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    The Orion Syndicate Part 2

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    The Orion Syndicate Part 2

    Post by Stravik on Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:40 am

    The dim lit bar is overcrowded and full of smoke. Sergeant Major Fushma, looking a little worn and wearing clothing of a smuggler, walks into the tavern with Ution. Fushma is of Asian descent and stands at roughly 5’9. Fushma showing signs of not shaving the past couple of days leans over towards Ution “Are you sure that he can be trusted” he says low enough for Ution to hear as he makes eye contact with Sgt. Wendell at the bar.

    Wendell notices Fushma and turns around to face the bar and orders another drink. The bartender brings him another drink “You sure do drink a lot

    Wendell speaks low enough only the bartender can hear him “Oh stuff it” he says in an Irish accent “Snake just came in, any sign of the mouse?

    The bartender looks around “Not yet and I didn’t see Bull make his last pass. Something is up

    Wendell responds “ah relax Bull can take care of himself” Wendell turns back around just in time to see Fushma and Ution walk by him.

    Suddenly an Andorion server stops Fushma “Excuse me sir but the gentleman in the corner said he wants to buy you a red romulan ale. He said you knew what it was?” By the time the server turns around to point out the gentleman in the corner Fushma grabs Ution and heads for the door.

    Upon seeing Fushma head for the door Wendell drops his glass on the bar and makes for the door with the Bartender (Staff Sergeant Reider) right behind him. As soon as Fushma gets to the door of the pub Disrupter fire erupts and Fushma falls to the floor.

    Computer freeze program” Fushma gets back up and turns to face Wendell and Reider. “I always love a good shot to the chest from a disrupter.”

    Sergeant Giefield comes around the corner into the bar and is greeted by Fushma first “Where the hell were you at Bull?”

    Giefield who is roughly 6’8 and roughly 315 pounds responds “Well Snake believe it or not I think Reider finally made a program that can beat me.” He looks at Reider “I got sniped boss

    How was that red romulan ale boss?” Sgt Haret comes up behind Wendell.

    Suddenly an entrance appears out of thin air and Farus walks in. He looks around and starts shaking his head “Ah nice pub and here I thought you guys were mission planning” Farus turns to Fushma “Graywolf is coming out of warp we should be docking with DS9 in 15 minutes get your men ready for operation.”

    Fushma stands at attention “roger that sir” he then turns to the rest of his men “SADDLE UP BOYS it’s time to go recruit us a boat and its captain”

    On the bridge Green walks in and takes his seat at the captain’s chair. “Sir we are in range of the station” says Fortugia

    Cmdr Green stands up “Outstanding, put it on screen”

    The view screen shows the station still a ways out. “Fortugia hail station ops and request permission to dock” As Cmdr Green gives the order the wormhole opens up.

    “Wow that’s the most amazing thing I have ever seen” Ensign Teller says with excitement.

    A male lieutenant pops up on the screen “USS Graywolf you are cleared to dock at upper pylon 3, welcome to Deep Space 9."

    “Teller bring us to docking pylon 3 please” Cmdr Green settles back into the captain’s chair and pushes a button on the console to his left “Scott are your men ready”

    Farus’s voice is heard with the clinging of a case hitting the floor “Yeah we are ready here. Is the Hortugai in place?”

    “Stand by.” Green pushes a button on his console and turns to Fortugia. “Fortugia I need you to scan upper docking pylon 2 you’re looking for an Yridian Freighter named Hortugai, I need to know how many personal are on board.”

    Fortugia runs his hands over his console “Sir there is one person on the bridge at this time”

    Green nods then turning his head to the console to his left punches a button and says one word “Execute”

    Suddenly an alarm sounds from the ops console “sir the Hortugai just beamed something from the cargo bay to their ship”

    Green gets a smirk on his face “Really?” he says with sarcasm “Ensign Teller all stop, shields up Red Alert, Lt. Jensen lock phasers on the freighter.”

    “Sir the station is hailing us; they would like to know why we just raised our shields and locked our weapons on the Hortugai."

    “Put it on screen” Fortugia touches his panel and Kira’s face pops up on the screen “Is there a problem Commander?”

    Green turns to the screen “Captain Nerys. I need you to take the captain of the Hortugai into custody, they stole a case of phaser rifles from our hold”

    “Very well Commander go ahead and dock with the station he will be in the brig. Kira out.” The station shows back up on the screen.

    “That was a little too easy” Green turns towards Stravik “Ok Lt you can relax with the alert now and stand down weapons.”

    Stravik runs his hands over his console. “Aye sir, standing down”

    “Ensign, continue with docking procedures” Green touches the panel to his left again “Well played Scott, He should be in custody.”

    Farus responds over the comm “All in a day’s work Farus out.”

    The Graywolf docks with the station.

    Cmdr Green walks into the Security office with Farus behind him wearing a Lieutenant’s security uniform on. “I’m Commander Green from the USS Graywolf, this is my Chief of Security Lieutenant Paul Kindar” he points towards Farus, “We are here to take control of Captain of the Yridian freighter that beamed the case of phaser rifles from our ship.”

    The security officer looks up and sighs “I wish it was that easy commander but I can’t release him”

    Green raises his voice “Why the hell not”

    “He is wanted by the Cardassians for smuggling and thievery” the security officer hands a PADD to the commander “Sorry sir but the federation has agreed to extradite any wanted suspects to their government no matter how frivolous the crime.”

    Green snatches the PADD out of the Lieutenants hand “we will see Lieutenant.” He turns to head toward the door and stops “Computer where is Kira Nerys”

    Before the computer could answer Lieutenant Ro Laren walked into the office “It’s ok Hienz, release Ution to them”

    Green smiled and looked at Farus “get him and let’s go”

    Farus disappeared in the back towards the brig area with the lieutenant. Green looks at Ro Laren “The infamous Ro Laren I presume”

    Ro Laren nods her head and pauses for a second “And I suppose you don’t exist right?” Green gives her a confused look “why would you say that? I just want my phaser rifles back” before she could respond to him Farus comes out with the prisoner

    “Got him sir I’ll take him back to the ship” Farus says as he walks out the door with his hand on Union’s shoulder.

    Green walks out of the security office and heads towards quarks to see his Chief engineer arguing with a Ferengi at the bar. “I don’t want an IOU from you I want my winnings” Screams Shelby.

    Green walks into the bar and puts his hand on Shelby’s shoulder “we need to go Shelby you will have to settle for the IOU for now”

    Shelby grabs the Ferengi by the ears and pulls him towards here across the bar “When I come back you better have my winnings, or you’re going to be hanging by your lobes at the entrance to the bar” Shelby pushes him back away and walks out of the bar.

    Green laughs and looks at the Ferengi “I would suggest you have her money” and walks back out.

    Aboard the Graywolf Commander Green enters the bridge “What’s the status of the Yridian freighter?”

    "The Yridian freighter has already left station for its destination sir” Responds Stravik from the tactical station.

    Green sits down in the captain’s chair “Very well, Ensign Teller undocks from station and set a course to Rendezvous with the task force”

    “Undocked from station sir” says Fortugia from the ops station

    “Course laid in sir” responds Teller

    Green sits back in his seat “Helm execute at your ready”

    In the flash of a light the Graywolf is gone.

    TO BE CONTINUED………………………

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    Re: The Orion Syndicate Part 2

    Post by Reanna Aloi on Sun Nov 22, 2009 3:56 am

    Ooooo! Nice! Me likey!


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