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    Jovus' Tale



    Jovus' Tale

    Post by Guest on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:00 pm

    Ok, being banging the keyboard like a monkey for a bit, let me know if any of this seems incorrect or doesnt mesh:

    A Ship By Any Other Name.......pt1

    There was a vague swathe of frosty gas
    between me and the stars but they were still beautiful.

    The gas had originally been inside the
    hull of the USS Unified Diligence, before someone had ripped her open
    along three decks with a salvo of torpedoes. When it had vented into
    space the gases had cooled and the moisture that had so recently
    formed a breathable atmosphere for seventy-two men, woman and neuters
    had crystallized into myriad patterns across the stillness of space
    near the wrecked ship.

    The Feds had of course salvaged the
    readily usable parts from the hulk, taken the deceased to bury or
    burn and towed the remainder onto a course towards a nearby star
    before leaving it to drift there in the course of ten or twenty
    years. It posed no threat to navigation and they were so busy these
    days with the war that no more time could be spent on such a
    negligable collection of metals.

    Of course, thats where people like me
    came in.

    I was a scavenger of space, a hyena of
    the stars, a salvage vulture. Our little ship held twenty of us. We
    sought out anyplace where conflict had happened and waited for the
    bigger beasts to be done with the carcass. Then we snuck in and fed.

    Ok, maybe I'm a little theatrical about
    it all but we were pretty much scum. The ship was owned and captained
    by Jacob Fildergast, a vile little rotund figure who stayed as far
    from the actual salvagers as he could manage. He favoured handing out
    his orders via commlink, interspersed with vague threats of what he'd
    do to us if we didnt work fast enough or couldnt find enough rich
    salvage. He leered at the few females amongst us and paid us a
    fraction of what we actually earned for him. What was really
    surprising when I finally saw him in the flesh was that he -wasn't- a
    Ferengi. Just a fine example of humanity.

    Amongst the crew there were certain
    positions what were favoured and certain that carried risk. I worked
    the one which carried both. When a hulk was found, someone had to be
    the first in to survey the pickings and determine if it was safe
    enough to work on. That meant I was paid relatively well but often
    ran the risk of being killed very rapidly by a structural shift or
    sudden explosion.

    At one point however I earnt his
    eternal emnity it seems. A rich looking wreck, chock full of field
    apparatus and power coils, was verging on its core rupturing. That
    was probably the reason it had been abandoned.

    Fildergast sent me over anyway.

    We didnt use full blown shuttles as
    they were expensive and relied on your destination being large enough
    to land. Instead we used several basic long frames with lightweight
    drives. Suited up we'd clip onto the frame and the “pilot” would
    boost us and our equipment over to the hulk. Once we were there we
    clipped an line onto the hull wherever we could and cut our way in.
    We'd learnt long ago not to use any hull ruptures to get in, that
    usually meant trouble. You could end up lopping a limb off against
    some trailing monofilament or stick your head through only to find
    there was a reactor core sending rads straight into your skull.

    I boosted over, alone, to check it out.
    Looking it over from a distance your could tell that it'd been a
    pretty savage attack. The outer hull had several dozen direct blasts
    and even more streaked scorches. Whoever had done this hadnt intended
    on taking anything from the ship, just destroy it.

    They'd nearly done it too, The breaches
    were massive, the aft section in particular was ripped wide enough to
    make the core visible externally.

    I swore quietly inside my helmet as I
    got closer and saw how bad it really was. The whole support structure
    at the rear was quivering, internally Gravity plates must have been
    destabilized sending erratic pulses throughout the frame.


    Re: Jovus' Tale

    Post by Guest on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:01 pm

    Gah formatting borked will fix tomorrow
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    Re: Jovus' Tale

    Post by Reanna Aloi on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:13 pm

    Nice story. Well written. Looking forward to part 2.



    Re: Jovus' Tale

    Post by Guest on Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:47 pm


    Considering the state of the ship I
    wouldn't normally have considered even approaching it. Just waved off
    and headed back to the barn. Lately however we hadn't had much
    pickings. Fildergast was frothing at the mouth in anticipation of
    what he could get out of this hulk, practically untouched salvage-wise as it was.

    I edged up to it and locked a line onto
    a fastening near a forward airlock. With the scooter now anchored I
    pushed myself to the 'lock and carefully cranked it open manually. I
    was cautious in every movement. A false step would make me dead very
    quickly. I didn't like the idea of being dead much. Especially gooey,
    squishy, icky death that spacehulks often caused. I'd seen more than
    my fair share of people die that way.

    The inner lock opened readily at first
    but jammed at the halfway open mark. Sliding past it I saw why, a
    large section of wall had buckled and bent inwards against the inside
    of the door. The nearby deckplates were twisted upwards at an angle.
    I stopped and watched a large pile of equipment cases being pushed
    sideways against the wall, then falling back to the floor. Gravity
    plates in the twisted floor were pulsing negative G's hard enough to
    crack the tough exteriors of the cases. Several minutes of
    investigation and I found the power supply to the G-plates and
    powered them down.

    Then I waited, braced and ready to jump
    for the airlock in case the change destabilised the ships delicate

    My commlink crackled with Fildergast's
    obnoxious voice and I nearly dropped yesterdays dinner straight into
    my suit....which could have been somewhat unpleasant.

    “Where the hells are you scavboy!!”

    I pictured several very nasty things
    happening to him involving a cheesegrater, two knotted hankies and a
    jar of ballbearings. I had to respond,

    “I'm just past the airlock...making
    my way towards engineering,”

    “WHAT!” His bellow was bad enough
    normally but directly in your earpiece it was deafening, “Get your
    ass moving now scavver or I leave you there for good!”

    I added a large battery and some
    micropliers to the list of unpleasantness waiting on Fildergast.

    “Sure enough Boss!” my cheerfulness
    was obviously false but it seemed to assuage him.

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    Re: Jovus' Tale

    Post by Sponsored content

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