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    WALK-THROUGH: Cold Comfort

    Object in Space

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    WALK-THROUGH: Cold Comfort

    Post by McPhearson on Sun Sep 12, 2010 3:21 am

    Here is a basic walk-through of the 3rd weekly mission in the Deferi space. Spoilers are assumed.


    MISSION: Cold Comfort
    SECTOR: Orellius
    SYSTEM: Raveh
    GIVEN BY: Ambassador Surah
    COMBAT: No
    *Crate of 10 Deferi Snow Tubers (used for Tribble farming)
    FACTION: Federation and Klingon

    Part 1:
    (Medical attention)
    -Enter system.

    -Fly to damaged Deferi ship.

    -Beam aboard. Materialize in ship mess made into make-shift trauma room.

    -Talk to Dr. Cossa.

    -Go to back of room and talk to injured Deferi laying on table. Read ALL options to make sure all green prompts are exposed for proper treatment.

    -Go to nearest table with medical kit sitting on it. Select 2nd analgesic to load into hypo.

    -Go back to patient and apply hypo.

    -Use Proto laser on wound.

    -Talk to Dr. Cossa.

    -Go to table behind you and talk to injured deferi sitting up on table. Read ALL options.

    -Go to nearest table with medical kit sitting on it. Take neural scanner.

    -Go back to patient and scan.

    -Go to nearest table with medical kit on it. Select 2nd option to load into hypo.

    -Go back to patient and apply hypo.

    -Talk to Dr. Cossa.

    Part 2:
    (Interrogate Breen)
    -Go through coridor to brig.

    -Talk to all 3 breen in cells.

    -Go back to breen in back left corner who gave you his name, Tran.

    --(these are the options as I experienced them 3 different times. Some have said the options can come up differently in their experience)--

    -"What are you doing here"

    -"What does attacking a civilian transport have to do with Breen expansion?"

    -Tran refuses to talk further with Commanding officer listening. Go back to BIG Breen cell and enable acoustic dampener.

    -Go back to Tran.

    -(paraphrase)"Your commander can not hear what we are saying."

    -(paraphrase)"Did you voice your objection to your commanding officer about this assignment?"

    -"Do you believe that the goal you are attempting to achieve was worth killing civilians?"

    -"Did you have an option that didn't involve attacking the Deferi ship?"

    -"So your mission wasn't just to kill the Deferi on this ship?"

    -"Why did you do this? What information did the Deferi have that you needed so badly?"

    -"Would the probed Deferi know what memories were being searched?"

    -"How do we remove the implants?"


    -Talk to Dr. Cossa. (run back to mess/trauma room)

    -"Rhymes and Songs"



    -Talk to Tran. (run back to brig)



    -Depart System.

    -Exit to Sector space.


    *Snow tubers can be used with Ricossa (RIC) or Mattson (MAT) tribbles to make special cryo tribble. After this mission you can purchase additional Deferi snow tubers at a Ferengi NPC on planet Defera (in the middle courtyard, left corner). 10 tubers for 500 energy credits.


    I hope this information assists you in getting through this diplomatic mission. There appear to be two paths to victory, so you may have found the second path to complete the mission using options other than the ones listed above. If you take a wrong option during the interrogation, however, you must leave the system and come back to start from the beginning.

    **Please let me know of any misspellings or corrections in the information provided.

    So very pretty

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    Re: WALK-THROUGH: Cold Comfort

    Post by Ikari_Zaku on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:53 pm

    Update time, you do get Diplomatic XP from this mission! Just not right away. Not even after you turn in the mission to the Defari Ambassador. You have to talk to your very own Starfleet Ambassador, Jiro Sugihara. Yes, once you talk to Jiro in Sector Space you will be rewarded with a whooping 10 Diplomatic XP.

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