Firefly Fleet Announcements:
Welcome to Serenity Station!!
We now have a Tier three Starbase!!

Welcome to the Firefly Fleet!   Fleet and web updates will be found here!


Be sure to drop by our Allied forums and say hi!  Very Happy

Congratulations to new promotees!


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Dismissal Protocols



           A. Dismissal: If a member of the fleet performs actions contrary to the health and/or ethics of the Fleet they may be prone to dismissal.  Dismissal constitutes of a permanent ban from all fleet sites and forums.    


           B. Racist or Bigoted Comments WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Hate speech of ANY kind WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  Joking is allowed, but beware; you walk a VERY thin line.   My recommendation is, if in doubt, DONT!  If you make comments of this nature, you won't even get a cigarette before you are flushed out the airlock.  


            C. RepromandIf you recieve a repromand, please take it in a responsable and healthy manner. ("Yes sir, I will try to do better sir.")  Usually repromands will be either written or verbal, depending on if it's given over the forums, the game, or Vent. Repromands are ususally given and a good hint that you need to take a look at your behaivior in general.  If you recieve more than one repromand, beware, you may be on a path to dismissal.  


            D. If you recieve a repromand and feel that it was in error, feel free to contact one of the Admirals and we will get together with you and talk it out.


            E. Any Admiral has the right to dismiss someone who is causing problems.   If a member is scamming, using hate speech, or in other way causing damage to members, allies, or otherwise, they may find themselved dismissed without warning.