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    Reflecting on Veteran's Day

    So very pretty

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    Reflecting on Veteran's Day Empty Reflecting on Veteran's Day

    Post by Ikari_Zaku on Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:35 pm

    I realize Veteran's Day was yesterday, but sometimes you get sent something after the fact and still feel that its worth sharing. I've always liked Ronald Regan as a President, more for his space program than anything else, but after having been a Soldier, after spending time in a war zone, I really like this speech.

    I am no longer a Soldier, but I will always carry the pride of being able to say I answered a call few choose to answer. I answered the call so others wouldn't have to. I answered a call because I wanted to be part of something larger than myself. No matter what the reason, go thank a Soldier, Marine, or Sailor for doing what they do, so others didn't have to.

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