Firefly Fleet Announcements:
Welcome to Serenity Station!!
We now have a Tier three Starbase!!

Welcome to the Firefly Fleet!   Fleet and web updates will be found here!


Be sure to drop by our Allied forums and say hi!  Very Happy

Congratulations to new promotees!


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Firefly Fleet Inactive List


(Went to Risa... got lost... or just decided not to return)

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 This is the list of members who have been inactive or away for over a month.  


  If you are on this list by mistake, please let me (Baumer) know and I will be sure to correct that mistake.   If you return from being inactive, also let me know and I will take your name off the list. 


Also, if you have been inactive for over 2-3 months without letting us know in the Leave of Absence forum, we may remove you from the fleet roster until the time in which you return.  


 REMEMBER: This is NOT a ban or kick list, but is simply a tool to help us keep track of who is and isn't active in the fleet. Some of these members have not even registered in the new forums.