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    Combat Buff Etiquette

    Object in Space

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    Combat Buff Etiquette

    Post by McPhearson on Thu May 27, 2010 4:05 pm

    I think we could be much more effective in group combat if we honed our tactics a bit more. As it is, I find myself watching my speed, position, angle, BO cooldowns, and team member indicators during any fight. In doing so, I may be glancing at a team member whos shields and/or hull are dropping but not critical yet. Next I have to decide do I keep spamming the spacebar at my target, or select that team member and wait for a cooldown to end or my mates shields/hull to drop enough to apply a repair buff. I often perform the latter when, if I had spammed a bit more on the spacebar, I might have removed a ship from combat and reduced the overall DPS to our group. I also worry that someone else may apply the same repair to my targeted team mate and thus waste one of our repairs that another person or ourself could use. Some of you may think or act similarly or I may be the only one who has this dilema.

    With this in mind, do you think it would be helpful for everyone to simply monitor themselves, knowing what BO repair buffs their own crew posses (plus cool down status of each), and instead Call for Engineering team or Science team when needed? The person or persons who can apply the buff would answer and apply in kind. The first person to respond performs the buff. I'm sure there would be times when two people reply and try to apply immediately, but this may reduce many double-buffs or mis applications.

    Along these lines, to help aid in selecting a team mate to apply a buff too, you can click them with your mouse, but I bet like me, sometimes it drops off or does not select right and you end up buffing yourself. Maybe the opposite has happened and you handed off a buff you intended for yourself. Probably a better way to manage this is to use F1 - F5 (I believe this is global default for team member selection):
    F1 = Yourself
    F2 = First teammate listed on left side of HUD
    F3 = Second teammate listed on left side of HUD
    F4 = Third teammate listed on left side of HUD
    F5 = Fourth teammate listed on left side of HUD

    You can confirm this by simply pressing one of these F buttons next time you are in team and notice which member gets highlighted in GOLD trim. Obviously F1 selects yourself or more appropriately, deselects everyone else.

    Somethings to talk about in here and in-game to improve our combat stature. Please share your BO skill experiences and combos here as well, if you don't mind. I know I have alot to learn. I pretty much find some individual skill I like and keep using it when a modification to two or three BO skills might make an awesome combo or improve my survivability by a good percentage.

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    Re: Combat Buff Etiquette

    Post by Dagorel on Thu May 27, 2010 6:27 pm

    Usually it helps to use VENT while in group action. Also, from personal experience, I usually designate main " healer" and main "tank". this game is a little different from most. But the concept with some small changes should be effective. Main healer keeps main tank. off healer keeps everyone else. There are those exceptions, especially with a brutal fight, that everyone has to rotate on main tank or maybe a DPS who got a little full of themselves.

    Sven "Dust" Jorgensson

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