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Role Playing Protocol

Please read these before you RP.

Hopefully these protocols will help people avoid stepping on toes and give a little insight in how we RP around here.


A. Serenity Station’s main purpose is fun and enjoyment for everyone. We are here to have fun, this is not a job. Please respect everyone else’s right to enjoy being here. Sometimes you have to give and take a little for everyone else to have fun too. Thanks!


B. Please only run one Role Playing session at a time in the RP Central thread. If you have an idea and want to start one, put it in the RP Ideas thread and we will put that thread in order with the other upcoming RP Ideas. Most of the time it is first come first serve, however, that is also at the Command Staff’s discretion.

C. If you are doing a smaller RP session with people not involved in any other RP sessions and have it approved by the Command Staff, then that is acceptable.

D. If you are playing as yourself, do not play another person’s characters or ships. If the moderator or controller of the enemy force is not online, RP involving the enemy force should stop until that person returns or posts again.

E. The RP Moderator of a RP thread is the leader of that thread. If the Moderator makes a decision you will follow it. The moderator in charge of the enemy is the only one authorized to assign damage to ships other than his/her own. The Moderator is also the only one allowed to assign damage and destroy enemy ships. The player is allowed to say that their weapon's fire hit, but not for how much. Also remember to keep things realistic. If things blow up too fast, its less fun for everyone else.

F. If your ship is disabled by the moderator, you are disabled... you may repair over time, but repair just enough to get out of danger then come back at a later date. Remember, keep it real. The moderator, however, is not allowed to destroy your ship.

G. DONT DESTROY THE SHIP OF ANOTHER MEMBER! If you attack another member's vessel, let them determine what damage was done to them. Likewise, make sure that if you are attacked that you are realistic in the damage assessment.

H. If you have a decision to make, for example, whether or not you or another player win's a RP duel. I suggest flipping a coin or rolling a dice. A higher number on the roll wins the match... then all you have to do is make it fun and difficult and interesting!

I. When playing in RP please try to be as canon as you can with the Star Trek series. If you are attacking an enemy, you won’t always destroy them in one volley. Please keep things interesting. Take damage and give damage, but give everyone a hit on the baddies. Make the scenarios last a while so it can be fun for everyone. Don’t be invincible. Take almost as much damage as you deal. This makes things more enjoyable for everyone. It is not a sin to have to retreat and come back after you have repaired damage. Also FOLLOW THE CHAIN OF COMMAND! Need I say more? Cool

J. Ship designs should be within reason. Remember, we want to keep things realistic. When the game comes out, our designs will change to whatever ship we have in the game, however, for now please keep it real. No Omega weapons, or ships with 300 torpedo launchers, time travel devices, Photonic cannons, and so forth... if you aren’t sure if it is acceptable, feel free to ask me. This is just for the protection of the fun of everyone in the fleet. It also avoids ship jealousy incidents or confusing role play situations.

K: All members must go through the RP Academy before they can join the Serenity Station RP Group.

L. A Senior Officer has the right to close or end any RP session at his/her discretion.