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    SFC2 & 3

    Connas Soth
    Heart Of Gold

    Fleet Rank : Cadet
    Number of posts : 35
    Location : BIOP, Iraq (DEPLOYED)
    Ship Name : U.S.S. Archangel
    Ship Registry Number : NX-4640
    Ship Class : Advanced Cruiser/ Covert Ops
    Fleet Division : Command

    SFC2 & 3

    Post by Connas Soth on Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:05 am

    I was just wondering, have any of you played SFC 2 or 3? I know before I deployed, only a handful of servers for SFC3 were out. I never have played any of the Academys or the Fleet games, so I'm not sure what they involve.

    If you haven't, and you're wanting some good Startrek knowledge and experiance changing power to different aspects of your ship, manuvering and targeting different systems, I recommend it.

    If you have played before, lets talk about!

    If you folks haven't figured, you're pretty much the only folks I can talk to online from here....and I like to be chatty! Very Happy Makes the time go by faster too.
    Fleet Admiral

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    Fleet Division : Command

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Jeff Baumer

    Re: SFC2 & 3

    Post by Baumer on Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:10 pm

    I sure did play the SFC games. I played the original all the way through 3. Yes, one of my favorite things was the use of the power diversion to different systems & shields. You could also send marines over to other sihps and damage systems... deploy mines... it was pretty brutal battle... all too often you had to resort to tactics such as using a tractor beam to ram an enemy into an asterooid or planet or black hole, and just barely escape destruction yourself! lol good times.

    Did you ever play Bridge Commander?
    Truth Seer
    Big Damn Hero

    Fleet Rank : Captain
    Security/Marine Rank : FMC Colonel
    Number of posts : 281
    Location : Out on the edge.
    Ship Name : USS Truth Seer
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-Can't Think of Anything
    Ship Class : Defiant
    Fleet Division : Marines/Security

    Re: SFC2 & 3

    Post by Truth Seer on Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:23 pm

    One of my favorite gaming moments comes from SFC3. I was playing the Wolf 359 skirmish mode. The Borg ship destroyed my weapons and engines, and then left me there to deal with the other ships.

    BC was fun too, but my favorite has to be Dominion War, best damage details IMO.



    Re: SFC2 & 3

    Post by Guest on Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:51 pm

    No such luck here Sad
    Done the Impossible

    Fleet Rank : Commander
    Engineering Dept. Rank : SED Commander
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    Ship Class : Excelsior Redesign
    Fleet Division : Engineering/Ops

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    Re: SFC2 & 3

    Post by Stronin on Sun Dec 07, 2008 3:56 pm

    I remember doing a 1v1 sovvie battle where I finished the guy off by tractoring him through mines as i layed them haha.

    SFC3 was fun, a pinch slow for my taste but fun.
    Connas Soth
    Heart Of Gold

    Fleet Rank : Cadet
    Number of posts : 35
    Location : BIOP, Iraq (DEPLOYED)
    Ship Name : U.S.S. Archangel
    Ship Registry Number : NX-4640
    Ship Class : Advanced Cruiser/ Covert Ops
    Fleet Division : Command

    Re: SFC2 & 3

    Post by Connas Soth on Tue Dec 09, 2008 6:46 am

    I didn't get to play bridge commander sadly.
    If they make ship to ship conflict like SFC3, but in 3D, (and obviously alittle faster) the game is gonna be tight.
    Heck, if they took SFC3 ships and combat, Eve mapping and navigation and the T.R. fps engine....the game will rock IMHO.

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    Re: SFC2 & 3

    Post by Sponsored content

      Current date/time is Thu Jun 21, 2018 3:07 am