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    Vinypop "the big guy"


    Fleet Rank : Commander
    Number of posts : 72
    Location : in my chair, in my room, in my home.
    Ship Name : The U.S.S. Enduring Heart (tier 5)
    Ship Class : escort, sci alt if needed.
    Fleet Division : Command

    Vinypop "the big guy"

    Post by Vinypop on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:41 pm

    Hailing from the planet Ala-tint Vinypop Is part of a race know as the Aram-do-nians. The Aramdonians joined the Federation shortly after the Romulan home world was destroyed. The Aramdonians has been paying tithes to the Romulans though closer to federation space, the destruction of Romulus and Remus gave the emergent species the opportunity to defy the Romulans and they expelled the Romulan governor and his small force back into Romulan space and contacted Starfleet.

    The first of his race to join Starfleet, special accommodations had to be made for his large stature. He was an exceptional student but was obviously better suited for combat roles, he scored good marks in the Kobi-ashi-maru however was almost docked points for ramming his vessel into not only one but two Klingon vessels before his ship was deemed destroyed. Graduating among the top student in his class he served in security assignments until receiving his commission to captain of the U.S.S. Gothic

    His race treats Science as a religion, they are reverent in science classes and while performing experiments, and the add-aged "for science" has become common place among his people.

    "A Lion? I don't think of my self as a lion... But, I do have a mighty roar!"

    Director of Search and Rescue operations

    Fleet Rank : Fleet Admiral
    Science Department Rank : SCI Fleet Admiral
    Medical Division Rank :
    Security/Marine Rank : FMC Sergeant
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    Location : Second star to the right and striate on till morning
    Ship Name : USS Seeker
    USS Seaquest
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-65640
    Ship Class : Nebula class with a new prototype superstructure.
    Fleet Division : Science/Medical

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Dekkar Martle

    Re: Vinypop "the big guy"

    Post by Seeker on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:45 pm

    cool i love the pic at the bottom of your sig is that the dooms day device?


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