Firefly Fleet Announcements:
Welcome to Serenity Station!!
We now have a Tier three Starbase!!

Welcome to the Firefly Fleet!   Fleet and web updates will be found here!


Be sure to drop by our Allied forums and say hi!  Very Happy

Congratulations to new promotees!


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Fleet Bank Protocol



    A. Be Honest - Please don't steal from the fleet.  You hurt a lot of people when you do this.   If you need an item, use it and replace it.  "see give and take"    but don't grab and then leave the fleet.    The servers keep logs of this.  If you do this, you will be reported to the GMs. 



    B. Give and Take Policy - If you use something that has been deposited in the fleet bank, we ask that you put something back in of similar value that someone can use in the future.   (A tribble for armor is not a fair trade)  You don't have to put something in right away, but in the future or prior to, just to keep it fair. 



    C. Donations - We are thrilled if you decide to donate funds to the fleet.   We do not require it, but if you do, we will definitely use them towards the betterment of the fleet.



    D. Withdrawing Credits - Ensign-LTJG will not be able to withdraw credits from the bank.   If you need to withdraw some, please talk to a higher officer and get them to help you out.    If you need a loan of any level, it's best to just talk to the Admirals.  



    E. Uses of Fleet Donations - We will use the fleet donations to purchase Bank tabs and other various fleet addons that Cryptic creates.   Hopefully we can someday maybe even purchase our own Starbase.  :D    We can dream :D