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    New Games


    Cpt Cannons
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    New Games

    Post by Cpt Cannons on Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:35 am

    I just had a thought of something that may be interesting for people to get involved in STO.

    It is called " To The rescue"

    The idea behind the game is for 1 person to go out and get engaged in a encounter and then broadcast a general distress signal in the fleet chat. you will be given a rough idea of where they are and then have to go out and find them and aid them in a rescue attempt.

    Now there will be restrictions to the game such as

    - The person to send out the distress signal is to only be aloud to fly a first tier ship or a shuttle craft.

    - the rescuers are aloud only to fly up to a lt cmdr ship and lower.

    Your main goals would be.

    - Locate the person sending out the distress signal.

    - Keep the ship alive no matter the cost if the ship dies you lose and they have to go back out and you have to locate them again. (only when the squad searching enters the area does this take effect)


    Any thoughts or ideas on this idea Are welcome.

    Rear Admr Cannons


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