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    The Chronicles of Valkyr vol. 1

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    The Chronicles of Valkyr vol. 1

    Post by verbena on Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:56 pm

    A little background of what I'm doing: During the recent ship sale I grabbed a bunch of low-tier ships. Mostly cause they interested me, sometimes for a special skin or console. But I came up with idea of making new characters and flying around with these ships. I could roll a new character, do some episodes, do some foundry missions, do some diplomatic missions, maybe do some pvp, and just have fun. When I get them to 50 I can reroll and do it again. No grinding for gear, no clickfest reputation to worry about.

    The idea evolved a bit. I decided to grab the Joined Trill race from the zen store. I had this notion of every time I reroll I could consider it a new host for the symbiot, and have an enduring legacy. I liked the idea, and it gives me a lot of options since joined trill can be on both factions.

    I've also decided to document my "adventures," at least for now. I don't know if I'll keep it up. I'm setting them up in the form of journals, or maybe personal logs. Naturally most of the things that happen will be familiar, as you've all experienced the game content. But I'm going to try and put unique spins on it every time through, and plus each character/host is going to have their own perspective.

    Chronicles of Valkyr, Volume One: Jisa Valkyr

    My first command, and our first mission.

    I was called in to speak with Admiral Quinn today. I was pretty apprehensive before the meeting. Turns out the news was good, yet it left me even more apprehensive. I got my own command.

    "I have an assignment for you, Lieutenant," the admiral said getting straight to the point. "I'm assigning you command of the U.S.S. Tiassa. We've received a distress signal from a freighter, and we need you to investigate."

    I was stunned, to say the least. I'm a very-junior grade Lieutenant, and suddenly I'm being given a ship?

    "Sir," I said once I recovered, "I'm flattered but I'm not sure I'm ready..."

    "I've seen your record," he said, interrupting me. "I think you're being overly modest. I feel you're ready, and frankly right now it's immaterial either way. We have to respond, and you're the best candidate available. Don't worry, it's probably just a faulty navigation array. Find them, send an engineering team over, and you'll be back before you know it."

    "Very well, sir. I'm unfamiliar with the Tiassa, what class of ship is she?" Quinn hesitated a moment, as if he wasn't really eager to continue.

    "She's a replica of the NX-01," he told me.

    "What?" I blurted in stunned disbelief. "Shouldn't she be out touring the colonies? Giving school children tours? What's a ship like that doing on active duty?"

    "It's the best we have available, just like you. All other ships in this sector are already on assignment. Don't worry, it's a routine investigation. And she's fully space-worthy, you'll do fine. Now, I need you to get underway immediately. Dismissed."

    I saluted and hurried out of the admiral's office, stifling anymore objections. The best available is a junior-grade lieutenant and a replica? The war definitely must not be going well.


    Despite my misgivings, I still felt a little thrill when I strode onto the deck of my bridge on my ship.

    "Captain!" said the Andorian manning the bridge, "Welcome aboard, I'm ensign Tala, your tactical officer." She then introduced me to the rest of my senior officers. Senior being a relative term, they were in fact a pack of ensigns.

    My chief engineer was a borg, still with some remnants of borg tech on her face. She went by the "designation" of Six. If that wasn't bad enough, the real confusion came from my operations officer. First of all, she was a purple-skinned Saurian. Which is a reptilian race. So, if that's the case, why does she have boobs? Then there was the confusion.

    "A pleasure to meet you, sir," she said when her turn for introductions came around.

    "Thank you, ensign...?" I left it hanging, waiting for the introductions.

    "Name, sir!"

    I blinked in confusion then said, "I'm Lieutenant Valkyr, and you are?"

    "Name, sir!" she said again. She seemed to getting flustered, or so I thought if her body language was remotely similar to what I was familiar with. For myself, I had no idea where to go from there. Fortunately my new tactical officer came to the rescue.

    "Sir, then ensigns name is Name, sir," Tala told me.

    "Oh," I said, hoping my embarrassment didn't show. "Very well."

    There could be nothing gained from continuing that conversation, so I moved quickly on to the business at hand.

    "Helm, set a course for the co-ordinates of the distress call. Warp seven!"

    "Aye, aye, sir."


    I used the trip, brief as it was, to try and get more familiar with the ship and crew. While going over the ship specs I asked myself, if this was all so routine why had she been refitted with dual heavy phaser cannons? Things just didn't seem to add up.

    When we dropped out of warp, what greeted us was anything but routine. The freighter was dead in space, with visible damage and venting a large cloud of plasma. This was no accident, there was weapon scoring and raiders circled it still harrying it like cornered prey.

    I knew a routine mission was too much to hope for.

    "Red alert," I called. "Helm, come about to course zero- seven-five mark four, full impulse. Weapons target the lead ship. Fire on my mark." Tension filled the bridge as we angled into danger. "Fire!"

