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    Declassified Pt.1

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    Declassified Pt.1

    Post by Pyriel32 on Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:48 am

    This Story takes place during the Classified years 2373-75 of Pyriel's Service record

    By Howard Lynch (aka Pyriel Danto)

    Aboard the USS Archangel Capt. Michael Horsley sits in his ready room, reading the newest orders from Starfleet. “I can’t believe this!” He says, reading in disbelief. He taps his COM badge, “Pyriel, can I see you in my ready room please?” The door opens and in walks Lt. Cdr Pyriel Danto. Pyriel takes the seat in front of Capt. Horsley’s desk. “What’s going on Cap? Where are they sending us this time?”
    “We’re heading for Starbase 1, where you will receive your new assignment.”
    “What are you talking about?” Pyriel says confused. Capt Horsley looks Pyriel in the eyes. “As of 1400 hours, you have been reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence.
    “What! This can’t be right? I transferred out of there for a reason, Mike!”
    “I know you did and with good reason too, but, orders are orders, you know that. There’s nothing I can do!” Captain Horsley says sadly. He joins Pyriel by his seat and shakes his head. “Watch your back out there.” Horsley says while handing Pyriel a data padd.
    “Guess I better go pack.” Pyriel stands and then heads for the door.
    “When we reach Starbase 1, you are to report to the Rear Admiral Keith Yamada.”
    Pyriel stops in his tracks and turns back towards Captain Horsley. “Sense when did he…never mind.”

    Ten hours later the Archangel arrives at Spacestaion1. Pyriel thinks to himself “Well, I guess I should get this over with.” He walks through the station and news reports are playing over the large wall mounted view screens. “More lives lost in the Dominion conflict. Some say the war is un-winnable. More details in our exclusive report later tonight.” Pyriel sighs and heads to Rear Admiral Yamada’s office. When he reaches the office a female Bolian says for him to go right in. As Pyriel enters he sees a slightly balding asian man who appears to be in his late 30’s, sitting behind an antique desk. “Ahh, Pyriel, it is good to see you again.” Pyriel chuckles mockingly. “Good to see me? Last time I saw you, you nearly got me killed.”
    “Yes, Yes. That was unfortunate, but the past is the past, let’s put that all behind us.” Rear Admiral Yamada crosses his arms and leans back in his chair with a grin on his face.
    “Fine! What the Hell do you and section 31 want with me now?” Pyriel exclaims angrily.
    “Come now Pyriel, you didn’t accept my offer to join us before. It was your loss.”
    Pyriel glares. “Yeah, and I just happen to have my cover blown right after I turn down your offer. How fucking convenient! If I hadn’t set those explosives to go off early, I would be dead right now.” Yamada has a cool look on his face. “Now, is that any way to speak to your superior officer?”
    “Fine, what the hell do you want?” Pyriel goes and sits in one of the chairs in front of Yamada’s desk. “First off, I want you to calm down Pyriel, this is a legitimate mission. You were chosen because of the training you received while on Vulcan.”
    “What does that have to do with anything?” Pyriel asks angrily. “It has to do with the fact your mental shield is the strongest out of all of the non Vulcan or Betazoid Starfleet Officers.” Pyriel sighs. “Go on.”
    “I’m sending you and a team to Betazed. You will arm and assist the resistance movement there.”
    “Ok. So what if I refuse to do this mission?”
    “Well, you will be court marshaled and sent to prison, of course!” Yamada smiles coolly.
    “Guess that means I have no choice then. Who will be the other three joining me on this mission?” Yamada hands Pyriel a data padd.
    “A Ensign fresh out of the Academy.”
    “Does she know what she is getting herself into?”
    Yamada chuckles. “Hell, when asked, she jumped at the task.”
    “Ok, well who are the other two?”
    “The medic is a Lt. T’Val. When she was at the academy she was top in her field. Also going with you will be Lt. Keith Toran. He will be your tech specialist. They all are here and they are to meet you in docking bay 4. From there you will get a ride from a Ferengi trader. Currently this particular ship is selling to both sides, so they can go where we can’t. Pyriel snorts, “Please tell me you paid him well?”
    “Yes, and threatened with telling the Dominion he was working both sides.” Pyriel laughs. “Same old tricks.” He shakes his head. “When am I supposed to meet them?”
    “In about an hour or so. You might want to hurry.” Pyriel looks at Yamada. “If you screw me over again, there will be nothing stopping me from killing you.” Yamada doesn’t flinch. “Yeah, yeah. You have a ship to catch.” He waves Pyriel off with a smirk on his face.

