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    Patch NOTES......Things to make you go hmmmmmm.

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    Ship Name : U.S.S. ACHERON
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-97397-D
    Ship Class : Eclipse Class Intel Cruiser (Special Operations Refit)
    Fleet Division : Intel/Special Ops

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Pyriel Danto

    Patch NOTES......Things to make you go hmmmmmm.

    Post by Pyriel32 on Tue May 21, 2013 4:19 pm



    Play as a Romulan in a storyline created from the Romulan Republic's point-of-view.
    Battle the tyranny of the Tal Shiar and discover the identity of the silent enemy attacking Romulan colonies.
    Denise Crosby returns to reprise her role as Empress Sela.
    New missions take you from level 1-40; then join your allies to complete your journey to Vice Admiral.
    Romulan Republic characters can fly the new Warbird class starships.
    Reman characters are available for the Romulan Republic two ways:
    Achieve Rank 5 in Romulan Reputation
    C-Store purchase
    The Cloaked Intentions episode series has been updated with a special story for Romulan and Reman players.
    For more information, check out our Legacy of Romulus Dev Blogs here:


    Romulan ships come with a new battle mechanic: Singularity.
    When a Romulan player pilots a Warbird they will gain the ability to build Singularity energy over time.
    This is represented by a meter with 5 "pips" that gradually fills when the player is in combat.
    Beneath this meter is a mini power bar with between 1 and 5 Singularity Powers.
    In order to use these powers you'll need at least 1 full Singularity pip.
    Singularity energy builds gradually while in combat.
    Singularity will not build if the Warbird is cloaked.
    Singularity energy slowly decays while outside of combat.
    The amount of stored Singularity energy will determine the potency of the Singularity power used.
    Using any Singularity Power will completely deplete your Singularity meter and prevent it from filling for a period of time.
    The duration of this "Singularity Lockout" scales depending on the amount of Singularity energy consumed.
    In other words using a Singularity power with 1 Singularity level will cause a shorter lockout time than a power with 5 Singularity levels.
    All Singularity Powers have a shared cooldown as they all depend on Singularity power to be used.
    Singularity Powers
    These special abilities are accessible either via the Singularity power tray beneath the Singularity meter or by directly clicking them in your power trays.
    All Romulan Warbirds have a number of Singularity Powers equal to their Tier.
    So, Tier 1 ships have a single power while Tier 5 ships have all five Singularity Powers.
    The exception to this rule is fighters.
    These ships have access to a specific single Singularity power.
    Plasma Shockwave
    Singularity: PBAoE Damage, + DoT
    Availability: All Romulan Warbirds
    This power deals a single initial hit of plasma damage and then additional Plasma damage over 15 seconds. This power's damage scales with the user's Singularity level.
    Quantum Absorption
    Singularity: +Temporary Hit Points, +Shield Heal, +Shield Heal Over Time
    Availability: Tier 2+ Warbirds
    This power grants you an initial shield heal and then a smaller shield heal over 15 seconds.
    Additionally you gain a large amount of Temporary Hit Points, which prevent damage to your hull if your shields are down.
    This power's shield healing and Temporary Hit Points scale with the user's Singularity level.
    Warp Shadow
    Singularity: Create Warp Shadows
    Availability: Tier 3+ Warbirds
    Creates a number of Warp Shadow copies of your ship equal to your Singularity level.
    These ships taunt nearby foes.
    After 20 seconds, the Warp Shadows vanish and you gain Perfect Cloaking for a short time.
    Singularity Jump
    Singularity: Self Teleport, Create Singularity
    Availability: Tier 4+ Warbirds
    This power creates a Singularity effect at your current location that debuffs damage, perception and accuracy of all foes within the Singularity's radius.
    Immediately teleports you 5km forward after activating this power.
    The potency of this power's debuff scales with Singularity level.
    Energy Weapons: Singularity Overcharge
    Singularity: Overcharge Energy Weapons
    Availability: Tier 5 Warbirds
    Overcharge your energy weapons to deal a devastating amount of damage over a short period of time.
    This power's duration scales with Singularity level.
    For more information, check out this Dev Blog here:

    KDF Updates

    Klingons now have full level 1 to 50 progression!
    New Klingons are now created as level 1 characters.
    New Klingons will play through a new Klingon-themed tutorial that involves both ground and space combat.
    Existing Klingons, and new Klingons who have played through the new tutorial before, will be able to play starting with the mission "Duties of Command".
    This mission takes place on Qo'noS and replaces the old Tour of Qo'noS mission, which is no longer available.
    After this, players can play the missions The Hunt is On, also on Qo'noS, and Space Chase.
    Other new missions have also been added.
    Manhunt: find yourself on Rura Penthe and gain the friendship of an unlikely prisoner.
    Friend or Foe: learn of a plot to destabilize the Klingon Empire.
    Test of Mettle: where you are invited to prove the worth of your first new ship.
    A House on Fire: find out what the Orions are up to in the Servin system.
    A House Pursued: uncover a plot involving an old nemesis of yours.
    Some missions, like Bringing Down the House and The House Always Wins have had their level changed to create a more cohesive story arc from level 1 to 50.
    Around level 21, Klingons are invited to participate in the Nimbus adventure zone via the mission Secrets of Nimbus.
    For more information, check out this Dev Blog here: (This adventure zone is also open to the Federation and Romulan Republic factions around the same level.)
    Existing KDF missions have been updated so that they now fit in better with the overarching KDF story.
    For more information, check out this Dev Blog here:

