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    WALK-THROUGH: How to Get 10 Accolades During the Tutorial (or more)

    Object in Space

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    WALK-THROUGH: How to Get 10 Accolades During the Tutorial (or more)

    Post by McPhearson on Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:42 pm

    So I have five slots and go back and forth between several toons. One I created, a Lt 4 Caitian, I decided to deep-six. This opened up a slot to create a new toon. I decided that if I was going to go back to the beginning, I was going to maximize accolades as I went (time permitting).

    I received ten accolades from the beginning of the tutorial onboard the U.S.S. Kithomer through to the last mission of blowing up a damaged Borg Cube before warping out to SOL station. Here is the list of accolades achieved:


    Welcome to Star Trek Online! - You are a junior officer assigned to the U.S.s. (insert your ship name here). Do your duty and obey your commanding officer. Good luck, ensign!

    Stalwart - 100 day veteran reward

    Redoubtable - 200 day veteran reward

    Futility - Defeat 100 Borg

    Earl of Energy - Deal 20,000 phaser damage with your captain

    Resistance - Defeat 500 Borg

    Assimilate This! - Defeat 1,000 Borg Unlocks: "Liberated" title and Assimilate This! power

    Holding the Line - Destroy 20 Borg ships

    Strike and Dip - Deal 100,000 phaser damage with your ship

    Technophobe - Destroy 100 Borg ships

    Projectiles in Motion - Deal 100,000 Torpedo Damage with your Ship

    Nanoprobe Immunity - Destroy 200 Borg ships Unlocks: "Immune" title and Nanoprobe Immunity power

    Battlefield Commission - Defeat Borg Invasion Force

    *After "Line in the Sand", before warping to Sol Station from the Tutorial, I received this promotion in the field: Barbarella has been promoted to Lieutenant. It was actually Lt 2 plus two bars.


    The first three accolades listed are a given for starting the tutorial and if you have been a subscriber for 200 days or more. Some of you new people may only receive the first one, "Welcome to Star Trek Online!". The next four dealing with Borg ground kills and phaser damage can be obtained most quickly by setting yourself up in Engineering aboard the U.S.S. Kihtomer (area before selecting your first BO and beaming aboard your own ship) and fighting Borg that beam in to fight the five NPCs setup there. It's tedious, but 1.5 to 2 hours will net you 1,000 kills and most assuradly the first phaser damage accolade. It is faster than the hallways because you are fighting groups of four Borg beaming in at one time. You can even alt-tab to get one shot on each Borg to maximize your efficientcy so that if the NPCs end up killing them, you get credit too.

    Next, Proceed to the transporter room. Select your BO and beam aboard your ship. Fly to the diffent ships to beam aboard the survivors and transfer them to the science ship at the end of the row. Then fly around the asteroid to repair the Majestic battleship to allow you to warp to the defeated Borg cube. It will be surrounded by damaged probes. After you kill three you will get a prompt to warp to the next area. Simply minimize this prompt and stay to continue destroying damaged Borg probes. It is much easier and quicker to achieve the next five accolades for Borg ship destruction, Ship phaser damage, and Torpedo damage. If you mess up and warp to orbit around Vega Colony, it's okay. Vega Orbit had probes too, but they are not damaged and fire back. They also only show up in groups of two or three. This took me the longest, probably another two hours.

    Finally, beam down to the colony to get your first kit and phaser sniper rifle. You can kill more Borg here if the Engineering exploit aboard the U.S.S. Kihtomer got too boring for you. Keep in mind that some of these Borg have shields and will chase you (but at least you have your BO to back you up). After killing about three groups to free hostages, Commander Kelly will direct you to take out a Borg device. Go out into the woods to a Borg mini complex and complete that mission. You will be promted to beam back up to your ship after this.

    The final part of the tutorial is to fly into orbit around an outlying planet and kill a sphere and/or damaged Borg cube. Once you complete this, you are prompted to warp to Sol station. You can minimize this prompt as well and keep destroying Cubes to get drops and work your way to Lt 2 before leaving.

    In all, I spent about 4 1/2 hours, but I had time. If you are REALLY into it, you can work a bit longer to get the "Sultan of Stun" accolade which is 100,000 phaser damage with your captain (or was it 150,000?). Either way, enjoy and good luck. As you begin a new career, keep Ikari's previously mentioned Mission Accolade List handy so you maximize every opportunity to "Collect them all".

    Accolade Mission List:
    STO Mission Accolades

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