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    Zoey's Final Dna Fusion

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    Zoey's Final Dna Fusion

    Post by Pyriel32 on Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:50 am

    Cpt Cannons wrote:Zoey wakes up on a bio bed in the sick bay on the USS Daystrom. she opens her eyes to see cannons standing over top of her and helding her hand. "hey sleepy good morning. Doc shes awake." "ah good" The Doc walks over. "uh what happend." "you passed out jsut before you left the bar i took you hear to the daystroms sickbay. after the docs on the station assured me you would be ok to move over hear." "well if you would like to know what has gone wrong with you your dna is making a perment bond with your feline dna strands when you were hiding your ears and tail all the time it never gave them time to fuse and stay out. so now since the have been out for a month or so they are now starting to be permant and will not retract at your will any more."

    "So will i be ok ?" "yes your perfectly fine the dna strands are almsot completey fussed now and you should not experiance any more dizzyness or fainting spells" "gee thats a relief your heavyer then you look hehe" "Hey" she smacks him on the arm and laughs. All Cannons can do is laugh back. "alright i see no more reason why you have to remain hear you may go to your courters and get some rest now." "alright thanks doc"
    she then hops down off of the bio bed and they head out of sickbay. Just as they turn outside the door Cannons Scoops her up into his arms. "hey you know i can walk myself you know" "yes but if i know you. yoll jsut go straight back to work this way i will be sure you wil go back to your courters and rest hehe" "your so evil you know that" she jsut gigles and hugs him.

    When they reach her courters he puts her down and asks" so do you need anything else" she jsut stands ther eand thinks for a minute then responds "yes how about you tuck me in and kiss me goodnight maybe even a bed time story" she jsut starts giggling and heading into her courters. "well if you really want me to hehe" Cannons runs up behind her and tickles her waist and she screams and starts laughing "he then sits down into a chair and she goes into her washroom and changes and comes back out and slips into her bed. she then pats the bedd for him to come and sit beside her.

    Cannons comes over and sits down next to her and says "so would you liek the bed time story or shall we skip it tonight?" she jsut sits there and thinks for a minute and says i think we can jsut skip it tonight but im not missing my kiss." she then grabs Cannons around the neck and kisses him. she then lays down and says "you know i am so tired now thanks for taking care of me today" "hey I make it my issue to protect you no matter what the cost jsut remmeber that hmm" cannons then looks over towards the Door and back and the time he took to do that she had fallen fast asleep and to his amazment she was mildly purring in her sleep. he just Chukkles a bit and tucks her in nice and soundly and heads out of the room looking back only once and blowing her a kiss before he leaves.

    *ha bet i had you come on this is rated pg kids LMAO*

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