    Nukara Strikeforce Reputation

    This new reputation is available in your Reputations panel of your character status window.
    Like the New Romulus and Omega Force Reputations, this end game feature allows you to earn high end rewards for max level characters.
    The Reputation system unlocks at level 50.
    Earn new ground and space powers.
    Earn Nukara Marks to progress through the Nukara Strikeforce Reputation and obtain powerful items.
    Earn Nukara Marks by completing the following:
    Repeatable missions on Nukara Prime
    Azure Nebula Event*
    Defend Rh'ihho station Fleet Action*
    Mine Trap Event*
    Rhi Atmosphere Event*
    Vault Ensnared Event*
    Crystalline Catastrophe Event, Normal and Elite
    *These events award a choice of Romulan, Nukara, or Fleet Marks and a small amount of additional Fleet Marks.
    Rewards on Nukara Prime have been changed:
    Tholian Requisition Boxes awarded by completing repeatable missions on Nukara Prime no longer have a chance to award very rare or leveless Tholian Ground Set items.
    Completion of Nukara Prime repeatable missions now award Nukara Marks.
    Special Rewards like the Upgraded Tholian Ground set are now available as a Tier 5 rewards in this Reputation.
    Players that have previously earned the levelless version of the Tholian Ground set from Tholian Requisition boxes may complete a reputation project once for each piece of this set.
    These projects allow you to exchange the set item for 50 Nukara Marks, for a potential total of 150 Marks.
    These projects are available at Tier 0 in the reputation.
    Players who have upgraded their Tholian Ground set via the Lobi Store may complete a reputation project once for each piece of this set.
    These projects allow you to "register" these set pieces.
    Doing so will return the item back to you and award you 50 Nukara Marks, for a potential total of 150 Marks.
    These projects are available at Tier 0 in the reputation.
    For more information, check out this Dev Blog here:

    Atmosphere Assault

    This is a new five man, 15 minute event that is available from the queue at any time.
    The event is playable by all factions.
    This event is designed for teams of level 50 characters.
    This event requires a small craft (shuttles, runabouts, fighters, etc).
    Rewards are based off of how much of the colony you are able to save with bonuses given out for defeating enemy waves within certain times.
    Select from Romulan or Fleet marks for your reward.

    Defend Rh'Ihho Station

    This is a new five man 10-to-15 minute event that is available from the queue at level 50.
    The event is playable by mixed Starfleet, Romulan and KDF teams.
    There are three timed phases to this mission.
    Find and destroy enemy devices that are preventing repairs from completing.
    Rescue Romulan Engineers from abduction.
    Stop the enemy from blowing up the main reactor.
    The more enemy devices you destroy and Engineers you save the greater the rewards.
    Move quickly and use team tactics to control enemy movement and find the enemy devices!


    The traits system has received a massive revamp!
    Players will no longer pick trait points at character creation.
    Current characters will be granted a free respec token for their traits.
    At level 10, the new trait system will unlock.
    Players now gain an additional point to spend on Traits at each new rank.
    This allows players to have 1 required trait and 8 optional traits at Vice Admiral/Lieutenant General rank.
    A new category of trait has been added - Class-specific traits.
    These traits enhance specific aspects of your class, and can only be chosen by Captains of that class.
    There are two new space traits and two new ground traits for each career path.
    Space - Grace Under Fire
    Whenever you are hit for more than 25% of your hull in a 5 second period, the cooldown on Miracle Worker is reset.
    This effect cannot occur more often than once per 90 seconds.
    (Fixed a typo 5/21 @ 10:51AM PDT) Space - EPS Manifold Efficiency:
    When you use Emergency Power to Auxiliary, Emergency Power to Engines, Emergency Power to Shields, or Emergency Power to Weapons, this trait causes all of your other power levels to gain a moderate subsystem boost. When you use any Battery, this trait causes all of your other power levels to gain a large subsystem boost
    Ground -Nanomolecular Architect:
    All pets you create have increased damage resistance and regeneration.
    Ground - Shield Harmonic Resonance:
    When you take damage, your shields start to adapt to the incoming damage, giving you a stacking Resistance buff to that type of damage.
    Only one damage type can grant this resistance at any given time.
    Space - Photonic Capacitor:
    Science powers you activate reduce the remaining cooldown of Photonic Fleet by 15 seconds.
    This ability cannot trigger more often than once every 10 seconds.
    Space - Conservation of Energy:
    When Energy Weapons hit you, your exotic damage has a chance to be increased by 10%, stacking up to 3 times.
    Exotic Damage includes any damage which is increased by the Starship Particle Generators skill.
    Ground -Medical Vanguard:
    All powers you use on allies give them additional healing.
    Ground -Field Researcher :
    You gain a 25% damage bonus against targets affected by Control powers or Debuff powers.
    Space - Last Ditch Effort:
    While Go Down Fighting is active, you gain 10% Damage Resistance to all damage types when you attack a target, stacking up to 3 times.
    Space - Crippling Fire:
    Your critical hits reduce your target's Accuracy by 2.5%, stacking up to 3 times.
    Ground - Situational Awareness:
    All of your Grenade powers now have a 25% chance to expose their target in addition to their normal effects.
    Ground - Strike Team Specialist:
    Your damaging attacks give you a 2.5% bonus to Crit chance. This buff can stack up to 3 times.
    For more information, check out this Dev Blog here:

