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    Literary Challenge #41: A call to arms

    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

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    Literary Challenge #41: A call to arms

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:44 pm

    This is my entry to the latest LC. It's set after Steel River, when the Sentinel has left for it's engine trails.

    Captain's Log. The Sentinel has received a distress call from Science Station Gamma Twelve. They are under attack from a hostile force and we are on course to intercept. I have called the TRT to the Meeting Room for the mission overview.

    As Emony entered the Meeting Room, she slid a finger in the collar of her uniform, giving it a slight tug to free some space. They had just been issued with new uniforms, and it was still a bit tight. Everyone else was already there. Captain Stunshock, Commander Talaina, Xui Li, and the Tactical Response Team. Only called into action when a standard away team was not enough. As Emony sat down in the chair, Stunshock cleared his throat, his customary way of signalling the meeting was now starting.

    "Science Station Gamma Twelve has been attacked by unknown forces. We were unable to get an I.D. on the attackers, but they are essentially a small fleet."
    "State of the station?"

    That from Ttorkkinn, the bulky Saurian who had been assigned to the ship as the TRT commander, following incidents with some of the members. That was the trouble with such an elite group of gun ho members. Personalities often clashed.

    "Still intact. We believe the attackers are after the rift generator that was being developed at the station."
    "Rift Generator?"

    Grimworm, the 8 foot green giant sounded confused.
    "What does it do?"

    Stunshock motioned to Xui Li, who promptly took over.

    "The staff of the station was attempting to create a hole in space. They were hoping this would create a portal to other dimensions, other universes that we could start exploring."

    Grimworm muttered a curse under his breath.
    "Most of this galaxy is still unexplored, and they want to go off looking for more trouble?"
    "We are not here to judge them Grimworm. Please continue Xui Li."

    The Operations officer nodded in thanks to Stunshock before continuing.

    "It could also be used to instantly move a ship from one point in space to another, including across quadrants. They submitted numerous reports to Starfleet, indicating they had succeeded in opening small portals, roughly the size of a peach, but for no longer than seven point two seconds."


    Karry held her fist up to Grimworm.

    "About the size of your fist. Well, not your fist. But my fist."

    "The last report submitted indicated they were about to test a new configuration of their phased compensator coils. That report was submitted two days ago."

    Talaina frowned.
    "So you're thinking this rift worked, and attracted these attackers?"

    Stunshock nodded.
    "It's certainly plausible. The station only has a small compliment of crew, it's a small research outpost away from any inhabited systems. Regardless, we need to get in there and rescue the scientists, and prevent this generator from falling into enemy hands."

    Ttorkkinn nodded.
    "Get my team on that station, we'll secure it Sir."
    "Yes, I know. We'll beam you to the lowest part of the station. It should be quiet. While your team work their way up, we'll hold off the fleet. Familiarise yourself with the station layout, we'll arrive in 2 hours. One more thing. Take Gar and Mirat. I know-"

    Roderick almost jumped out of his chair.
    "We don't need those two on this team!"

    "Roderick, you need trained guns on this mission. And those two know how to fight."
    "ENOUGH!" Ttorkkinn barked. "Roderick, a Breen and a Jem'Hadar will prove useful in this situation. End of."

    Satisfied that Ttorkkinn had settled it, Stunshock steepled his long claws and continued.

    "Take the full force. If you can't secure the rift generator, destroy it. Such a device can not be allowed to fa-"

    The comm. went off.
    "Captain, you're needed on the bridge. We're receiving a comm. from the Typhon."
    "On my way. "

    Stunshock stood.
    "Sort the plan, we'll be there soon."

    Stunshock then left the Meeting Room.

    The Sentinel approached the system. Stunshock sat in the Captain's Chair, the TRT already down in the Transporter room, ready to go. He leant on an armrest, stroking the side of his goatee.

    "What have we got?"

    Ensign Willie Wurz on Tactical replied.

    "There are two cruiser ships circling the station. There are also over a hundred smaller fighters buzzing the area. I don't recognise the ships Sir."

