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    One Night: Emony's Choice

    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

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    One Night: Emony's Choice

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:07 pm

    Note: This takes place after 'LC41: Call to Arms' and 'Wolf's Reunion.' Amy Vok would be played by Claudia Black. This story contains themes of an adult nature.

    One Night: Emony's Choice

    Life is a series of changing events. These events shape who we are as a person and can take days, months and years to play out. Or they could happen in one night. It's difficult to know who you are. Many people never fully accept all aspects of themselves, even after decades of soul searching. Most people are happy with this, but sometimes, you encounter one of life's events that throw everything you know about yourself into question.

    In the Transporter Room, Stunshock, Emony, Talaina, Bosip, Xui Li and Luawra stood in their white Dress uniforms, awaiting the arrival of the ambassador.

    Luawra leaned over to Xui Li.

    "I just came out of surgery and didn't have time to catch up with what's going on."

    "We are, ah, picking up Ambassador Vok, a Trill ambassador to the local systems in this sector. We are, ah, to transport her to Deep Space Nine for a classified meeting."

    "I see. Any idea what it's about?"

    "No. It is, ah, classified."

    "Huh. Ok then."

    The transporter then energised. On the transporter pad was a Trill female, her black hair tied into two pig tales. She wore leather boots and a black jacket over a strapless top that revealed her bosom in a classy style. In her hands was a small case. As Emony seemed to shuffle slightly from one foot to another, Stunshock approached the pad.

    "Welcome on board the Sentinel. I am Captain Stunshock."

    Ambassador Vok smiled a cheeky, yet oddly sweet smile.

    "Thank you Captain. I'm sorry to divert you from your business."

    "Not at all Ambassador. I understand the importance of this briefing. Allow me to introduce my senior officers. My First Officer, Talaina Kazzur, Commander Emony Bearlo, Commander Bo-"

    He was cut off by a comm from the Bridge.

    "Bridge to Captain Stunshock. We're picking up a call from the Evenstar. Captain Arwen is requesting to beam on board."

    "Acknowledge Bridge. Tell her to stand by."

    He turned back to the Ambassador.

    "My apologies Ambassador. Commander Kazzur can show you to your quarters. We have a small dinner scheduled at 21:00."

    Ambassador Vok stepped down off the transporter pad.

    "Thank you Captain. That would be nice. But I'd like Commander Bearlo to show me around. It's been that long since I saw a Trill, it would be nice to spend time with my kind."

    "I would be happy to show you around Ambassador."

    Stunshock nodded.

    "Very well. Until 21:00."

    As the officers left the room, Stunshock announced for Captain Arwen to beam over. Emony escorted Ambassador Vok out of the room.

    "Your quarters are on Deck 5. This way Ambassador."

    "Please, call me Amy. Tell me, how many Trills are on this ship?"

    "Including me, four."

    "At least you're not isolated then. I can't tell you how weary it can get, living on an alien planet for years on end."

    "You must be able to take holidays?"

    Amy shook her head.

    "Not as much as you would think. Besides, when you've lived as long as I have, you've pretty much seen it all."

    Emony thought it was a bit odd to hear this kind of talk from an Ambassador. But she wasn't going to judge.

    "I will say that I fully intend to take advantage of the recreation facilities on board. Perhaps you could advise me on what's best?"

    Amy's hand brushed against Emony's. It sent a slight tingle through her fingers, but she quickly dismissed it as an accident. She wouldn't let herself fall to that evil. They reached the quarters and stepped inside.

    "These will be fine for the night. Oh, could you give this to your engineer? But warn him not to power it. It could become unstable."

    Amy handed the case to Emony. She lingered her gaze with Emony. Feeling slightly uncomfortable, Emony excused herself and started making her way towards Engineering.

    'What was that all about? Was she flirting with me? She's certainly cute. And energetic. No. No, I can't think like that. My parents taught me better.'

    Shaking the thoughts out of her head, she quickened her pace to Engineering.

    At 21:00, Emony entered The Bar. She was still a little apprehensive about earlier. She looked around to see who else was here. Talaina and Xui Li were talking to Amy. Though there didn't seem to be anyone else around. Emony approached the group. Talaina turned to include Emony in the group, handing her a glass of Champaign from the table.

    "The Captain sends his apologies, but something has got his attention."
    "I thought there would be others."

    Xui Li took a sip of her Champaign.

    "Bosip is working on something in the, ah, lab. There is also-"

    The ship suddered with a rumbling. Talaina frowned and put her glass down, tapping her comm badge.

    "Bridge. Report."

    "There's been an explosion in one of the labs. Medical teams are en route."

    "Coordinate the teams. I'm heading to the lab."

    As Talaina dashed out of the room, Xui Li also put her glass down.

    "I had best, ah, get to the Bridge. Please excuse me."

    She bowed slightly to Emony and Amy, then hurried out of the room. Amy looked at Emony.

    "Will you walk me back to my quarters?"