    Warp Cores

    All ships in the game now have a Warp Core slot.
    All KDF and Starfleet vessels use Matter/Antimatter Warp Cores.
    All Romulan vessels use Singularity Warp Cores.
    The way in which Warp Speed in Sector Space is calculated has been updated.
    It is now based off the level of your ship's Warp Core, instead of off your captain level.
    Additionally, the scale of Warp Speed throughout the game has been recalculated to allow players to go faster in Sector Space but maintain Warp 10 as the fastest displayed non-Transwarp speed.
    A speed that previously displayed as Warp 7 now displays as Warp 5, but is actually the same speed.
    This means captains moving at Warp 10 will now reach their destinations more quickly than they could before.
    Warp Cores of every rarity now drop from space combat throughout the game.
    As your Warp Core increases in rarity, it gains additional pools of possible enhancements to add to your ship.
    All Matter/Anti-Matter Warp Cores increase the Maximum power of either Shields, Engines, or Auxiliary by 5, while providing an efficiency boost in that same system if its power level drops below 75.
    All Singularity Warp Cores increase your current power of either Shields, Engines, or Auxiliary by 5 when your Singularity Meter is empty, and by 15 when your Singularity Meter is full.
    This boost scales directly with how much Singularity power you have.
    Uncommon-quality Matter/Antimatter Warp Cores add a skill bonus to an Engineering-related skill.
    There are six possible enhancements you can receive on a green warp core:
    Driver Coil
    Starship Batteries
    Warp Core Efficiency
    Subsystem Repair
    Electro-Plasma Systems
    Starship Engine Performance
    Uncommon-quality Singularity Warp Cores add a skill bonus to a Science-related or a Singularity-related skill.
    There are seven possible enhancements you can receive on a green warp core:
    Singularity Decay Rate Reduction
    Singularity Fill Rate Increase
    Singularity Lockout Duration Reduction
    Particle Generators
    Graviton Generators
    Power Insulators
    Electro-Plasma Systems
    Rare-quality Matter/Antimatter Warp Cores add a synergy bonus between one power system and another.
    For example, one possible Rare enhancement will give you bonus Weapon power equal to a percentage of your current Engine power.
    There are twelve possible enhancements at the Rare level, one for each possible subsystem synergy link.
    Rare-quality Singularity Warp Cores enhance one specific Singularity power, adding a new mechanic to it whenever you use that power.
    Enhance Plasma Shockwave adds a Subsystem Offline proc to your Plasma Shockwave.
    Enhance Singularity Shielding gives you a Damage Resistance bonus while Singularity Shielding is still active.
    Enhance Warp Shadow gives your Warp Shadow power a chance to confuse hostile targetable projectiles like High Yield Torpedoes or Mines when used.
    Enhance Singularity Jump makes the accuracy debuff provided by the deposited Singularity 100% more effective.
    Enhance Singularity Overcharge gives you a Critical Severity bonus for the duration of the Overcharge buff.
    Very Rare-quality Warp Cores of both core types add a new Capacitor power to your useable powers.
    Capacitor powers function as reusable batteries that don't occupy a device slot, but have a longer cooldown and lower magnitude of effect than a standard battery.
    There are four enhancements at the Very Rare level, one for each battery type.
    Singularity Capacitors drain your Singularity level to provide a large boost in power, while Standard Capacitors provide a small boost in power at no resource cost.
    Mk XI and XII Warp Cores of all qualities gain one additional travel-related enhancement that increases the usefulness of your Slipstream or Transwarp abilities.
    All enemy ships in space have a chance of dropping a Warp Core when they are destroyed.
    A selection of Warp Cores can be purchased from Energy Credit vendors in most social hubs, as well as through the Dilithium store.
    All told, the Warp Core slot is designed to add a lot of choice in how you configure your ship's power settings and abilities.
    There are tens of thousands of possible cores out there to find and use, and tons of new builds to make with them.
    For more information, check out this Dev Blog here:


    Players can no longer send or receive Fleet chat without accepting their Fleet invitation.
    All Missions which reward Kits have had their options altered.
    Instead of giving players a Choice of different profession Kits, they will instead be rewarded with an item that will automatically unpack into a level-appropriate, profession-specific Kit upon being received.
    This prevents players from making an incorrect decision, and choosing a Kit which they cannot use.
    Updated the visual appearance of all existing Romulan NPC ships.
    The Earth Spacedock ship equipment vendor now sells Mk XI Shields, Engines and Deflectors.
    Extra Crystal Shard items from the Crystalline Catastrophe event can now be discarded.
    Completing the full Tour the Galaxy challenge now rewards the "Well Travelled" trait as a free bonus trait.
    This trait grants your captain a permanent reduction in Transwarp cooldown.
    Several changes to graphics code to improve logging and stability.
    Updated every texture in the game, everywhere.
    For more information, see this thread:
    Drozana Station has been updated.
    Starfleet engineers have been hard at work and the layout of the station has received an overhaul.
    Added a tailor to Drozana Station.
    Closing the window to beam down to the station will now move it to an optional interact.
    Klingon players will now have access to a Kivra Shuttle as their free shuttle.
    The Toron is now available for Dilithium, rather than being free.
    Updated every ship in the game to resolve an issue that caused black textures for players using DX11.
    The Crystalline Entity queued event is now available in both Normal and Elite versions.
    Completing this event awards items and Dilithium, plus a box that grants you your choice of Nukara or Fleet marks.
    25 marks for Normal, 40 marks for Elite.
    Trills who wear the Cropped Winter Jacket will no longer have transparent torsos.
    Updated level-up progression schedule for Bridge Officer unlocks, Duty Officer unlocks, and access to other game features for all factions.
    Resolved an issue that caused players to lose control of steering their ships after respawning.
    Removed a random white box from the Tholian Control room in Temporal Ambassador.
    Updated New Romulus vendors to carry Plasma weapons instead of Phasers.
    Slightly improved the visual appearance of most of the Federation ship materials.
    The Rator and Chulan systems have swapped locations.

    Duty Officers:

    The Duty Officer System will now unlock for all players at level 12, regardless of their faction.
    This means Federation players between levels 8 and 11 will temporarily lose access to their Duty Officers.
    The levels at which Free Duty Officer Packs are rewarded have been altered:
    Level 11 Federation and Level 23 Klingon Packs are now both rewarded at level 18.
    Level 21 Federation and Level 26 Klingon Packs are now both rewarded at level 23.
    All packs rewarded at levels 31 and above are unaltered.
    Any Contacts which require access to the Duty Officer system have had their level restrictions altered to this new standard.
    It is no longer possible to move officers to or from your Active Roster while you are in Combat.