    "Ok. Jenna, get us within transporter range of the station. Wurz, try to restrict fire to only those ships firing at us, and hold fire until they shoot first. We don't need to draw extra aggro. Talaina. Make sure Security teams are ready in case we get boarded."

    The Sovereign class ship swept into the area, cutting through the small fighters that all turned and opened fire on the vessel. The shields fluctuated as they were hit by an unknown type of pulse cannon attacks from the fighters.

    "Within transporter range sir."
    "We can't lower beam the team aboard without lowering shields."

    Stunshock pushed a button on his armrest.
    "Transporter room. Is the TRT ready?"
    "Aye Sir."
    "Link with Tactical. The instant they lower shields, beam them aboard. Wurz, get those shields back up ASAP. All hands, brace for impact."

    As the shields quickly dropped, the team was beamed over to the station. The shields came back up almost instantly, but the ship still shook from the damage.

    "Jenna. Evasive. Keep us moving, but close to the station in case we need to pull them out."
    "Aye Sir."
    "Wurz. Fire at will."

    The sound of phaser banks and torpedoes rang out as the Sentinel tried to fight off so many attackers. The two cruisers seemed to be ignoring the Starfleet vessel, leaving the fighters to do their work. This went on for a good ten minutes. Shields on the Sentinel were down to 54%, and for every fighter that exploded, another two seemed to appear to take its place.

    "Ttorkkinn to Sentinel. We've rescued the scientists, but we?re pinned down. We can't get to the generator. "
    "Can you blow the station?"
    "Not from here. We've taken cover in a Panic Room. Roderick is badly injured. Those cruisers keep beaming reinforcements over."
    "We'll see what we can do. Hail when you're ready for beam out."

    Stunshock spun to Wurz.

    "Target those cruisers and fire Hargh'Pengs. Draw their attention."

    He then turned to Jenna.

    "Keep us moving."

    The crew performed their duties as the two ships were hit by the powerful torpedoes. They broke away from the station and started firing powerful beam weapons with a sustained blast at the Sentinel. The ship rocked violently to the side as consoles exploded.

    "Shields down to 31%. We can't take that kind of firepower for too long."
    "We just need to give the TRT time to get to the generator."

    The Sentinel corkscrewed around, shifting the ventral shields to face the cruisers. Another impact showered Wurz in sparks, sending her to the deck in a shriek.
    "Talaina! Tactical!"

    The Andorian First Officer configured her console to take over Tactical duties. Having been the Tactical officer on the DarkFyre, their previous vessel, she was well aware of what was needed here. The ship kept trying to distract the invaders as much as possible as some crewmembers took Wurz down to sickbay.

    "Captain! The Typhon's coming in!"
    "On screen!"

    The Starfleet Carrier Command Ship dropped from warp in the thick of things, spraying the area with their pulse phaser turrets. They started launching their own Mark VI, V and III Valkyrie fighters, using their modified technology to help thin out the numbers of the aliens.

    "Open a channel."
    "Channel open."
    "Typhon. We need to concentrate fire on the cruisers. We have a team on the station."

    "Copy that Sentinel. Focusing fire now."

    The Typhon and the Sentinel both came about, pouring their weapons at the cruiser on the left. Hull fractures started crawling across the hull, the Typhon seemingly knowing exactly where to hit to cause maximum damage, Talaina automatically shifting her aim to hit in the same spots. A flash of light signalled the ship's destruction, the two Starfleet vessels instantly switching to the right cruiser. It didn't fare any better.

    With the support cruisers destroyed, the fighters started swarming around the station again.

    "TRT to Sentinel. Request Beam out!"

    "Captain! Reading a disturbance within the station. The Rift Fenerator may be about to implode!"

    Emony checked her scanners.
    "Talaina's right. Massive disturbances consistant with a dimensional rift."
    "Transporter room! Get our people out of there!"

    On the screen, the station started rippling, its hull becoming like paper in the wind before it crumpled within itself. A large rift hung in space, giving a brief glance through to another world, one with hundreds of those alien cruisers. One of the Typhon's fighters flew towards the rift, firing at a small target. The rift generator exploded, collapsing the rift and trapping the remaining fighters. They turned and started trying to flee, but the Typhon and her fighters prevented them from escaping. As the last one exploded, Stunshock hit the comm. panel.

