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    The "Uh Oh, Wrong Room" Maneuver

    Object in Space

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    The "Uh Oh, Wrong Room" Maneuver

    Post by McPhearson on Thu May 27, 2010 1:56 pm

    You ever walk into a room, notice you are in the wrong scene, and try to back out casually so as to not draw too much attention to yourself? This procedure reminds me very much of that reaction so thustly I nameth thee, the "Uh Oh, Wrong Room" maneuver.
    Some of you may have difficulty keeping the keel of your ship pointed at your targets for weapon or ability use. This mainly goes for cruisers, but applies to all ships, even the nimble escourts. If you find that forward turning is not getting you around fast enough, next time try reverse and steer in the opposite direction you want to go. This will "pull" your ships nose 'round and quite possibly put you back on target more quickly. Sometimes I do this constantly as an enemy circles me so I am pointed at him the entire time. Keep in mind that flying in reverse too long will give you a minor energy drain debuff, but keeping your nose to the grindstone may be worth the small drawl.

    Fly safe. Fly free!

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