    The default Foundry mission search now sorts by a weighted rating and not the average rating.
    Updated the following template maps so that they will have proper pathing information after they are published:
    Argelius II Interior
    Borg Interior 02
    Briarpatch Research Interior
    Cardassian Interior 02
    Ice Caves Interior 03
    Kassae Station Interior
    Added an "Alien" option to the species dropdown menu for both ground and space NPC Groups.
    Waypoints for contacts on Earth Spacedock have been adjusted so they are correct now.
    The Foundry contacts in Qo'noS First City now have they waypoints pointing to them again.
    Replaced the missing "to" in Bridge Officer dialog descriptions.
    Removed all reference to attachment sidedness for Borg NPC Contacts.
    Renamed some of the Tellarite NPC Contacts to reflect the fact that they are alien, and not Tellarite.
    Went through all costumes and renamed them to remove all incidences of duplicates.
    Resolved an issue where sometimes the shields on a ship would be reported as 1/-1 while previewing.
    Changeling NPC Contacts now have more visual variety.
    Added visual variety to Klingon TOS NPC Contacts.
    Resolved the issue that prevented players from purchasing additional Foundry slots.
    Players will no longer receive mission rewards while in preview mode.
    The ground Away Team will no longer appear upon previewing Space maps.
    Added new NPC Groups to the Foundry:
    Elachi Ground
    Elachi Space
    Reman Rebellion Ground
    Reman Rebellion Space
    Romulan Republic Ground
    Romulan Republic Space
    Added Elachi and EV Tholian NPC Contacts.
    Resolved an issue where all dialogs on a map would be copied to all objects during map duplication.
    The waypoint for a Reach Marker Task is no longer larger than the actual in-game area of activation.


    Changed the initial Console Choice from Admiral Quinn in the Fed Tutorial.
    Replaced the "Flow Capacitor" console from Sci option with a "Shield Hitpoint" console.
    Updated Azure Nebula Rescue queued event, Vault: Ensnared event, and Tholian Red Alerts to reward new Choice of Mark boxes.
    The Federation mission journal has been updated:
    A "Wasteland" tab has been added, following the "Klingon War" in progression.
    Existing missions that now follow "Wasteland" have had their levels adjusted.
    Updated The Vault:
    Fixed a typo in science career text.
    Updated the text for the nav beacons.
    The communications relay satellite now uses a Romulan satellite model.
    Enlarged map waypoints.
    Added a waypoint for the docking bay on the Vault.
    Resolved an issue that prevented players in their Starship from re-entering The Vault after leaving partway through the mission.
    Updated What Lies Beneath:
    Added a "Locate Computer Core" dialog option in the third floor, in which your Bridge Officer gives you advice on how to descend to the core.
    Updated mission text in the bottom floor to "Find Core Access Door", since it is a door, not a ramp, and "Descend to Computer Core."
    Updated Mine Enemy:
    Updated the text on the system interact button to remove typo for Continue: "Query in the Quarry."
    Resolved an issue that could cause one encounter group of Romulans in the mine not to spawn if player failed all diplomacy dialogs.
    Previously, this could halt mission completion.
    Updated Cutting the Cord:
    Act 1
    The tactical optional should no longer appear but not be usable for non-tactical officers.
    Obisek is now the initial contact when the player enters the Brea system.
    The Zdenia, Obisek's ship, is present along with the player at the start.
    Because the Zdenia is present to help the player, the number of enemy ships in the initial battle over the planet was increased.
    Turrets reprogrammed by the tactical optional objective are now more aggressive about finding valid targets and firing on them.
    Act 2
    Obisek is now the initial contact when the player first arrives.
    The virtual guide FX color is now based on the faction of the player who calls for the guideline.
    Act 3
    Changed fight order: Sela is present from the start.
    Player spawns away from the big space brawl to start.
    Iconian probes now spawn over several seconds.
    Romulan ships arrive in reinforcement waves over the course of the fight.
    Updated so it now completes correctly in the wormhole and in the Rapier when scanning anomalies or rescuing hostages, respectively.
    Added an OPS button to board the U.S.S. Rapier if the player closes the initial window.
    Hostages are no longer able to be killed.
    Forging Bonds: Updated so that the mission will now reliably complete successfully while on the ground and in the base interior.
    Seeds of Dissent has been updated for players using cloaking devices.
    Past Imperfect: "Back to the Future" mission step now has a waypoint for the portal back to your own time.
    Doomsday Device:
    The player is no longer switched to the holographic disguise before the cut-scene begins.
    Players will no longer see the Bridge Officers from their regular starship when piloting the Bird-of-Prey.
    Coliseum has been updated to remove all references a Sehlat opponent.
    Bringing Down the House:
    Updated the text to adhere to the overarching story.
    Added a bunch of smaller changes to make the whole thing make more sense and be more awesome.
    The farmers are no longer attired as warriors.
    Added interact FX to the door to the Ketha Lowlands.
    Added an interact in the Qo'noS System to take you to Ketha Lowlands if you have this mission.
    Updated the second part of this mission to replace the single large waypoint in which to find the assassin with four smaller waypoints.
    Updated Saturday's Child to remove a rock that was blocking the path.
    Boldly They Rode: Players will no longer be attacked during the cutscene when entering Ops.
    Updated Everything Old is New to resolve an issue where Bones seemed to forget what he was doing.
    The Calibrate Cortical Stimulator step should no longer occasionally un-completeable.
    Updated the rewards for Forging Bonds to grant Klingons more appropriate weaponry.


