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    Post by Seeker on Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:40 am

    Zita is changling explore thousands of years old few of his kind have the drive to expolor but a small few are born with it. most just wish to stay back in the link and comuin with the others, the whole is alway changeing and they have not expolor all of space in fact very little considering their age. be the few that go out often level their world for centuryes at a time exploring leraning and returning to the link with what they have learn and share. Zita had spent few hundred year exploring world far their and farther from the home world. when i happen a deep space team from the federation happen to start to explort a world Zita was already on, when one of their comapany was kill by local wife life Zita took his place to study this new spiece he had found it was only after jioning them he learned they knew of is people and their had been a great war between them he contuie to study them for a time before returning through the whole whole to his people and after shareing what he had leran the bast few hundrend years returned to the Federation to try to biuld new bridges of freindship he and other expoplers had alway been more understand and less hostile to solids that the old one hated with good reason for atrocity over many thousands of years but the federation we more open them most and he felt he could repair some of the wounds he return with their blessing and jioned star fleet.

    what he looks like

    STO fonder

    Frist atempt to match pic



    ransom alein


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