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    Guest Blog: STO Public Service

    Flag Captain Alpha Squad
    Flag Captain Alpha Squad

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    Science Department Rank : SCI Captain
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    Location : Lancashire, UK
    Ship Name : Magpie
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    Fleet Division : Science/Medical

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    Name: Ellen Hare

    Guest Blog: STO Public Service

    Post by HareBrained on Mon Sep 16, 2013 3:13 pm

    Just appeared on STO website. Looks handy.


    I'm TacPaddy and I would like to let you know about the STO Public Service community, which consists of the users of the "Public Service" channel. What is the "Public Service" channel? Well, have you ever faced one or more of the following situations?

    * Your Freighter Comm Code is on cooldown and you urgently need access to Bank, Mail and/or Exchange?
    * You’d like to play Dabo, but you are light-years away from Deep Space Nine, Drozana Station or Nimbus III?
    * You need to get to New Romulus quickly?
    * You’d like certain pieces of Fleet equipment, but your Fleet Holdings has not unlocked them yet?
    * You need Raiding Party and/or Diplomatic Immunity to temporarily boost your Engines?
    * Or, maybe you’d like to train some of your Bridge Officers with special skills, especially those a Bridge Officer Trainer can’t provide?

    Like myself, I am sure that you too have faced at least one of these situations recently. So, wouldn't it be awesome if you could get access to the aforementioned services without traversing the whole galaxy?

    This is the exact question that Community Member Pinoir and I were asking ourselves in December 2012 that led to the foundation of the "Public Service" channel.

    The channel was three simple purposes, all of which are provided by fellow community members at no cost:

    * To grant and receive access to Tuffli Freighters, Suliban Cell Ships, D'Kora Marauders and Fleet Holdings.
    * To grant and receive temporary Diplomatic Immunity/ Raiding Party.
    * To grant and receive specialized Bridge Officer Training.

    Star Trek Online STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus

    At this point, you probably have some questions. For example:

    Wait! Tuffli Freighters, Suliban Cell Ships, and D'Kora Marauders? Those are player-controlled ships! How can I benefit from them?

    Yes, they are player-controlled and that make them the workhorses in the "Public Service" channel. All three ships provide Mail, Bank and Exchange services to its Captain and visitors. Additionally, the D'Kora Marauder offers you "Dabo with Leeta," and the Tuffli Freighter and the Suliban Cell Ship have Crafting, a Quartermaster who sells Commodities at a discount, and special NPC Crew Contacts available. So, the Captains of these Ships simply invite you aboard and then you can use services that the ship provides.

    Wait! Why would a Fleet make its Holdings available? People are going to shop the stores empty!

    Good question! But it’s not like you think it is. If you invite a non-Fleet member to one of your Fleet Holdings, he or she can access everything that your store(s) provide, but he or she will use their own Fleet's provisions when making the purchase. So, your Fleet is perfectly safe from being shopped empty.

    There must be a catch! You wanna tell me that people do that all this out of the goodness of their hearts?

    Yes, they do. As you know, Star Trek is all about cooperation. All offers and requests made that are within the purposes set for the channel and totally for free. We do not allow participants to sell or buy access to any of the previously mentioned conveniences.

    Awesome! Let's get to a Tier 5 Shipyard and buy a Tier 5 Fleet Ship!

    Hold up! While you can access everything in the store(s) of the hosting Fleet, it does not work with Fleet Ships. As you can buy Fleet Ships in every Shipyard, the deciding factor here is the progression of your own Fleet's Shipyard.

    Alright, this all sounds awesome. How do I join and what do I need to know?

    Familiarize yourself with the channel rules first. Then, when you are in-game, enter the following chat command /channel_join Public Service. Note: Please keep in mind that you can only subscribe to a total of 20 channels.

    So far, over 1,700 Star Trek Online players have benefitted from the channel. Among these 1,700 are many users who frequently grant access to Fleet Holdings, D’Kora Marauders, Tuffli Freighters and/or Suliban Cell Ships. Now, it is time for you to benefit from it as well. It doesn't matter if you have a Freighter or not, join us and enjoy the services that we can provide to each other today!

    Live long and prosper/ Qapla'/ Jolan Tru,



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