    Respec has been updated.
    There are now three types of respec, each with their own respec token.
    All existing players will receive one free Trait respec token.
    Gold players will receive Skill respec token with each rank promotion.
    Players can purchase Reputation and Trait respec tokens for 20,000 Dilithium each.
    All varieties of respec tokens are also available in the C-store, both individually and in a bundle pack with all three.
    Updated the description of single cannon weapons, which had two conflicting sentences about the weapons' firing arc.
    Mirror Warbirds have been added to existing Lock Boxes!
    Romulan Players that open these existing Lock Boxes will have a chance at receiving new variant starships:
    Tholian Lock Box has a chance of containing a Mirror Universe Ha'apax Battle Cruiser Warbird
    Temporal Lock Box has a chance of containing a Mirror Universe Ha'nom Guardian Warbird
    Dominion Lock Box has a chance of containing a Mirror Universe Ha'feh Assault Warbird
    These ships may be traded while packed, but can only be unpacked by Romulan Republic Captains.
    Trait Rebalancing: A number of existing traits were too situational or too inconsequential compared to other choices.
    These traits have either been given additional functionality or have had their magnitude increased to make all traits competitive choices.
    These changes are as follows:
    The damage scaling on Fury has been changed.
    It now is active at all times, but ramps slowly up to a 5% damage bonus at half health, and then scales much more quickly as your health gets closer to zero.
    Limited Telepathy
    In addition to its previous effects, this trait will widen your own flank arc to 90 degrees up from 60 degrees, preventing you from taking Flank damage from attackers within that arc.
    Acute Senses
    In addition to its previous effects, this trait now also reduces the damage you take from flanking attacks.
    In addition to its previous effects, this trait now increases the bonus flanking damage your character deals.
    Physical Strength
    Physical Strength's bonus to melee damage has been increased from 10% up to 15%.
    In addition to its previous effects, this trait now gives your melee attacks a chance to knock down your target.
    Mental Discipline
    Characters with Mental Discipline now gain an additional click power with a 240 second cooldown.
    Using this ability immediately removes all Hold effects from the character.
    This power can be used while held.
    Efficient (Player)
    Efficient now grants +30 Warp Core Efficiency skill, up from +15
    Characters with Stubborn now gain an additional click power with a 240 second cooldown.
    Using this ability immediately removes all Confuse and Placate effects from the character.
    Sure Footed
    In addition to its previous effects, this trait now makes you immune to Roots while in Aim mode and immune to Knock effects while in Crouch mode.
    Spirit Walk
    Spirit Walk provides a strong immediate heal based on a percentage of your Maximum Hitpoints
    The Heal over Time component of this ability ticks twice as quickly as it did before
    The Resistance Rating bonus from Spirit Walk is now 100, up from 20
    The duration of Spirit Walk's HoT and Resistance bonus have been reduced from 10 seconds down to 6 seconds
    The cooldown of Spirit Walk has been reduced from 210 seconds down to 90 seconds
    Cold Blooded
    Now provides resistance to all Plasma damage, instead of just Plasma DoTs.
    This trait has been slightly redesigned.
    It now provides a 15% bonus to all Heal and Shield Heal powers, as well as a 10% bonus to all damaging Kit powers.
    Warp Theorist
    This trait's tooltip has been clarified to better describe what type of powers it will affect.
    This trait's tooltip has been clarified to better describe what type of powers it will affect.
    This trait's tooltip has been clarified to better describe what type of powers it will affect.
    Species Required Traits:
    All species now spend only one trait point on their Species trait.
    This trait combines a number of species characteristics into a single package for each species.
    In most cases, species which previously had two or three required traits have had all those traits combined into a single trait.
    Species Optional Traits:
    A number of species have gained access to new optional traits to increase the parity between trait pools of existing species.
    Andorians now have access to Covert.
    Bajorans now have access to Sturdy, Elusive, Aggressive, and Mental Discipline.
    Benzites now have access to Resilient.
    Betazoids now have access to Lucky, Sturdy, and Covert.
    Bolians now have access to Stubborn, Sturdy, and Covert.
    Caitian now have access to Stubborn.
    Ferasans now have access to Stubborn.
    Ferengi now have access to Elusive.
    Gorn now have access to Acute Senses, Covert, Creative, and Lucky.
    Humans now have access to Aggressive, Mental Discipline, Elusive, and Soldier.
    Klingons now have access to Aggressive, Elusive, Physical Strength, Acute Senses, and Creative.
    Liberated Borg now have access to Techie and Elusive.
    Nausicaans now have access to Elusive, Sturdy, Soldier, Creative, and Covert.
    Orions now have access to Acute Senses.
    Pakleds now have access to Acute Senses.
    Rigilians now have access to Elusive.
    Saurians now have access to Astrophysicist and Techie.
    Tellarites now have access to Elusive, Covert, and Soldier.
    Trill now have access to Sturdy, Covert, and Lucky.
    Vulcans now have access to Elusive.
    Updated Leadership:
    This trait now provides a scale .3 Regeneration bonus in-combat, and a scale .6 Regeneration bonus out of combat.
    This power no longer scales off of your amount of crew alive or off your skill points spent in hull repairs.
    Its effectiveness is now constant.
