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    STF's, season 7 update

    So very pretty

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    STF's, season 7 update

    Post by Gordon_Lightfoot on Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:39 am

    Just saw this on the forums today. Looks like STF dil rewards won't be so bad after all if this is true:

    As for the STFs, Cryptic listened to our feedback and the new rewards will be 480/960. On elite you gain one Borg Neural Processor per run. Turning in 5 of these you get 1000 dilithium. So rewards for elite runs are now 1160, higher than the current rate.

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    Re: STF's, season 7 update

    Post by verbena on Thu Nov 01, 2012 2:40 pm

    Yes and no. You can turn in the marks/processors for dil, but it's going to be a project similar to fleet projects but in the new reputation system. And we don't know how long that'll take to cycle. If it's like, say, 30 minutes then no problem. If it takes a day? Then that will probably effectively limit the amount you can turn in.

    Also, keep in mind you won't be able to do the turn ins until after you've grinded out your reputation to tier V, which from what I understand is going to take at least 2-3 months to complete.

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