    Pyriel heads down to the docking bay. Moving boxes onto a cart is a young human woman. She looks up and sees Pyriel walk into the docking bay. “Oh, you must be Lt. Cdr. Danto.” Pyriel smiles as he reaches out to shake her hand. “That I am, nice to meet you. Let me guess, you would have to be Ensign Label.” She smiles her acknowledgement. “Can I help you with any of that, Ensign?”
    “Nah, I’ve got it. Oh yeah, the rest of the team are already somewhere on the ship.” Pyriel waves good-bye to her and walks onto the ship. He nearly steps on a Ferengi who is hurriedly working the deck. “Watch where you step, Hew-mon!”
    “I’m Lt. Cdr. Danto. Have my bags arrived yet?” The Ferengi looks at him, “Yes. I threw them in the back with the rest of the junk you people have brought with you!” The Ferengi has a look of disgust upon his face. Pyriel reaches into his pocket and then goes to shake the Ferengi’s hand. He looks down at his hand and a smile spreads across his face. “Hmm a strip of gold pressed Latinum!”
    “Just make sure we get there on time, in one piece and that we are not disturbed until we get to the planet.” Pyriel says with an annoyed tone in his voice.
    “If you say so. You know, you hew-mons are so frivolous with your money. I would have done that for far less.” The Ferengi tosses the Latinum in his hand and then drops it into his pocket as he struts away to the other side of the deck. Pyriel shakes his head and moves on into the ship and sees two more Ferengi who stare but don’t say anything. As he enters the back compartment he sees both Lt T’Val and Lt. Toran checking through the equipment. They both look up and stand at attention when they see Pyriel walking toward them. “Officer on deck!” Lt. T’Val says in the most matter of fact way. Pyriel sighs. “What has Yamada sent me with?” Ensign Label comes in behind Pyriel and closes the door behind her. Lt. Toran walks over to the door and attaches a device. He looks at Pyriel and they all move to the back cabin. Pyriel pulls out the data padd Yamada handed him. He then explains the details of the mission to the team. Lt. Toran looks Pyriel in the eyes, “Let me get this right. We are taking these boxes of type 3 phasers to the resistance that has been set up on Betazed. Also, while we are there we are to help them plan and execute attacks on specific Dominion targets?” Ensign Label grumbles, “When do we go home?” Pyriel leans his head back on the bulkhead. “When the job is done, or until we get new orders.” Suddenly the ship starts to shutter. Lt T’Val stands up and heads for her bunk. “I suggest we all get some rest. It’s going to be a long trip.” Everyone moves too their bunks to lie down. Ensign Label looks over at Pyriel. “Sir? Do you think things are as bad as they sat they are?” Pyriel lies back in his bunk. “Well, Ensign, when things like this happen, they usually are. Try and get some sleep guys. We will be there in a few hours.”

    Pyriel awakes three hours later to a banging on the locked door. One of the Ferengi sticks his head in when Pyriel opens the door. “We’re here and it’s far worse than we had thought.” Pyriel nods at the Ferengi and heads toward the door.Pyriel stops at the door looks back ,folks don't be shy I want everyone changed and ready by the time I get back . When Pyriel walks on the the bridge on the view screen there are hundreds of Dominion ships everywhere. The ship captain, a Ferengi named Tok, sits in his command chair. “Sir, we’re being hailed,” says the ship’s helmsman. Pyriel moves out of the view of the screen, as a Jem’Hadar comes into view. “What do you want here, Ferengi?”
    “We are bringing a load of wine and food stuffs for the Breen and Vorta on the planet.” The Jem’Hadar narrows his eyes. “Transmit your code, Ferengi!” The Jem’Hadar looks highly impatient as Tok looks down at his console and taps a few keys. “Transmitting now!” The Jem’Hadar looks at a screen on the side of his chair and then looks up with his eyes squinting and a mad look upon his face. “Deliver your…goods and be gone Ferengi!” The view screen goes back to the Dominion ships and the planet in the distance. Tok looks over at his helmsman. “Take us in!” They move slowly into the atmosphere and fly over a large city. When the ship reaches the out skirts of the city, Pyriel and his team move all of their gear onto the transporter pad. “Ok. We are ready to beam down, Tok. Thank you for your service.” Tok stands at the transporter controls and energizes. A few moments later the interior of the Ferengi ship disappears and is quickly replaced by darkened trees and vegetation. Pyriel looks up at the night sky and watches the Ferengi ship disappear into the night. Ensign Label looks at Pyriel and says, “well, that was easy!” Suddenly Pyriel sees a dozen people charging out of the bushes with phasers and disrupter’s in their hands. “Keep your hands where we can see them!” Pyriel looks directly into the disrupter pointed at his face. “Shit, I knew this was a set up!”

    To Be Continued.

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