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    WALK THROUGH: Tribble Breeding and the Cryo Tribble


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    WALK THROUGH: Tribble Breeding and the Cryo Tribble

    Post by Grog on Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:39 pm

    At the end of the Cold Comfort weekly episode, your reward is a case of Defari Ice Tubers. What do you do with these? Breed a Tribble of course.

    Breeding Tribbles is alot simpler than it might appear. There are a number of guides available that will tell you what each tribble is, what it does, and how to breed it; however, there are no guides for how to use these Tubers to breed a special Tribble, the Cryo Tribble.

    To get a Cryo Tribble, you will need either a Ricossa (ric) or a Matson (mat). Each is a Tier 6 Tribble with one offering a damage resistance buff and regen buff (mat) while the other offers a damage resistance buff and a damage buff (ric).

    Appearance wise, the Matson is orange with blue tiger stripes, while the Ricossa is orange with blue spots. If you feed a tuber to either one of these, you will get the Cryo Tribble (damage resistance buff and cold resistance buff).

    Don't have a Ricossa or Matson? No problem. The link below provides a chart that lays out tier by tier how to bhreed for these tribbles. All food is listed for each step along the way. If you follow this chart, you'll have one in no time.

    The Matson is far easier to breed for as all you need to go from Tier 5 to 6 is a bottle of Saurian Brandy, readily available at Quarks. The Ricossa is a bit more difficult to breed for as the food required to go from 5 to 6 is very rare.

    Here's a couple of quick tips to remember when breeding:

    • Place a single tribble with a single item of food in either your inventory or at the bank. Wait a couple of hours to give them some privacy. When you check back...POOF!...a new Tribble is born.

    • Tribbles are voracious little creatures. If you place your Tribble in any location that has more than one item of food, it will eat it all, likely producing nothing that you want and consuming valuable food resources

    • Breed for one Tribble at a time. Putting several of the same food item in with the tribble you are breeding in an attempt to cut corners and breed more of what you want will not produce multiple Tribbles of the type you want. You'll get a bunch of tier 1 Tribbles instead as every single tribble in the group will eat the food, not just the one you are tryinbg to breed.

    I hope this helps. I have used this chart for some time and have learned some hard lessons along the way. If you follow the guide at the link above and these simple suggestions above, you'll have great success in your breeding endeavors.


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