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    Season 8 Dev Blog #13

    Director of Intelligence

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    Season 8 Dev Blog #13

    Post by Pyriel32 on Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:25 am

    Sphere of Influence

    Star Trek Online Season 8 STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus

    Star Trek Online is almost ready to release Season 8: The Sphere, which will take our players into the unknown to face a dangerous and powerful foe from a distant quadrant of the galaxy. The Feature Episode, “Sphere of Influence,” will be the bridge that links our players to this exciting, upcoming content.

    Deep under the surface of Mol'Rihan (New Romulus), Romulan and Reman scientists have been working tirelessly to study the discovery made there. As promised, D’Tan, the leader of New Romulus, has shared this research and invited his allies from the Federation and the Klingon Empire to attend what he hopes will be a triumphant success for his people; the reactivation of the Iconian Gateway. Reactions to this news have been mixed. The power of instant travel would do much for the fledgling republic, but the specter of the Dewan’s past failure looms over their hopes for the future. Players will team up with an old ally to uncover the mystery of the gateway, and together make some surprising revelations.

    Starting this Thursday, October 31, characters level 10 or higher from all three factions can hail D’Tan from the ‘Available’ tab in the mission journal (default key “J”), or directly via the event entry on the in-game calendar, to learn about the restoration of the Gateway. Once they accept the mission, they will be directed to travel to New Romulus to attend the reactivation as a representative of their faction.

    Those who complete the mission will earn a free, powerful new ship, the Obelisk Carrier, as well as pieces of the Ancient Obelisk Technology Item set. The Obelisk can only be earned from October 31 – December 5, 2013, and will then be available via the upcoming Fleet Spire Outpost. The box containing the Obelisk is character bound on pickup, available to all factions, and can only be opened once the character reaches level 40. Ship and items stats will be posted in tomorrow’s Dev Blog.

    We’re pleased to bring this exciting Feature Episode to our fans and take them where no one has gone before!

    See you on New Romulus this Thursday!

    Kate Bankson
    Content Designer
    Star Trek Online

      Current date/time is Sun May 27, 2018 6:27 am