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    Kaaea Shadowborne; origins of the Nairua-Raileac


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    Kaaea Shadowborne; origins of the Nairua-Raileac

    Post by Pyrokatana on Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:13 pm

    Classified file access requested...
    Locked with protocol Johanna...
    Personal file for officer Kataea lock ovveride...
    Voice recognition complete...
    Bio-recognition initiated.....complete...
    Enter manual code confirmation for secure file
    Access restriction code Aplha Delta XXXII

    >Authorization code entry
    >:Kataea authorization Charlie-Bravo_73195_X

    Passcode recognized...
    Identity confirmed...
    Security measures deactivated...

    Welcome Kataea. File access granted for file:
    >Species origin.

    >Begin display.

    >The Nairua-Aileac race is from Tenebrae, a planet-like entity near
    the El-Aurian system. The "planet" in quesiton exists in a volatile
    radiation-filled nebula named Mactabilis, one deemed 'uninhabitable'
    by the El-Aurians.This designation, while technically correct,
    applied only to known humanoids at the time of discovery. The primary
    concern of the nebula was a strong level of Omicron radiation, with
    levels high enough to cause extreme discomfort and, ultimately,
    death. While this was counterable, there was no way to explore the
    nebula, as Theta radiation was also present, impeding any scans or
    warp travel within Mactabilis. Some specualted a physical entity
    existed in the nebula's cloud, due to strong gravitational
    distortions near the edge of the nebula, however further study was
    fairly impossible, as well as impractical. The El-Aurians therefore,
    for all intents and purposes, ignored this nebula.

    >Nothing of interest occured regarding Mactabilis until approximately
    2257, when an El-Aurian science vessel suffered an engine failure near
    the nebula. A spike in Theat radiation caused a subspace instability
    in the path of the science vessel, which resulted in the collapse if
    it's warp field. The engines became inoperational, and before repairs
    could be made, the gravity of what became known as Tenebrae pulled
    the vessel into the nebula cloud. El-Aurian considered this vessel
    to be lost, and puts no real effort into a rescue attempt, for fear
    of endangering more people.

    >The crew of this vessel were able to hold out for an extended time
    due to modifications to the shielding system. Most radiation is
    blocked from entering the ship, making life possible, though Theta
    and Omicron radiation continuously leaks throught the shields to
    bombard the crew. In response to this new environment, these
    El-Aurians' bodies begin to mutate, adopting a darker hue to defend
    against even the small amount of radiation penetrating the shields.
    The scientists find that Tenebrae, surprisingly, has a fairly standard
    atmosphere. Theries emerge that the planet escaped it's solar system's
    gravity, and drifted into Mactabilis, but the primary concern is
    still survival. Looking to the future, the scientists agree that,
    even with the minute amount getting through the shields, the radiation
    will become lethal in a relatively short time for them. In an effort
    to preserve themselves, and their existance, genetic manipulation is
    considered, and adopted. Long term goals are put in place to darken
    their skin, but not with the normal melanocytes found in human-like
    species. While melanocytes darken skin to protect against radiation,
    they protect against ultraviolet and infared radiation, but not Theta
    or Omicron. A new cell was concieved, one which was a very dark green
    in colour, which could serve their purpose.

    >In 2263, 2 years before the Borg assimalation of the El-Aurian system,
    a ship of unknown origin warped into the sector. This ship turned out
    to be Caeliar. Unfortunately, the Caeliar had no previous knowledge of
    the system, and ended up just inside Mactabilis. They shared the fate
    of the El-Aurian science vessel, with their warp field destabilizing.
    Speculation has been made as to the composition of Tenebrae, as the
    Caeliar were also unable to escape the gravitational field. The Caelian
    ship crashed on the planet, unable to leave, but the shields of the ship
    fully protected against both radiation types. The El-Aurians, still
    unseccessful with their genetic manipulation, witnessed the crash,
    and formulated a plan to contact this new, and unfamiliar, ship.
    Modified EV suits were capable enough to allow a brief exposure to
    the radiation outside the ship, though just barely. Due to the
    proximity of the two ships, this would be adequate. Also, communications
    were able to contact the other ship, albeit with severe interference,
    and warn the Caeliar of the plan to meet them.

    >After several days of contact, the apperance of the Caeliar was
    explained. They had been sent in 2148 to moniter the actions of the
    Borg collective. Twenty years after the start of the mission, the
    catastrophe of the extragalactic feedback pulse destroyed all other
    Caeliar, leaving them with noone to report to. The Caeliar ship did
    read the temperal anomalies experienced during the crisis, and
    theorized (correctly) that the world had been shifted through time.
    In the face of uncertainty, it was decided that they would continue
    their mission, hoping the Borg would lead them to another Caeliar
    world from the past. After over a century of watching the Borg from
    afar, they learned of the intent to assimilate the El-Aurian system,
    and warped in advance to find somewhere to observe while hidden.