    Emony nervously looked aside.

    "I'm not sure that would be appropriate."
    "Why not?"

    Emony hesitated. She was trying to be diplomatic. Amy smiled and stepped closer.

    "It's ok. I'm not speaking as an ambassador, just a normal person. I can tell you like me."
    "I... I'm sorry, but I don't. I'm not gay."

    Amy moved slightly closer.

    "Oh come on. I can see it in your eyes. I've lived over a thousand years. I can tell when someone likes me. And it's ok. I like you."

    She reached up to brush the back of her hand against Emony's cheek, but she drew back. Amy smiled and dropped her hand.

    "It's ok. You're not ready yet. I get that. You know where my quarters are if you change your mind."

    Amy winked and walked out of The Bar, her hips swinging in an exaggerated walk. Emony watched her go, then stumbled over to a chair and collapsed, breathing slowly and deeply, trying to calm her nerves.

    'How did she know? Was I being that obvious? I felt the attraction, but I fought to keep it away. As my parents taught me, being gay is wrong. It's an evil that corrupts the soul. I... I can't have feelings for women. It goes against the laws of nature. If I ever want to reach Mak'relle Dur, I have to live a good life. A true life. Not one of sin and evil. But.... since joining Starfleet, I see so many people living how they want to live. They don't care what others think, they stay true to themselves. And this evil has been within me since I was a little girl. And Amy is a Trill. Surely she must know she won't reach Mak'relle Dur either. Or does she care about such things? I guess her symbiot doesn't. Should I risk it? Dare I give in to my nature? I need help.'

    She tapped her comm badge. Luawra had once said she was always there to talk through whatever was bothering Emony, and she shouldn't be on duty. In fact, she should have been at this little dinner.

    "Luawra? Can we talk?"

    The voice that came over the comm was frantic and clearly stressed.
    "Not now Emony. I'm busy. Pass me that arterial clamp."

    The comm cut off. Emony sighed and looked at the stars streaking by. She liked to think she was adventurous. Willing to try new things. To learn as much as she could. But she had always denied these feelings. And because of that, she had never truly connected with a guy. Maybe her parents were wrong. Maybe it was ok for her to express those feelings. After all, in the end, who would she be hurting?

    She stood up and took a deep breath. She would call her good friend Ernie Hauser, but he was on a nightshift today and knew he couldn't be disturbed due to the nature of the readings they were taking. That left no one else on the ship to talk to. No one she trusted enough with this. Except for Shalonda, the ship's councillor. But she didn't feel comfortable talking about this.

    "What should I do?"

    She walked over to the bar and set her drink down, resting her elbows on the bar top.

    'Amy seems to be genuine in her offer. And when our hands touched, it was electric. My heart leapt into my throat. I enjoyed it. Back on the Kadomo, I saw my greatest fear. Everyone knew I was gay, and they laughed at me. They mocked me and made my life miserable. I don't want that to happen. But.... I can't keep living this lie. I..... I don't know what to do.'

    Without any specific destination in mind, Emony turned and walked out of the bar.

    Her mind stayed on her dilemma as she kept her head down, ignoring those crewmembers who passed by. She still hadn't come to a decision as she turned a corner and stopped, looking up. She had unwittingly made her way to the Ambassador's quarters.

    "It seems my subconscious wants this. But I won't be ruled by that."

    Her nose twitched a couple of times as she tried to make up her mind. Give in to her nature, or obey her upbringing. It was said we were a product of our environment, but that wasn't true. It helped shape who you were, but it didn't dictate who you were at your core. And try as hard as she could, Emony would still be gay. Taking a deep breath, she held it as she decided on a course of action.

    The door opened a moment after pressing the chime. Amy smiled and gestured for Emony to enter.
    "Come in. I'm glad you decided to come."

    Emony stepped through the looking glass. There was no turning back now. She wanted this, to confirm to herself more than anything else that she wasn't evil. That she was a perfectly normal person, despite her feelings.

    "I've.... I've decided to hear you out. But first, I have to ask. Are you gay?"

    Amy smiled and cocked her head to one side.
    "When you've lived as long as I have, you tend to be a bit of everything."
    "How did you first know?"
    "Oh, not until my thirteenth host. By that time, I had been a man with women, women with men. It's got to the point where parts of my previous hosts, both male and female, have influenced my memories so I just don't care about such things anymore. If I find someone attractive, regardless of their gender, or even species, I'll flirt a bit. See what happens."

    "And you're not afraid of not going to Mak'relle Dur?"

    Amy giggled.
    "You forget. I've already died fifteen times. I just believe in doing what makes you happy."

    Amy stepped closer to Emony, slowly reaching out and placing both her hands on Emony's waist. She resisted the urge to recoil in horror, focusing more on the sensations of wonder and joy. Amy stepped closer, her face now taking up Emony's entire vision.

    "I don't want you to do anything you're uncomfortable with. Just say stop at any time."
    She paused, waiting for Emony to say stop, but she never did. Smiling, Amy moved closer, her hands moving around and cupping the small of Emony's back. She moved in, her lips parting.

