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    Cheyenne Kirsta Ravon Cota (Intrepid RP)



    Cheyenne Kirsta Ravon Cota (Intrepid RP)

    Post by Guest on Sat Dec 06, 2008 3:00 pm

    Black Star's character...
    Name: Cheyenne Kirsta Ravon/Cota
    Rank: Lt Commander
    Position: Chief of Security
    D.O.B.: November 13, 2415
    Age: 23
    Race: Human/Trill
    Sex: Female
    Hair: Blonde
    Skin: Lightly tanned
    Eyes: Piercing Blue

    Cheyenne Kirsta Ravon/Cota

    Cheyenne was born November 13, 2415 on Serenity Station. She is the daugher of Leah Ravon and Dorlen Cota.

    She, along her friends Alex and Eshayla Marie Danto entered Starfleet together. Her friends life paths took them in a different directions then her as she went into Starfleet Security for many reasons, the foremost being the fact that she loved mysteries and the challenges behind unsolved situations. She did well in Starfleet, her scores marking her within the top ten. She was smart and intelligent and according to one instructor, “Cheyenne is a brilliant student who can achieve so much more, but she has an extreme tendency to underachieve if and when a situation puts her front and center of attention. Despite mine, and a couple other professors' attempts to change this within her, she stubbornly refuses to do. My solution was to place her within situations where she could always put others in the limelight, thus proving to me what I had known to begin with: She abhors being the center of anything except when its within the line of duty. She is quite content to let others shine. I believe that once she removes this.....stubborn trait, she has the potential to rise through the ranks.”
    Chey, out of necessity to achieve what she wanted, eventually made the rank of Lt. Commander but chose to go no further. She stayed for an extra six months to brush up on other things pertaining to her job but when it finally came time for her posting, somehow, she managed to end up in the same place as Alex and Eshayla Danto. Their first commander was quick to learn that these three operated well together, enhancing each others abilities and whenever away missions arose which required the skills and abilities of these three, the commander was quick to give them the assignment.

    Personal Biography

    Cheyenne loves her parents deeply and considers herself “daddy's little girl” but yet, her personality is more like her mother's; both physically and mentally. She has an extremely strong bond of friendship with Alex and Eshayla and being the only child of Leah and Dorlen, she sees both Danto children as siblings, Alex more so. Cheyenns sees the Danto home as her second home and spent much time there while growing up but she did not forsake her roots. She has a deep, committed, loyal bond to Reanna, her friends and their children and is very proud to carry Reanna's mother's name, Kirsta, as her middle name.
    Her and Alex developed a deep bond which verges on a brother/sister relationship, to which, the two were notorious as youngsters for getting into more than their fair share of trouble and numerous times were both kid's parents found trying to decide a punishment which would settle the two down....but to no avail. Both were head strong, both feeding each other's trouble making side just as much as instigating a problem themselves. Over time, as they grew up, they settled down more or less but now, the trouble they cause usually results in a good old fashioned bar fight as someone feels insulted or challenged by their jokes. Such was the case one night. At a popular, local hangout, Cheyenne, Alex and Eshayla and a few other friends were enjoying a few days break from classes and were rather enjoying themselves. Four male Nausicans and one female had visited the establishment and managed to end up standing but a few feet away from Cheyenne and her friends. One of the Nausicans had been quite rude when he shoved past Cheyenne and Eshayla on his way to the bar, then doing so again on his way back to join his companions adding, which Chey found out a few minutes later, was a rather rude insult toward her and Eshayla. Her mother's attitude washed through on that situation and a few minutes later, after some exchange of insults, unspoken challenges, a fight broke out. Eshayla was the innocent one of the group whom the Nausicans had chose to make a target. When all was said and done, Alex now walks with a limp while Cheyenne's shoulder will flare up occasionally when she over exerts herself. Both received sever reprimands which could have been worse if not for the large number of witnesses who had seen how it all began. Both Alex and Cheyenne remember that night with mixed emotions and feelings but they both knew, that when the chips were down and all hell has broken loose, they would always have each other's backs.

    Skills and Abilities

    Cheyennes is versed in many forms of combat, training she received at the hands of Onnie, Franon, her mother and Reanna. She also took up body building as one way to honor her mother. Eventually, after much cajouling, convincing and finally a challenge, she began to train with Alex in Laido style swordmanship. This was something she fought against for a time, but eventually realized there was a certain grace and style to this ability and now, she looks forward to each session and the hope that one day, she could defeat Alex at his own style, something neither had been able to do to each other.
    Cheyenne is a hard worker and when given a task, that is the center of her focus and is very tenacious in her methods and applications. She knows the ins and outs of being a security officer and the fact that she loves her work, makes it tough to pull the wool over her eyes.

    Personality and Appearance

    Cheyenne abhors being the center of attention and refuses to be such. She is quick to pass of honors and congratulations to her peers and fellow officers when a task is complete. If it is directly involved with a job she has taken on, or directly with security, she will acknowledge such attention, begrudgingly. The only attention she truly enjoys is that from her family and close friends because, to her, it is their opinion which matters most in life.

    She is an outgoing, personable person and easy to get along with. She loves hanging with friends and reading, especially mystery stories. She loves a good workout and will spend as much time in the holo units in the midst of tough combat as time spent curled up with a good mystery story. She has a weak spot for Alex and if he is threatened in any way which may cause him harm, she is the first to stand before him. She is muscular yet defined. Cheyenne is athletic, firm, lithe and well proportioned. She has shoulder length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her face is pleasant to look upon and she is rather imposing at 6'3” in height. She keeps herself well groomed but not to the point of vanity and there is always the faint scent of lilac about her.

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