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    Post by Shinjo on Fri Feb 12, 2010 9:53 pm

    Shinjo is of the species Cair`tian , they have secluded planet not unknown to Starfleet, but little is known about their home world as no off worlders are allowed to enter their space without Cair`tians escort class warships close in toe to ensure they stay outside of scanning range of their planets surface.

    Although the Cair`tian and secretive and tend to keep to themself, they through their xenophobia have become extremely warlike and express open hostility towards outsiders. What is known has been gleaned from the few encounters with their patrol ships by Starfleet captains, They are humanoid in appearance save for their small spines that grow out of the skull and reflective eyes.The Cait`tian live for many human generations. All Cair`tians met today have a serious demeanor and a decisive attitude towards conflict.

    Shinjo is the first Cair`tian to leave his homeworlds defence force and join starfleet, during his sojourn on the borders of his peoples system, Shinjo was captain of a Cair`tian starship called "Protakao" his duty forced him to escort and meet a vairety of species through the Cairtian's system, over a period of decades he became accustomed to dealing with other species and even began to enjoy and learn many things from his different encounters, like trust and tolerance, Shinjo began to believe his people's issolation was a display of cowardace and their reclusiveness was detrimental to their societies development. He soon found himself speaking out against the long established isolation policy of his government.

    Through a long decade of internal politics and public awareness the first Cair`tian ship was out fitted for deep space and long term exploration outside of Cair`tians system.
    The ship was the "protakao" it was during this mission that Shinjo learnt of starfleet from who became his closest friend, a scientist stationed on a remote scientific outpost for starfleet, ((( See fleet applicationg for info on this))
    Over the years Shinjo dropped in often to visit his dear friend and apon his passing Shinjo sent his request to his homeworld for a new assignment, to join Starfleet and relay the starfleet way of life back to his homeworld for his people to be inspired and learn. All transmissions are non encrypted and the infomation Shinjo sends frequently back to his home world are on subjects such as the heart of exploration starfleet has, tolerance of new cultures and the ultimate goal of peace and stability.
    Shinjo's hope is that his people will one day join the federation and join the quest to explore new galaxies and learn from new species and cultures.
    Shinjo struggles daily with some of the concepts he finds most endearing in Starfleet officers, compassion and empathy are not something his people have ever displayed to outsiders, these are emotions reserved for Cair`tian only as non Cair`tians should be treated with coolness and detachment, however Shinjo realises these as lies and indoctrinated mechanisms developed to protech a ever fearful people, he endeavours to treat others as if they are as himself and to temper his tactics of destroy your enemy quickly and mercilessly, rather than disable and negotiate.

    Shinjo hopes to one day be a example fo Starfleet ideals to his is a long journey however centuries of programing are hard to erase quickly. But for now his striving towards this goal is enough.

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