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    Under the knife



    Under the knife

    Post by Guest on Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:06 am

    Hey guys my car is going under my trusty knife here right soon. i drive a audi a4 v6 2.8 L Quattro. Got take a look into the cam seals and crank seals here right soon as i can find a tool kit to do this big job since i need to remove the timing belt i need to find probper timeing repair kit tools lol any help would be great so far all i can find is the cam shaft holder and crank lock and the pulley puller on ebay. its cheaper doing it this way then having a car shop do it specially since the shop that supposedly replaced my head cover seals did not do a good job and its leaking again already.

    At least i have the hayens Manuel for this repair as well as alot of links to videos on how to do it. just will take lots of timeis my problem. I also lack a shop wit ha hoist but i can make do on ramps and my grandma's garage .. if its not got a big arse car in there again Razz. ill be in the toronto area in the next couple weeks to stay so if any one has any helpful ideas, or know of a place i could go to do the work, please do let me know Razz

    Cheers mates

      Current date/time is Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:12 am