    Emony's heart was racing. This was something she had thought about for years, but had never had the courage to go through with. She awkwardly placed her hands on Amy's waist in an attempt to copy what she was doing. She closed her eyes, feeling Amy's soft lips press against hers. In that one, magical instant, Emony exploded with ecstasy. What had she been afraid of? This felt natural. It felt right. She wasn't going to be condemned for this. Of course not. It was who she was. Who she is.

    As Amy pulled back, Emony opened her eyes.
    "That.... that felt wonderful."
    "I'm glad you enjoyed it. But it's only the beginning of the joys, the excitement you could experience. Don't be afraid."

    Amy led Emony by the hand over to the bed. Sitting down, Amy gently placed a hand on Emony's thigh, gently stroking it. Though the feeling was incredible, it was more than she was willing to do. She shifted slightly, Amy instantly taking her hand away.

    "I'm sorry. I moved too fast. Tell me how you want to go on."
    Emony blinked a few times as she thought about it, before she met Amy's gaze and smiled.

    The next morning, Emony gradually came back to life. She had spent the entire night in Amy's quarters, exploring her sexuality. And she had enjoyed it immensely. As she rolled over, she saw the naked body of Amy beside her. And then realised what she had done. She had slept with another woman! An atrocity that went against everything her parents had taught her. She had broken the values they had instilled within her. She started to panic. Quickly, but carefully slipping out of the bed, she got dressed and crept out of the room. Once in the corridor, she hurried away from the scene of horror. Dodging past various people, she quickly got into her quarters and collapsed against the wall. How could she have been so stupid? She had destroyed any chance she had of keeping her soul pure. She covered her mouth with her hands as tears started streaming down her cheeks. Her shoulders shook as she sobbed, knowing her parents would disown her if they were to ever find out. The door chime went off.

    "GO AWAY!"

    Ernie's voice came through the door, clearly concerned.
    "Emony, what's up?"


    "Emony, let me in. Let me help."

    Emony didn't respond, too disgusted with herself. Ernie continued.

    "Emony, if something's wrong, please let me in. I'm not leaving here until you do."
    Emony didn't reply, curled up on the floor. After a few minutes, Ernie knocked on the door.

    "You'll have to let me in eventually."

    Wiping the tears from her cheeks, Emony coughed, trying to compose herself.

    "Ok. C-come in."

    The door opened and Ernie quickly stepped in, searching the room and quickly finding his friend on the floor. He dropped to his knees and put an arm around her shoulders.

    "Hey. What's happened?"
    "I've done something terrible. I'm a monster."

    He gently put his thumb under her chin and lifted her up to gaze at him. Though he wore a VISOR, Emony could tell he was genuinely concerned.

    "Emony. Please, tell me what happened?"
    "I slept with another woman."

    Ernie waited a moment for more to be told. When she didn't add anything else, Ernie frowned.
    "Not to sound callous or anything, but that's it?"
    She nodded.
    "Oh Emony, that's nothing to be ashamed of."

    He put his hand on the back of her head and gently let her lower it onto his chest.

    "These aren't archaic times. People can be with whoever they want."
    "That's easy for you to say. But I was always raised to believe that a woman should only lie with a man. To do anything else was an affront to nature. It meant you had great evil within."

    "No it doesn't. It simply means you're a little different. But that's not a bad thing. Look at me. I wear a VISOR. There aren't too many blind people with the right kind of nerves still functioning to be able to use these things. That makes me a little different, and though I may have been teased when I was a kid, that just meant they were jealous."


    "Yes. Because I had something unique, something that made me special, and they just wanted to make me feel bad. But no one is going to judge you now. If you are somebody who finds people of the same gender as you attractive, then go for it. We all have our own little quirks. Captain Stunshock can't eat fatty foods. Gweevle keeps talking in gibberish that he claims is his natural language. It's just part of who you are. And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can move on with your life and be happy."

    Emony let out a sniff.
    "I can't return home though. My parents would kill me."

    "Look, if your parents love you, then they will accept you, no matter what you've done. It just might take them some time to come around, if they are as devout as you say they are. But you're their daughter. They'll still love you. Just like we all still love you."

    Emony smiled, putting an arm around Ernie.
    "Thank you Ernie."

    The comm went off, Talaina speaking.

    "Commander Bearlo report to Transporter Room 2. Our guest is ready to depart, and she wishes to speak to you."

    Ernie replied on behalf of his friend.
    "I'm afraid Commander Bearlo is not well, and won't be able to be on duty today Commander."
    "What's wrong?"
    "She's come down with a nasty bug. It'll keep her bed ridden for the day, but I'll make sure she gets back on her feet soon."
    "Very well. Kazzur out."

    Ernie looked down at Emony, who still had a single tear wetting her cheek.

    "It's ok Emony. We'll get through this. We'll get through this."

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