    Leadership's out-of-combat regeneration rate no longer persists during Combat as well.
    Leadership no longer gives regeneration for having 100% of crew alive regardless of how much Crew damage the ship had taken
    New Romulus Reputation:
    Romulan and Reman Entourage Vanity Pets will no longer continue to consume the remaining time when the user enters combat.
    Added Transwarp to Tau Dewa Sector Block as reward from completing New Romulus Reputation Tier 1.
    Environmental Suits now provide the wearer with immunity to Anesthizene Gas while they are active.
    Updated the tooltip description for several Reputation system powers.
    Where these powers were previously showing some redundant text in the Reputation UI, this text has been updated to clarify the functionality of how these powers work.
    Updated all separating ships, like the Galaxy, Odyssey, Bortsaqu', D'kyr, and Prometheus.
    If you launch your separated craft, and then your ship is destroyed, your separated craft will no longer re-dock/despawn.
    It will continue to fight until it is disabled.
    When you respawn, it will be ready to follow you, fight with you, or redock with you if you choose to.
    This also ensures that if your ship is destroyed while one of your separated craft is deployed, your toggle ability wont deactivate and go into cooldown.
    NPC targetable torpedoes, like Plasma High Yields, will now be easier to hit.
    They get harder to hit at higher levels.
    This change does not affect player torpedoes.
    Remans will no longer use Psionic attacks against non-living targets such as turrets.
    Romulan NPCs:
    Both Ground and Space versions of Romulan NPCs now have a weapon proc which diminishes Damage Resistance and Shield Resilience.
    The magnitude of each is half what a standard Disruptor proc inflicts.
    The proc from Romulan Disruptor ground weapons no longer spreads to nearby targets, and instead only affects the target that is afflicted.
    All summoned allies from consumable devices, obtained via the Embassy or Romulan Reputation, now use Plasma weaponry, to match up with other Romulan Republic NPCs.
    Several Romulan NPCs have had some of their powers changed or removed.
    Most Romulan NPCs now have abilities that scale as they level, gaining ranks or gaining entirely new abilities as you take on higher level versions of them.
    All Romulan Ground NPCs are now less likely to use their Palm Strike / Rifle Butt abilities as frequently.
    Updated the Display Names for many Romulan Ship NPCs.
    Changed the prefix for Romulan ship types to I.R.W.
    The Ionized Gas Sensor console, Tailpipe Torpedo, now has more descriptive tooltips that detail exactly what its effects are.
    The minimum power level of any subsystem has been reduced to 15.
    Standard Disruptor ground weapon procs now reduce damage resistance by 20% instead of 10%.
    Resolved an issue that was causing some Mark XI and Mark XII Common (White) quality Engineering consoles to have the stats of Mark XI and Mark XII Uncommon (Green) quality consoles.
    Higher quality levels, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and UltraRare, consoles are unaffected.
    Smoke Grenades should now properly have a chance to exploit the target.
    Updated Go Down Fighting:
    This now requires you to be below 50% hull before activating.
    While Go Down Fighting is active, all of your outgoing attacks now have a chance to increase your Resistance to all damage by 5%.
    This buff stacks up to three times.
    The new Tactical Captain trait Last Ditch Effort enhances the effectiveness of these Resistance stacks.
    Updated the Dilithium store:
    Resolved an issue where Tetryon Beam weapons had too high of a price on the Dilithium store.
    Resolved an issue where Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannons were missing from Marks VI to X on the Dilithium Store.
    Resolved an issue where Disruptor Cannons and Turrets were not available at all Ranks on the Dilithium store.
    Resolved an issue where some Mark VIII and Mark X Polaron Space weapon types were not available on the Dilithium Store.
    Resolved an issue where Plasma Turrets, Single Cannons, and Dual Cannons were not available for Mark IV to X on the Dilithium Store.
    Resolved an issue where Phaser Dual Cannons and Dual Heavy Cannons were not available from Marks II to X on the Dilithium Store.
    Disruptor, Polaron, Tetryon, and Antiproton weapons will now have both Cannon and Beam options.
    Resolved an issue where Antiproton Weapons were costing too much Dilithium.
    Ground Shield Charge devices will now provide protection against Teleport effects in addition to their other effects.
    (Fixed a typo 5/21 @ 10:51AM PDT) Updated "Emergency Power" Bridge Officer Abilities:
    The Emergency Power category of abilities has been tuned so that all four abilities are closer in utility to one another.
    The duration of all Emergency Power buffs has been standardized at 30 seconds.
    The shared cooldown between two Emergency Power-type abilities of the same type has been standardized at 30 seconds.
    Example: Emergency Power to Shields I and Emergency Power to Shields II
    Emergency Power to Engines:
    Increased the Flight Speed bonus of Rank 2 and Rank 3 of this ability.
    Increased the duration of the Flight Speed bonus from 5 seconds up to 30 seconds.
    This ability now also gives a small flat added value to Turn Speed.
    Emergency Power to Auxiliary:
    Modified the tooltip to display the actual amount of Starship Stealth Detection given by this ability.
    This ability now gives a skill bonus to Starship Particle Generators, Starship Graviton Generators, and Subspace Decompiler for 30 seconds when used.
    The Stealth and Stealth Detection attributes of this power now last 30 seconds, up from 5 seconds.
    Emergency Power to Weapons:
    The Energy Weapon damage bonus of this power now lasts 30 seconds, up from 5 seconds.
    Emergency Power to Shields:
    There were no changes to this power.
    Melee damage is now more effective against crouching targets.
    All starship equipment and set bonuses that boost a Starship Skill now include a brief explanation of what that skill improves/resists.
    For example, a deflector which currently shows "+17.5 Starship Countermeasure Systems" will now have a second line present which states "(Improves Confuse and Placate)".
    Self-explanatory bonuses did not receive this treatment.
    Toron Shuttles now have Cloaking Devices.
    This is a retroactive change that will apply to existing players.
    This is an extra power; it does not require a device or console slot.
    To'Duj Fighters now have Battle Cloaking Devices.
    This is a retroactive change that will apply to existing players.
    This is an extra power; it does not require a device or console slot.
    Updated Emission-Seeking Torpedoes:
    All Emission-Seeking Torpedoes now explode with the appropriate FX, instead of all using a Plasma Torpedo explosion.
    Damage dealt by all versions of Emission-Seeking Torpedoes has been increased.
    They are now approximately equivalent to a High-Yield torpedo or Salvo of the same type.
    The Combat Log will no longer report "an unknown officer deals damage to Emission-Seeking Torpedo..." when it detonates.
    All applicable descriptions have been updated to reflect this functionality.
    The firing arcs of each of the following Abilities have been increased from 90-degrees to 135-degrees:
    Subnucleonic Beam
    Aceton Beam
    Tachyon Beam
    Tyken's Rift
    Gravity Well
    Viral Matrix
    Increased the benefit of RCS Accelerator consoles.
    They will now provide a benefit closer to what is indicated by the tooltip.
    This is a larger change for slower ships with RCS Accelerators than ships that already had a fast turn rate.
    Increased the turn rate bonus on the Tachyokinetic Converter in the same way that RCS Consoles were recently updated.
    This will benefit slower ships with the console more than faster ships.
    The tooltip is unchanged.
    The behind-the-scenes math has been altered to make the effect closer to the tooltip that is displayed.
    Increased the Turn Rate bonus given by the Starship Impulse Thrusters skill.
    This will benefit all ships with this skill, but slower ships will see a larger bonus compared to what they were previously seeing from the skill.
    This is similar to the recent change to RCS consoles.
    EV Suit Tholian Commander NPCs will no longer deploy Photon Mines until level 21 or higher.
    Plasma-Generating Science consoles from the Romulan Reputation system have been updated to increase all Plasma damage, as opposed to just Plasma damage from Directed Energy weapons.
    The power description for these items has been updated to indicate this.
    Removed some powers from Captain-rank Reman NPCs.
    Space energy procs, like Phasers Subsystem Offline or Plasma DoT, will now work with Fire at Will.
    Fleet Support has been rebuilt to allow for more reliable functionality:
    Tooltips have been updated to be more descriptive, and reflect usage restrictions.
    The ships summoned will be predictable instead of random: Rank I always summons a Frigate, and Rank II will always summon a Cruiser.
    All Fleet Support ships will now either warp out or cloak when they have been out of combat for >10 seconds.
    Likewise, all Fleet Support ships will play a warp in animation when spawning, instead of simply appearing next to a player.
    If the owner of a Fleet Support ship leaves a cross-faction map, their summoned ship(s) will no longer turn aggressive to members of the opposite faction.
    Photonic Fleet has been rebuilt!
    Romulan Captains will now create Photonic Warbirds when using this ability.
    Altered which ships can be summoned at each rank, and the odds of each appearing:
    Rank I = 3 Frigates w/ 10% chance of each upgrading to a Cruiser.
    Rank II = 3 Cruisers w/ 10% of each upgrading to a Battleship.
    Rank III = 1 Battleship and 2 Cruisers w/ 50% of each upgrading to a Battleship.
    Ships summoned by Photonic Fleet will now always have the correct abilities and weaponry, will not drop loot, and will expire and appear using the correct photonic FX.
    All Photonic Ships are now smarter about acquiring new targets during combat.
    If there are no targets nearby, Photonic Ships will now attempt to follow their owner until a new target can be acquired.
    Photonic Fleet now has a maximum duration of 60 seconds, and will no longer expire if combat ends.
    Photonic Ships now generate drastically more threat than they previously did, and have higher Defense values.
    Updated tooltips for Evasive Maneuvers so they more accurately report Defense Values.
    Resolved an issue where some Andorian Phaser weapons were using standard Phaser icons.
    Added cold resistance to all Jackal Mastiffs.
    All combat pets will now work more like security team.
    They will remain with you until they are out of combat for a short while, until defeated, or after 5 minutes, whatever comes first.
    Plasma weapons will now drop at all level ranges.
    Updated all space shields so you can continue to gain some shield regeneration even if player shield power drops below 25.
    Shields will still go offline if the power drops to 0.
    Significantly increased the damage of Tricobalt High Yield Torpedoes.
    The Ferengi Battle Module 3000 Console now benefits from abilities and gear which affect torpedoes.
    All Targetable Torpedoes have received additional AI upgrades which will prevent them from returning to detonate on friendly targets, as well as reliably cleaning up after detonation.
    While in Shooter Mode, Gorn Bite can now only be used when your target is within range of the power.