    I watched the flashes across the viewscreen as our weapons fired, and the lead ship turned its guns towards us.

    "Direct hit, Captain," Tala reported. "Minimal damage, target is returning fire. Shields are holding."

    "Helm, swing us around behind Target Two. Weapons, target the second ship. We want to divert their attention from that freighter."

    My orders were acknowledged and ship lurched as we banked hard in pursuit of the second ship. Now both ships recognized us as the bigger threat than the disabled freighter, and it turned into a real dog fight. The Tiassa held up much better than I expected, considering she must've been built mostly for show.

    The raiders were relentless, though. They refused to be driven off from their prize, even as our cannons ate away at their shields. Soon we had their shields down, and our weapons were impacting naked hull. And then they were gone. But not completely. Some of the pirates had beamed over to the freighter.

    "Bring us into transporter range. Tala, Six, Name, you're with me," I said.

    We beamed across. The interior of the freighter was hot, and full of smoke and fumes. Lighting was irregular, and the ship was obvious in poor shape. The prospects of salvaging her didn't seem too good.

    As we made our way along the corridors we checked every room. We found some of the crew, obviously in distress. We didn't have much in the way of medical supplies with us, so all we could do is beam them back to the ship. We also encountered several groups of the raiders.

    We fought several firefights in the close quarters of the freighter. Flashes of phaser and disruptor beams trading back and forth through the smoke and gas, the energy heating the air even more. We fought our way to engineering, and met the captain. The were already prepared to evacuate. The ships was a lost cause.

    My team and I led the survivors back to the transporters, the captain stayed behind. She was going to set the ship to self-destruct and deny the pirates their prize.

    We'd barely started back when I got the report of more ships inbound. I needed to get back, I needed to be on the bridge. The pirates had other ideas. The new ships beamed over reinforcements, and it was another running fight back to the transporter.

    We held the transporter room while the freighter crew was evacuated. Once the last of them were clear we beamed over and I hurried to the bridge.

    This second fight was harder, the pirate's reinforcements were more heavily armed. The support craft were easily cleared, then it turned into a slugging match between us and the lead raider. Both our shields were weakening, and we were both worse for wear.

    "Helm, bring us about for another pass," I ordered.

    "Aye, sir, coming about."

    "Fire all phasers."

    Both ships flew in a straight line towards each other, each battering the others diminishing shields. The bridge was bathed in flashes of green as the disruptors impacted our sheilds.

    "Steady, divert shield power to the forward arc, keep us on course." As our shields eroded, the pirate vessel stayed locked on course with us, waiting to finish us off. The ranges closed, the ships getting nearer. Damage reports were coming in, we were getting bleedthrough from our weakened shields. Their strength dropping steadily.

    "Captain, forward shields are down!" called Tala. The raider's shields weren't far behind.

    "Now! Six, emergency power to shields, divert all shield power to the forward arc. Fire all weapons!"

    As our shields reformed across our bow, the cannons ripped away the last of the pirates' defense. Moments later, a salvo of torpedoes impacted.

    "Target destroyed," Tala said, as the enemy ship exploded.

    "Sir," Six said, "the freighter's engines are about to go critical."

    "Transporters, we need the captain beamed off there now!"

    On the viewscreen, the freighter broke apart from a massive internal explosion. Moments later the transporter chief's voice came across the comms, "We got her captain!"

    I sighed in relief, and ordered course laid in back to earth. The order was acknowledged, and I slumped back into the captain's chair.

    "Yeah," I muttered to myself, "a routine mission."
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    Re: The Chronicles of Valkyr vol. 1

    Post by Lomax6996 on Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:09 pm

    This is an EXCELLENT idea... will look forward to hearing more

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    Re: The Chronicles of Valkyr vol. 1

    Post by Seeker on Sun Nov 25, 2012 11:50 pm

    cool idea, look forward to reading them you show really join the RP if you like character development, the RP aspect is what first brought me into this fleet but the game is fun most the time too, i wish i would of bought the joined trill thing for my main since hes joined RP wise but I'm not going to remake the character just for that

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    Re: The Chronicles of Valkyr vol. 1

    Post by Gordon_Lightfoot on Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:57 am

    Very nice Smile

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    Re: The Chronicles of Valkyr vol. 1

    Post by HareBrained on Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:58 am

    I LIKE this idea and I like the way you're writing it.
    Actually I once wrote up the siege of the USS Khitomer just as a practice piece, but I think I chucked it out. (Might see if I can remember how it went, just for fun.) That was right at the start when I had Mirik as my captain, but I soon decided that wasn't going to be much fun for RP and started again - even for that one piece I had to write it from her new XO's point of view. Which was not complimentary. Wasn't wasted though because I made up the whole double-act between Mirra and Mirik then - I've now brought Mirik back in as Mirra's subordinate and I'm still having fun writing them like that!
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    Re: The Chronicles of Valkyr vol. 1

    Post by verbena on Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:09 pm

    Second Mission: Diplomatic Taxi Service

    We'd only been back at spacedock for little more than a day when we received new orders. We were to transport a Vulcan dignitary to a monastery. I was a bit worried when I heard we were being sent out again, but relieved when I was told the mission. That seemed much more in-line with what the ship was designed for, shuttling VIP's from point A to point B.

