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    Anomaly - a story comited long time ago...

    Done the Impossible

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    Anomaly - a story comited long time ago...

    Post by qoona on Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:32 pm

    TThe ship of United Federation of Planets NCC 1701-B USS Enterprise
    Captain James T. Kirk was standing on the bridge, admiring stars.
    Exelsior was nearing to the point where, at least in commands opinion,
    a curious anomaly was spoted. He was not in a hurry. That was already
    sixth anomaly this months, not to count palgue, Klingons, and reactor
    breach.Captian was staring at those small points, thinking he is
    becoming too old for that. Suddenly he was disruped by Spocks voice,
    which said that in 14.9 minutes they will reach the destination. He
    straightened his uniform and returned to his chair.
    "Every one on station, we are nearing the quantum- time- space
    anomaly.Mr. Sulu, raise shields and load weapons, I want to be ready,
    if something jumps out."
    "Yes sir"
    "Its illogical" Said Spock "In case of contact it would be considerd hostile and may lead to unnecesary confrontation"
    "Last thing that jumped out shot first and asked questions later"
    "And You considerd it personal, so after you finished with then, we had
    problems with identifying the atoms that were left after..."
    "So untrue.. we got quite big hull fragment..."-The look on Spocks face
    caused Captain to to leave it. -"Ok. Unload weapons, but leave the
    "Captain, we are in the area of anomaly..." - Helmsman didnt finish as
    they were thrown out of warp and out of chairs. .Kirk slowly risen from
    the floor " I am really too old for it" he thought. Spock was already
    standing at his station, the rest was doing the same. Captain sat again.
    "Mr Sulu, after you pull your nose out of Lt Uhara's decolt, please set
    speed at half impulse, and get us closer. Mr Spock, i need details on
    what just happened"
    "We were thrown out of warp, resulting in throwing us out of our stations" His voice was calm and serious
    "That explains a lot. Anything else?"
    "It seems it was caused by attrition of some of subspace phases caused by quantum effect of space-time anomaly"
    'High energy emission, some radiatiom, and some weird particles"
    "Helm, take us a little closer, and someone get us some visuals"
    Little while lter main screen was filed with pinky whirls, with some while additions.
    "Something is really wrong" Said Kirk " Those things usually come in blue..."
    "Probably, thats why they called it anomaly" Spocks way of thinking was as alvays perfeecly logical and accurate
    "Whatever. Anything new?"
    "Saddly unknown particles are making more precisive readings impossible"
    "Than lets get closer"
    "Aye sir"
    Ship was slowly closing the anomaly. Captain was sitting in his chair,
    pondering if he ever saw something like this..."Captains log. Todays
    stardate. We reached the region of quantum-time-space anomaly. The
    emision of radiation disrupts our sensor. We are trying to get
    closer...and by God, i know, it looks like strawberry-vanilla ice
    cream, one of those spiral ones!... Computer end of session"
    "We are closing in, but reading are still weak"
    "Than try to get a little...: He had no time to finish, because as the
    ship made contact with whirl, Enterprise was sucked inside.

    20 years later

    NCC 1701-D USS Enterprise

    Jean-Luc PIcard was sitting in his command chair sipping Earl Gray.
    "Data, how long till we reach destination?"
    "If my calculations are correct we should be there in 14 minutes and 56.3 seconds"
    '"And what we know about mission area?"
    "We are to research quantum-time-space irregularity in region where Enterprise-B vanished."
    "The were checking the quantum-time-space anomaly... same as ours"
    "How do you know that?"
    "I red the script"
    "Captain we are arriving at the aaaaAAaaAA!!...." The ship was shaken
    violently. Everyone was lying on the floor, and captain was howling of
    pain. Worf acted fast
    "Doctor to the bridge!"And added looking at Data"And mechanic too"
    Doctor arrived immediately and started scanning captain
    "45-60 degrees" muttered
    "Fever?" asked Worf close to panicking
    "No temperature of tea he spilled between his legs. Easy captain, it
    can be saved, it dioes not shrink in warm water as our uniforms" Picard
    looked at doctor with hope in his eyes. little while later they ware
    beamed to sickbay.
    Lt Commander Worf grabbed Datas head, and with help of mechanic installed it back on is torso . The android restarted.
    "What happened? My logs say i was inactive for few minutes. Did i miss something?"
    "Nothing much, but captain is ... temporary unfit. If you could start gathering data on anomaly i would be greateful"
    "Of course" Said data, sitting behind science console, and started to
    furiously pressing buttons. Worf looked curiously behind his shoulder
    "Red queen on black king... I mean Lieutenent Data! Please take care of anomaly!"
    Lt data, would probably blush a little.. if he could, but due to circumstances didn't.Obediently started scanning.
    "We are encountering quantum-time-space anomaly. However the radiation
    of Iota, Khappa and Zeta particles makes further scann impossible. If
    we get closer we could get better readings" Worf looked at pinkish
    whirl and shrugged, this thing made him feel uneasy
    "Lets wait for captain, let him decide. For now try to get what you can about this... thing"
    15 minutes later

