doing so, the Captain still seemed unsettled.

    "Admiral, doesn't this fall under the Prime Directive? The Romulan Republic found that gateway, they are the ones powering it up."

    "I'm going to stop you right there Captain."

    He emphasised the Captain, letting Grylak know this was not one of their usual informal meetings for orders. There was going to be no discussion on this.

    "While at the outset, it does seem this falls under the Prime Directive, I'm overriding it here. The Romulan Republic has been recieving aid from Starfleet for months now. Without our help, they never could have discovered this gateway."

    He held up a palm, cutting Grylak off even as he opened his mouth to interject. The Admiral continued.

    "In addition, it's an Iconian Gateway. That by itself means this is something far too powerful for one nation to wield. Remember the tales of the Iconain Empire? There have been reports of unknown ships spotted in the Tau Dewa Sector, that promptly vanish as soon as a sensor scan is started on them. And then there's what happened with Sela. It's clear the Iconians are not as extinct as they want us to believe. And if they are waiting on the other side of that portal, I don't think the Federation can stand up to yet another enemy at the gate."

    "Sir, 'History is written by the Victors.' We have no proof the Iconians are the force of evil history thinks they are."

    "And I have no desire to give them the chance to show us they are. Even if the Iconians are peaceful, what about the other species in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants? What's to stop them moving on New Romulus with a flotilla of ships and taking the gateway? Any of our enemies were to get that tech, they could wreck terrible havoc. Imagine, an army of heavily armed Klingons appearing in the middle of Starfleet Headquarters. A spatial charge rigged to blow is moved into the quarters of the Federation President. Tal Shiar agents land on Vulcan soil completely bypassing Federation space. Cardassians laying seige to Bajor in retalliation for their humiliation. Dominion shock troops are able to break out prisoners of war without even needing the Bajoran Wormhole to get them back home. Hell, someone could just dump a Trilithium bomb into a star and blow up our homeworlds without needing to move offplanet! The Romulan Republic Hippies may have their own fleet now, but I doubt they could mount a defence against a serious threat and I am not confident putting the safety of the galaxy in their hands. Captain Sisko and Ambassador Picard both destroyed the gateways they encountered. Can we do no less? We owe it to the safety of the Federation population."

    Grylak sat in silence a moment. He obviously wasn't happy, but he saw the point the Admiral was making.

    "Understood Sir. But the Romulans wont take kindly to our destroying the gateway. The Republic could cut all ties to Starfleet."

    "Indeed. Which is why a small strike team is going to go undercover in that Romulan Ship Berry is fetching. Surgically altered to look Romulan, a small group will infiltrate the geothermal power plant and sabotage it. Either cause it to loose power or overload, it doesn't matter. But that gateway must NOT be activated."

    "Sir, sabotaging the plant could lead to a cataclysmic event like the Dewans saw. It could render the planet uninhabitable if we 're not careful. We could cause the Romulans to lose their homeworld a second time."

    Rykon stared Grylak straight in the eye. He didn't blink once as he simply replied "I know. But given the alternatives, it's a risk we must take. Put the team together and prep an insertion plan. I want everything ready by the time we reach Dera."

    As Grylak stood and turned to leave, Rykon stopped him.

    "You understand Starfleet can not be seen to have a hand in this. If something goes wrong, if you are discovered, you and your team will be rogues acting on your own. Starfleet will disavow all knowledge of you."

    "The Romulan Republic is too valuable an ally to lose. I understand Sir."

    As Grylak left, Rykon turned to look out the window. As the Halestorm turned and jumped to warp, Rykon rubbed his chin, leaning back in the chair. Was this the right course of action? Yes. From an objective viewpoint, yes it was. Was it the morally right thing to do? Lord knows it wasn't. The slightest miscalculation, and he would be responsible for the destruction of an entire world, and possibly ending the peace treaties between Romulans and the Federation. But that was why he sat in the big chair. Dealing with political problems, he was used to issues of this nature. But that didn't make it any easier.

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