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    USS Intrepid, NCC-90358 (Elipson Class Starship)

    Director of Intelligence

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    Location : Serenity Station
    Ship Name : U.S.S. ACHERON
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-97397-D
    Ship Class : Eclipse Class Intel Cruiser (Special Operations Refit)
    Fleet Division : Intel/Special Ops

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Pyriel Danto

    USS Intrepid, NCC-90358 (Elipson Class Starship)

    Post by Pyriel32 on Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:49 am

    SilverSuit wrote:A quick announcement from Baumer so as to avoid confusion: Silver's epic here is employing a ship that has special abilities that will be used in his epics and script. This is NOT going to appear in any of our normal RP and therefore is not a violation of our rules. It is merely a neat work of fan-fiction and will be allowed. He asked the permission of the Command Staff before posting this. If you have any questions please pm me and I will answer them. Baumer out.


    Name: Intrepid
    Regisrty: NCC-90358
    Class: Elipson
    Commissioned: 2059-present
    Mass: Unknown

    Decks: 7
    Crew: 10 officers and 30 enlisted
    OS: ACI (Adaptive Command/Control Interface)


    Phasers: 6 (4 Forward 2 Rear) Type XII Phaser Banks (Auxiliary System)
    Torpedos: 25 Series 3DR Miniature Contained Short-Term Singularities (Main System) and 100 Quantum Torpedos (Auxiliary System)
    Torpedo Tubes: 3 (2 Forward 1 Rear) Multi-Purpose Torpedo Tubes
    Time-Engine: 1 Series 1AA Time-Engine
    Gravimetric Lasers: 4 (3 Forward 1 Rear)) Series 9XC Gravimetric Laser Pads (Main System)
    Additional Weapons: One Series 1AA Electromagnetic Railgun


    Shields: Series 9ZZ Shields (Main) and Type XVI Shields (Auxiliary System)
    Rigidity Shields: Series 9OX Rigidity Shields

    Warp Drive: Type XIV Warp Drive
    Maximum Warp: 9.90 without Rigidity Shields, 25 with

    Slipstream Drive: Series 0XC Slipstream Drive
    Maximum Slipstream Speed (Converted into Warp Measurements): Warp 75 without Rigidity Shields, 100 with


    The Intrepid was built in 2059, but was lost when the Andromeda Shipyards mysteriously disappeared. They reappeared in 2430, crashing into the moon. Later, Starfleet sent an excavation team to the crashed shipyard to find out what had happened. They found the Intrepid deep within the shipyard, and set to work to finish it, retro-fitting her with Starfleet technology (Later they found that the original technology was more powerful than anything Starfleet had) It was sent on it's first mission, to stop the shipyard from crashing into the moon, however due to sabotage it found itself in 2058. After a rather long mission there the team ultimately came back with a wealth of technology, which Starfleet proceeded to put into their new Omega-Class. All in all, as of it's 2440 refit, the Intrepid is the second most powerful vessel in the galaxy, seconded only by the Omega-Class.


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