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    War Zone of Klingon Thieves (Cpt 0 mission)

    So very pretty

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    War Zone of Klingon Thieves (Cpt 0 mission)

    Post by Ikari_Zaku on Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:00 pm

    In this mission you will have to fight through (or sit through I noticed) the "Borg Hunt" mission at the Ker'rat System in the Donatu Sector of the Eta Eridani Sector Block 10 times, yes that was ten different engagements of Borg Hunt. You can do them all in one sitting, or sprinkled through your other missions.

    Borg Hunt notes: This mission seemed to have been bugged for the longest time and people were unable to get credit for completing the objectives, this has since been corrected and while it is not easy to complete, if everyone works together it is not difficult to complete. Completion involves scanning 8 "Encryption Nodes" and then destroying 4 "Repair Hulks" (The Repair Hubs seem to be the same thing as the Hulks now).

    As a Captain lvl 6 upon completion of this mission set I was rewarded with: 207 Skill Points, 178 Bridge Officer Skill Points and 222 Starfleet Merits... and then I was given the exact same mission set again.

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