    "Transporter room! Have we got them?"
    "Yes Sir. Some injuries, but all present."

    Talaina turned in her chair.

    "Sir. Captain Tolbar is requesting to beam over for a debriefing."

    "Have him meet me in Sickbay."

    Stunshock got to his feet and made his way into the Turbolift.

    As Stunshock entered the Sickbay, he noted everyone around. Survivors were on numerous biobeds and clustered around. He spotted Wurz undergoing treatment. And the TRT was gathered around one bed, where Luawra was working. Stunshock approached.


    Karry turned to her Captain.

    "We got all the survivors off the station and destroyed the rift generator."
    "Good. At least it won't fall into the wrong hands. What happened?"

    He nodded to Roderick, who was immobile on the bed.
    "We were in a cargo hold, fighting the enemy. Some blasts hit the crates and they fell over on him."
    Ttorkkinn turned.
    "Mirat was meant to be covering him. I intend to have a full inquiry about this."

    "Doctor? How did we do?"
    Luwara didn't turn from her patient as she answered.
    "A couple of contusions. Wurz will be off her feet for a few days, but she'll make a full recorvery. But Roderick has suffered massive internal bleeding. His organs are failing and his spine is crushed."

    "It was a deliberate attack. The hostiles targeted the crates, intending to knock them down. Mirat should have seen this. Jem'Hadar are meant to know battle tactics like that, he should have been paying attention."

    "Easy Grimworm. We don't know Mirat's side yet."
    "No, but when we do, I will break his face."
    "No. No you won't."

    Ttorkkinn glared at Grimworm, making his authority clear. The Hulkanian just let out a huff and crossed his immense arms over his chest.

    "I want the rest of you to get checked out, rest and make a report by the end of tomorrow. I'll deal with Mirat."

    Stunshock turned as he saw Captain Tolbar enter with another of his officers. Stunshock walked over.

    "Captain. Commander."

    "Captain. This is my First Officer and Flight Leader of Red Squad, Commander Cooper."
    "Shall we go to the Doctor's office?"
    As the three officers made their way there, Tolbar asked what Stunshock knew about the attackers.
    "Not alot. Just what we got off sensor scans. I'm curious how you knew their weak spots."
    "You have Commander Cooper to thank for that."

    "Yes Sir. I've encountered this race once before, back in 2377, during the Titan System Incident. They are a species known as the Kam'Jahtae, the ancient ancestors of the Hurq. Back when I was an Ensign, the Sentinel, the predecessor of this ship, accidentally awoke a ship of theirs from stasis and they attempted to open a rift to bring an invasion force through. The Typhon was able to stop the invasion back then, and we have never heard from them since."
    "Our scientists believed the rift that was opened by these scientists linked to wherever the Kam'Jahtae were located, where that original rift had opened to."
    "And that is why there were so many of them. Thank you for the help."

    "We'll provide aid with your repairs and secure this system while you take the scientists to the nearest starbase. I'm sure we'll meet again Captain."

    As Tolbar and Cooper turned and left, Stunshock looked over to Roderick. With such extensive injuries, it was doubtful he could continue with the TRT. Organs could be replaced; bones could be knitted back together. But the spine was still a dangerous place for injuries.

    "Hang in there Frank."
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    Flag Captain Alpha Squad

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    Re: Literary Challenge #41: A call to arms

    Post by HareBrained on Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:09 am

    Stunshock, you're good at this. Maybe one of these days I'll be that good!

    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

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    Re: Literary Challenge #41: A call to arms

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:42 pm

    Thanks. There's no great secret, just keep writing and you'll gradually work into a style that is fun to write, and fun to read. I've been writing short stories for many years, although finding time is always a problem.

    Keep an eye out for more stories from the crew of the Sentinel!

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    Re: Literary Challenge #41: A call to arms

    Post by james1493 on Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:59 pm

    good story


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    Re: Literary Challenge #41: A call to arms

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