Firefly Fleet Announcements:
Welcome to Serenity Station!!
We now have a Tier three Starbase!!

Welcome to the Firefly Fleet!   Fleet and web updates will be found here!


Be sure to drop by our Allied forums and say hi!  Very Happy

Congratulations to new promotees!


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Declarations Of War



*If the Fleet Admiral & the Command Staff agree to go to war, we go to war.


*The Fleet Admiral alone does not have the power to start a war. 


*The Fleet Admiral must get a 2/3 yes vote from the Squadron Admirals to formally declare war.



War with another fleet is to be declared only when necessary and never to be taken lightly!  There are, however, acts of war that we WILL respond to in force.


             A. A Direct, unprovoked attack on Serenity Station or the Firefly Fleet is an act of war.  We will respond in force! 


             B. Slander or Libel against our fleet may be taken as an act of war. 


             C. Attempts to steal personnel from our fleet will not be taken lightly.     


             D. Attacks on the character or emotional well-being of our fleet members will not be tolerated.