    We made our way to Vulcan without incident, and I went down with a shuttle to pick up the Ambassador. We had been informed the Ambassador preferred not to be transported. Which didn't strike me as very logical, after all it's proven technology.

    When I arrived planetside, I discovered there was an a further issue with collecting the Ambassador. He apparently didn't have permission to go on his little trip, and further was acting impatient, even agitated. This was seeming stranger by the minute. A few minutes of conversation got us clearance to depart however, so I put the whole thing from my mind. We returned to the Tiassa and set course for P'Jem.

    We entered the system and were approaching the planet when Name (why does she have boobs?) reported sensors picking up unusual readings. I ordered a full scan of the area, but it soon became pointless: Klingon ships decloaked in front of us.

    "Hail from the lead klingon vessel, captain," reported Six.

    "On screen."

    The captain of the klingon vessel said they had reason to believe that the Ambassador was an Undine infiltrator. I was willing to hear them out, and asked if they had proof. Being a shape-shifter in disguise would explain why he seemed a bit off. The Klingons, never being ones for long conversations, didn't care to share any proof they may or may not have had. Instead they broke communications and ordered an attack.

    There were two groups of Bird of Preys blockading the planet, one directly in front of us and a second flanking us on our port facing. I ordered us after the flankers initially.

    "Helm," I said, "come about to course two-four-eight mark four-zero, engines at full." The order was acknowledged and we closed to attack range with the second group. "Weapons, ready to fire on my mark."

    "Aye, captain," Tala acknowledged as we watched the range close.

    "Phasers, fire!" I ordered when our range closed under ten clicks.

    "Direct hit, enemy shields down to eighty percent," Six said a moment later.

    "Tala, keep at them."

    "Yes, captain."

    Two more volleys from our cannons decimated the lead bird of prey's shields. The Klingons returned fire, but our shields were holding.

    "Target shields down twenty percent," said Six.

    "Weapons, fire torpedoes."

    "Torpedoes away, " Tala confirmed. Then the cannons flashed again, and the bow shields on the Klingon vessel collapsed.

    "Enemy Shields down, Captain," came Six's report. Followed by an explosion from the torpedo impact. The first explosion was quickly followed by a second as the ship's warp core went critical. One of the other birds of prey, following too close to it's lead, was caught in the explosion and it's facing shields went down.

    "Tala, switch target to the damaged ship, fire all weapons," I said. Cannons and torpedoes made short work of the already damaged ship. Meanwhile, the third ship and the Tiassa shot past each other. "Helm, bring us about, we don't want that one to form up with the other three."

    But that wasn't their intention, the Klingon ship came about as well. The duel was decided in a couple more passes, trading fire each time. On the second pass we broke through their shields, and on the third they too were destroyed. Considering how we were faring so far, I wondered if the Klingons were flying museum replicas too.

    We turned and came about to face the first group, which were still remaining. Only they weren't making the same mistakes. They'd split up from their tight formation, and were hammering our shields from multiple angles. They were circling us at speed, and while trying to keep undamaged shields between us and them we couldn't line up for a good shot with the cannons. But I had a thought.

    "Six," I said, "This is a fully-featured replica, isn't it?"

    "Affirmative, captain. The engineers were meticulous."

    "Tala, prepare a magnetic grapple."

    Her antennae twitched, in what I can only assume was surprise or startlement before she replied, "Yes captain." Waiting until the next time one of the bird of prey were crossing our bow, I ordered the grappler fired. "Grappler away," Tala said. "Bucking cables holding, for now. They won't last long."

    "All weapons, fire!"

    Unable to maneuver, the ship didn't last long under our guns. We got a lucky shot with our phasers on the second ship, it's engines were momentarily disabled. We were able to get in behind it, and they weren't able to shake us. That left only one more Klingon ship, but alone and unsupported it was outmatched.

    The day wasn't over, though. The klingons had landed on the planet, and had taken hostages. I led an away team. The database showed the monastery was rustic, with many mountain pathways. We geared up, and beamed down.

    The Klingons have a reputation as fierce warriors, but unsurprisingly don't have much of a reputation as brilliant tacticians. They were split up into several groups, waiting in ambush, with no real cohesion and poor communication. We made our way up the mountain ambushing the ambushers.