    Updated the What's New text for Legacy of Romulus.
    The character creator has been totally overhauled.
    For more information, check out this Dev Blog here:
    The tailor in game has now been updated!
    It now uses the new character creator appearance editor.
    The tailor will now display the Captain outfits in a separate tab from Bridge Officer outfits.
    The tailor supports displaying outfits in the list as previews instead of just a flat list.
    The ground tailor now has a holodeck-themed background image.
    Added a Fleet Ship filter to the ship store.
    The UI has been reskinned with a new LCARs look.
    Color schemes: You can now pick from a variety of color scheme options for the UI.
    To choose a new color scheme, open the Options menu and navigate to the "basic" tab.
    Click on the "Color Scheme" drop down list and choose your preferred scheme.
    Click "Apply" to apply your change.
    Any faction can use any color scheme.
    Choosing the "Default" option will set the faction-appropriate color scheme.
    For Starfleet players, this is Federation.
    For KDF players, this is Klingon.
    For Romulan players, this is Romulan
    Options available are: Federation, TNG, Voyager, Klingon, Gorn, Orion, Romulan, Reman, Federation Classic, Klingon Classic, and Romulan Classic
    This setting is account-wide.
    Selecting the Default option will display the default for individual characters.
    Selecting any specific option other than Default will set that options for every character.
    Loading screens also adhere to your color palette colors.
    Dialog windows for contacts have been updated.
    They now use a widescreen format.
    Generally, contacts now have a background image that corresponds to their location.
    In space, players will now see a viewscreen frame around the contact's image.
    You can now resize the minimap.
    Go to the options menu and click "Rearrange HUD" to do so.
    Ship, Bridge Officer, and Captain images in the Status windows are now 3D and can be rotated and zoomed.
    Certain UI elements now change color to dark red when you are in Red Alert.
    The reticle colors have been updated.
    Consistently across all factions, allies are now blue, enemies are red.
    Player allies/enemies are different shades of these colors.
    Player allies are green-blue, player enemies are yellow-orange.
    Captains can now choose to remove the "U.S.S./I.K.S" prefix from certain starships and shuttles in the Rename Starship interface.
    This option is available for the following ships:
    Class F Shuttle
    Ferengi Shuttle
    Peregrine Fighter
    Vulcan Tal'Kyr Shuttle
    Caitian Stalker Fighter
    Tholian Fighter
    Aeon Time Shuttle
    Rozhenko Time Shuttle
    Toron Shuttle
    Type 8 Shuttle
    NX Class starship
    Updated the Chat window:
    The chat options tab has been removed from the chat channel configuration window.
    Chat Options can now be found in the game Options window.
    A button has been added to the chat channel configuration window as a shortcut to the Chat Options tab in the game Options window.
    Add a chat option to disable sticky chat channels.
    By default sticky chat channels are turned on.
    Multiple chat windows are now supported.
    To add additional windows, open the Chat Settings window and click Add New Window.
    Channel selector only shows channels valid for the selected tab.
    It is now possible to change the input channel of a chat window by right-clicking the text box.
    Also added a little notch on the selected tabs so it's easier to tell which tab is selected.
    Sticky chat channel behavior will now default to being disabled.
    The Full Impulse button on the throttle is now referred to as a Quantum Slipstream Drive in sector space.
    Added a Heal All button to the Injury window.
    The Bulletin window is now resizable.
    The deprecated option to Enable Shoulder Camera has been removed.
    Removed the weapons fire buttons from space power tray mode 3.
    They remain on mode 4.
    Updated the space HUD:
    Choosing power tray mode 4 no longer removes the weapons tray or the bridge officer tray automatically.
    These UIs are now hidden or shown exclusively in the "Rearrange HUD" interface.
    Press F12 to access this.
    When a ship subsystem is knocked offline, its icon will turn gray and a red X will appear over it.
    Updated the Character select screen:
    Your bridge officers have now joined your side.
    Your captain's ship is now in the background.
    On lower screen resolutions, the UI enters a compact mode that reduces space between certain elements.
    The maximum number of fly-in notifications has been changed to 3.
    This will help keep them from covering up a large portion of the screen.
    Updated minicontact windows:
    Increased the size of the windows, as well as their text and images.
    Minicontacts are now a fixed width and have been moved closer to the left edge of the screen.
    Minicontacts now blink in, instead of flying in.
    Significantly reducedthe texture memory footprint of UI windows.
    Made UI HUD element backgrounds slightly transparent.
    This affects the power tray, shield tray, target window, throttle, weapon tray, etc.
    Made some visual improvements to the Bridge Officer tray.
    Decreased the space between each Bridge Officer.
    Added a career-appropriate background image to the portrait.
    Set up trays to collapse in UI Compact mode.
    It's now possible to click a level on the skill level indicator to buy the clicked level of the skill.
    Updated the Status window:
    Changed resistance percentages in the stats display to resistance ratings.
    Added several more resistance ratings to the stats display.
    Added dodge chance to the stats display.
    The Rearrange HUD screen, accessed via F12, now shows more clearly what the HUD elements actually look like.
    Added a toggle to the Exchange to switch between showing all items or only usable items.
    Added a Respec Reputations button to the Reputation UI, and a field that shows the number of Reputation Respecs the player has.
    The skills and traits window now show your captain's skills and traits if you have a ship selected.
    Power icons are now color coded based on category:
    Class powers: Science, Tactical, or Engineering
    Item powers: console/set bonus
    Innate/Captain powers
    Singularity power
    Travel power
    Summon power
    Weapon fire icons are now colored based on weapon/energy type.
    The default HUD is now more aware of the active ship, power levels, and tray modes, and will resize and reposition the jail cells in response to changes.
    Note: This should only affect the default HUD layout, if any jail cells have been manually repositioned or resized, the manual changes should not be overriden.
    To reset your HUD layout to the default, access the Rearrange HUD screen by pressing F12, and then press Shift+Esc.
    Made layout improvements to the Away Team Picker Window:
    Made team preview models larger.
    Moved Bridge Officer power list to below the Bridge Officer's name button and centered it.
    Moved the waiting/accepted icon to just below the Captain's icon.
    Updated the player class icons to the current style.
    The background image now shows a faction-appropriate transporter room.
    The default PvE queue window now includes an option for Choice of Marks, which is enabled by default.
    The confirmation box for reputation power choices now correctly specifies that reputation powers can be reset with a reputation respec token, available from the C-Store, instead of saying that they cannot be changed.
    A button has been added to the help menu to toggle tip help popups.
    This is in addition to the tips option in the notification settings configuration.
    There are now System messages for joining and leaving Voice Chat channels.
    For more information, check out this Dev Blog here:

    Known Issues:

    The Mirror Ha'apax Advanced Warbird has the incorrect console layout.
    It should be 2 Tactical, 4 Engineering, and 3 Science.
    Occasionally, teamed players are unable to turn in the mission Boldly They Rode.
    Players cannot change the Material on the Mirror Ha'apax after switching the ship's Template.
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    Re: Patch NOTES......Things to make you go hmmmmmm.

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Tue May 21, 2013 4:55 pm


    I drooled. A lot.
    Can't wait till I get home and can patch/play this at the weekend. Though I may give it a bit before I start my Romulan, give everyone else time to play it and let it quieten down slightly first.

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    Re: Patch NOTES......Things to make you go hmmmmmm.

    Post by verbena on Tue May 21, 2013 5:28 pm

    Completing the full Tour the Galaxy challenge now rewards the "Well Travelled" trait as a free bonus trait.
    This trait grants your captain a permanent reduction in Transwarp cooldown.

    Heh, now I gotta do the tour again :p

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    Re: Patch NOTES......Things to make you go hmmmmmm.

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