    Capain Picard returned to the bridge, he was still walking little
    weirdly, and was kind of silent, but his face shown signs of great
    happines; After some time Riker broke the silence
    'Captain Data, sugest we get closer to anomaly to get better... data.
    He says that Kluppa, Feta , and Idiota particles are disrupting
    readings" Picard looked at him and said
    "Engage"After a while Data said
    "We need to get even closer"
    "Understood. Mr Laforge..."
    "Aye sir"
    "Sir, I am geting MARA reactor readings, with Federation signature, but its weird, we need to get closer"
    "But Captain," said Riker "we are already dangerously close!"
    If Lt Date could look suprised, he probably would
    'This signature.. belongs to Enterprise-B!"
    "But those are the facts, and there is increase in whirl energy!"
    "Mr La Forge take us out of here, full spee...."
    The whirls swirled, one of its arms made contact with ship. Crew felt
    like tehy were broken to single atoms... And all disapeared.

    672 light years left of Antares, from the direction of Bernards Star

    The silence of space was disrupted by terrible sound of forming
    space-time rift. Romulan D'Derridex turned loudly to look at it. in the
    middle of void there was pink whirl forming, from which emerged a weird
    ship. Captain felt a wave of panic. He never saw anything like this. He
    was hurrying his tactical and science officers to give him more details
    'What is this ship! And what is she doing HERE!"
    'I am getting Galaxy and Excelsior signatures, both of them.Ant this thing.. looks like weird quantum-time-space anomaly
    Indeed the ship looked.. weird. Like someone welded galaxy and
    excelsior's engeneering section together, making 4 gondole hybrid, with
    2 saucers, captain tried to control his fear. This ships firepower
    could be tremendous. IF federation took control of anomaly...
    "Hail this ship"
    "On th screen"
    Romulan raised his head, and suddenly looked petrified. It was monstrous. He knew what need to be done
    "Lock that ship! Fire at will!"

    Meanwhile at other ship

    "sir we are detecting romulan Warbird, D'Derridex signature. They are hailing us"
    'Get it on screen, commandor Data. By the way since when you got spiked ears?" Data raised eyebrow and looked at captain
    "Spiked ears? illogical. Romulans on screen" Said data
    "To romulan ship" started but romulan suddenly went pale and without
    breaking com started shouting orders to fire. His screams were
    interrupted by melodic sound of Lt-Commander Worf
    "sir they are locking us and preparing to fire"
    "Rise the shields"

    Romulan Warbird

    "They Raised shields, we are ready to fire.. they are hailing us"
    Romulan looked at screen. That was horryfing, Next to scary looking
    captain there was standing a awfully smiling Klingon female with really
    big boobs. And it spoke
    'This is James T. Picard of USS Enterprise. Retreat or be destroyed"
    Romulan tried and shouted
    Both ships fired in same time, But federation salvo was more powerfull.
    Double hit wrecekd grave damage on warbird, and double shields werent
    even scratched. Both ships danced for a while exchanging blows. But
    Romulan shield failed, and Enterprise fired full salvo from close range
    Last thing Romulan captain saw, was part of hull which world written.
    It said USS Enterprise-SD

    *SD as in Super-Deformed

      Current date/time is Sun Jun 17, 2018 11:08 pm