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    And the Sky Full of Stars (Inanna)


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    And the Sky Full of Stars (Inanna)

    Post by MallowOni on Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:33 am

    OOC: I'll slowly be posting bios for all of my characters and some of their bridge officers. Everything is a constant work in progress, and probably will still be works in progress years from now. It's just how I am when writing.

    If you have any ideas or criticism at all, I'm more than happy to hear it. Point out typos or lore mistakes. Suggest improvements if you have them. Any feedback is welcome, good or bad. Even if I don't make a change exactly as suggested, it'll let me see what I could improve.

    Inanna trivia:
    I take most of my character names from various cultures' mythologies. Inanna (pronounced Ee-nah-nah) is a Sumerian goddess.

    Her last name, K'eyush (I prefer to spell it without the apostrophe), means "bear cub" in the Inuit language. Why am I calling her a bear cub? I played World of Warcraft for a few years, and if you're familiar with the game you know that druids can shapeshift into bears and tank in that form. So now any tank character I name will always have the last name Keyush, even if they're not related. Also bear cubs are adorable.

    Her ship names are taken from various Faith and the Muse titles.

    Her father's name, Aodhan, is an actual Irish name. I started to use the "Aedan" variant, but decided Aodhan would seem more authentic and interesting.

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    Re: And the Sky Full of Stars (Inanna)

    Post by MallowOni on Sun Mar 25, 2012 4:31 am

    Inanna Keyush

    "Dad, how come there are so many stars in the sky?" a bored, young Inanna asked while her dad had his head inside an access panel, tinkering away.
    "Well darlin, near as I can tell, there's one for every time your mother's gotten mad at me."

    Inanna was a third generation member of the United Ficus Colony, the colony that resulted from the merger of the Bringloidi and Mariposan populations after their encounter with the Enterprise-D.

    Because women were required to marry multiple men in order to promote population growth, and because of the continued cultural differences between the Bringloidi and Mariposans, many couples' relationships were strained. Inanna's parents were still technically married, but her mother had moved on to her other husbands and children for all intents and purposes. That left Inanna and her dad spending most of their time together.

    For the most part her father Aodhan took after his Bringloidi heritage, but he also had a passion for mucking about with machinery. He couldn't rightly be called a mechanic or engineer since things often just wound up strewn about in pieces he wasn't sure how to reassemble. Lucky for Inanna, attempting to put them back together proved to be good training for the start of her engineering career.

    When Inanna was nearly 20, Aodhan told her that he was leaving...without her. He wasn't pushing her away, but he knew neither of them was happy where they were and neither of them would be happy being bound to the other's path in life. He urged her to find her own life outside of the United Ficus Colony. She agreed, and they both left on separate shuttles not long after making arrangements and setting aside their old lives.

    Inanna started going by the nickname Anna and took a job on a Huron class freighter that had been decommissioned by Starfleet. It was a ship with very little in the way of crew but lots of mechanical troubles. Randel Oland was an aging, independent self-appointed captain who fancied himself a philanthropist. He would only accept deliveries that were going to those who had fallen on hard times. Captain Oland's ego and constant need to rescue others landed the U.S.S. Grauwolfe and crew in a lot of dangerous situations, and with the ship's minimal armament it was usually luck or Anna's rapidly improving engineering prowess that let them survive long enough to warp away with their hides and most of the hull intact. But after three years of putting up with too many haphazardly organized missions that just seemed like excuses for Oland to polish his halo, Anna needed something else.

    The process of applying to Starfleet Academy left Anna feeling drained and unsure. She wanted what she didn't have on board the Grauwolfe. She wanted structure. She wanted a ship that wasn't at risk of flying apart every time they went to high warp. And she wanted to see more than just the same three crew members' faces every day. But the old man had rubbed off on her, leaving her with a strong desire for freedom and a weakness for strangers in need. Or maybe, she decided, he'd just brought out more of her own recklessness and independence than she liked. In any case, it was time to see if she could walk the tightrope between what was expected of a Starfleet officer, and the free spirited, eager person she had become.

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    Re: And the Sky Full of Stars (Inanna)

    Post by Baumer on Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:25 am

    Nice! Very Happy

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    Re: And the Sky Full of Stars (Inanna)

    Post by MallowOni on Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:12 am

    Thanks. Like I said, I'll probably keep editing it. In fact, the majority of the view count for this thread will be probably from me coming back to edit it all the time. :p I'm deciding which parts, if any, I want to expand upon and if I want to add anything covering her Academy/Starfleet days.
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    Re: And the Sky Full of Stars (Inanna)

    Post by Seeker on Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:42 pm

    OOC: Very cool, sound like she will fit in too serenity station quite well, ya iv edited mine many times too, adding stuff to a host or one of his past life's or making changes to some of the crew. i did that alot after starting the STO game fitting some of my RP chars into the Char on the game like it did with Sun or adding crew from the game to the RP


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    Re: And the Sky Full of Stars (Inanna)

    Post by Sponsored content

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