    I was carrying a phaser sniper rifle, and whenever we encountered a group I'd fire off a shot at one of the Klingons from range. They invariable rushed straight towards us. I left my team in cover, firing at the charging Klingons while I moved into a flanking position and we soon finished them off group by group.

    We got to the top of the mountain when more Klingons beamed in. Suddenly, there I was; Klingons to the left of me, Klingons to the right of me. I dove forward into a roll, and came up running. I tossed a phonton grenade into the grouped klingons as I continued running for cover.

    The grenade did little damage, their personal shields absorbed most of the blast, but it was enough to knock them off their feet while my team scatted. By the time the Klingons regained their wits we had them in a crossfire. It was over shortly after.

    Then came the hail from Tiassa. Bad news. Communication from Vulcan. The Ambassador, the real one, his body had been found on Vulcan. The one we had really was a spy. What's more, he was missing.

    He didn't stay missing long, he beamed down and confronted us. Gloating and smug, completely lost in the whole, "For mine is an evil laugh!" role of villainy. There was only so much of that I could take, so I shot him.

    Undine don't go down easy, though. The fight lasted several minutes, and in the end the Undine didn't go down at all. He escaped, but not before taking on the appearance of a Klingon and setting even more Klingons after us. We gave chase, but having to fight through KDF troops meant we were never able to catch up. The faux -Ambassador was able to beam away, he had a ship hidden in orbit.

    We returned to the Tiassa to find out it wasn't just any ship, it was a massive Undine dreadnought. Where the hell did he hide that?

    "Captain," Name reported, "orders from Admiral Quinn! We're to engage ship and prevent it from escaping. Reinforcements are on the way, but we have to hold it till they get here."

    That thing made the Tiassa look like a shuttlecraft. We engaged it in a game of cat and mouse, with us as the mouse. On our own, our weapons were completely ineffectual against it. For several minutes we played our deadly game of tag with the Undine battleship. Our shields were hammered, weak on all facings. Plasma from the Undines torpedoes had penetrated our shields and were burning into our hull.

    Then the Starfleet reinforcements arrived. They made a difference, but it was till slow going. That battleship was holding off a half dozen federation ships.


    "Go ahead, Name"

    "I believe if we fire a modulated tachyon beam from our deflector array we can severely weaken the Undine's shields."

    "Do it."

    Name went to work calibrating the deflector. "Beam ready, Captain," she said after completing her modifications.


    "It's working," Six reported, "Undine shields dropping on all facings."

    With their shields weakened, the dreadnought didn't last long against the Starfleet squadron. With a massive explosion they were finished. We scanned and salvaged the debris field for any intelligence, and reported back to base.

    Another routine mission.

    So there's installment two. Glad you guys are enjoying it, hope you continue to do so. Cheers.
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    Re: The Chronicles of Valkyr vol. 1

    Post by verbena on Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:38 pm


    The Tiassa was making a supply run to the K7 space station, our trip was interrupted when a Klingon battlecruiser decloaked. They attacked without warning, and our shields and engines were crippled before we could respond. I thought we were finished, but they stopped firing and sent over boarding parties.

    The bridge was full of Klingons. Klingons with guns. Klingons with swords. There was no strategy, no line of battle. The enemy was all around us. Dodging and shooting, we fought the Klingons. The more we killed the more beamed in, they were coming in waves as fast as they could fill their transporter pad. A security teem piled off the turbolift, reinforcing the bridge crew. They helped turned the tide, and eventually the bridge was clear. Clear, but not functional.

    Our controls were cut. We could get basic status of the ship, but had no command controls. Tala located the problem, the boarders were concentrated on Deck 6 and were disrupting the ODN lines. I gathered a team, and we went to aid the defenders on deck six.

    The turbolifts were down, so getting there meant climbing through the access tunnels. Arriving was like stepping into a different world, it was hard to believe it was the same ship. Debris was everywhere, there were fires and weapon damage all around. The air was full of cinders and ash. As we made our way down the corridor I saw a section where the hull had been breached. More like ripped away. It was completely exposed to space, with only a lightly glowing forcefield holding back the vacuum.

    We swept room to room, clearing the invaders as we went. Mostly it was no real issue. Your average Klingon warrior is big on enthusiasm but short on discipline. Their officers were a different story, they put much more of a fight. I lost many good crewmen that day.

    As we cleared the last of the boarders, the U.S.S. Agamemnon came to our rescue. They chased off the battlecruiser, and sent engineering and medical teams to our aid. They patched us up, but we needed to make for the nearest starbase for more extensive repairs and medical treatment.

    This was the foundry mission "26thFleet - Boarded by Klingons" by Highwire. I wanted something where I was repelling boarders, so gave this a play. It starts off on the galaxy bridge, then moves to a distressed deck level. It's nothing but waves of klingons to kill, but still pretty fun.

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    Re: The Chronicles of Valkyr vol. 1

    Post by Sponsored content

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