    >Shortly after contact, the science team and Caeliar understood
    each other's goals. The Caeliar, in their nature, were greatly
    upset that the science team had no hope of escaping the nebula,
    and were unable as yet to survive in it. The Caeliar's catoms
    could greatly assist the science team in their genetic mutation,
    but the catoms react to Omicron radiation similarly as Borg
    nanites, and would be destroyed immediately if they left the
    Caeliar ship. The scientists proceeded as normal for several

    >In 2265, with the Borg invasion, garbled messages reached Tenebrae,
    as messages were sent fratically and intesely across the system.
    Knowing that El-Aurian would fall, the scientists were disheartend.
    Any small hope of returning home was finally crused. Though the
    Caeliar had witnessed thousands of worlds assimilated, they could
    do nothing in the past. This time, they were in direct contact with
    what were assumed the only survivors, but even these survivors could
    not survive the nebula.

    >In a secret meeting aboard the Caeliar vessel, the Caeliar decided
    to merge their bodies with the scientists, sacrificing themselves
    to create a new race, one able to live on Tenebrae. While they could
    ,erge bodies and alter the structure of the scientists, allowing them
    to leave the ships' protection, the minds of the Caeliar were bound
    to the catoms. After the intitial augmentation and mutation, the catoms
    would be bound to those bodies, as well. Therefore, the moment the
    scientists left a ship, the catoms would be destroyed, the Caeliar
    would die, but a new race would be born, genetically engineered to
    survive the radiation. It was decided to do this without the
    scientists' knowledge, for fear that they would reject the plan.

    >>Personal note; it has been said that, after witnessing the Borg for
    many years with no home to return to, the Caeliar had become suicidal.
    While I believe it, there is no official record of any such thing.

    >Upon gathering all of the scientists aboard the Caeliar ship, the
    merging began. The plan was explained as it was carried out, so that
    the once El-Aurians would understand, but be unable to resist.
    The few radiation-resistant skin cells that were cultivated were now
    fully integrated into the scientists. Their sckin became entirely
    dark-green, to the point of being almost pitch black. Normal eyes
    became burned by the radiation, and were also unable to see well in
    the relative darkness of Tenebrae. Their eyes were merged with that of
    the Caeliar, becoming silver-blue, and granting the scientists vision
    in the darkest of nights. Their general body type was acceptable, though
    the Caeliar granted them a considerable increase in motor functions,
    as well as strength. Based on one scientist's earlier remark on his
    preference for the Vulcan pointed ear, the Caeliar gave them that,
    too. Finally, the catoms enhanced the innate pseudo-psychic abilities
    of the El-Aurian, and gave the new species a unique sensory organ,
    which radiates from the eyes. It gathers signals from the
    nearly metallic, radiating sensory clusters, then sends them inwards
    towards the eye sockets, where bright orange nerve clusters translates
    the raw data to the brain. The extent, and purpose, of this organ is
    a closely guarded secret within this new race.

    >After fully recovering from the unexpected transformation, the new
    race adopted its name from the reverse spellings of its perent races.
    The Nairua-Raileac were created to survive an environment uninhabitable
    to any other known race.

    End species origin...
    Continue to Nairua-Raileac documented history?

    Continue history at later time?

    Continuing at later time...
    Re-enacting security lock...
    Lock re-engaged. Security enabled. Files secure.


    Fleet Rank : Cadet
    Number of posts : 7
    Ship Name : U.S.S. Shadow
    Ship Class : Cruiser designed for longevity
    Fleet Division : Command

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Kataea

    Re: Kaaea Shadowborne; origins of the Nairua-Raileac

    Post by Pyrokatana on Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:16 pm

    I know this is a long back story, but I built this alien race from the ground up, and wanted a story to match the detail I put into the body of this character.

    I'm looking for feedback on this story. Is it lore-friendly? Too unlikely to be recognized as a possibility? I spent a good deal of time researching Star Trek lore before writing this, so everything should match up...

    Again, looking for any and all feedback.

    Eventually, I'll write a part 2, detailing how Kataea ended up as a federation pfficer.
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    Re: Kaaea Shadowborne; origins of the Nairua-Raileac

    Post by Seeker on Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:27 pm

    I don't think a back story can be too long or too detailed, I'm just one for a sec before i join some friends but look forward to reading this when i get back


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    Re: Kaaea Shadowborne; origins of the Nairua-Raileac

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