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Welcome to Serenity Station!!
We now have a Tier three Starbase!!

Welcome to the Firefly Fleet!   Fleet and web updates will be found here!


Be sure to drop by our Allied forums and say hi!  Very Happy

Congratulations to new promotees!


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The leadership of the Firefly Fleet take pride in our member's upstanding attitudes and conduct.  We, therefore, have a code of conduct that we expect all members to follow.    We are a proud group of Starfleet Officers and wish to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples of the world and universe.

Please abide by this Code of Conduct:


A. Racist or Bigoted Comments WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Hate speech of ANY kind WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  Joking is allowed, but beware; you walk a VERY thin line.   My recommendation is, if in doubt, DONT!  If you make comments of this nature, you won't even get a cigarette before you are flushed out the airlock.

B.  Please do your best to always be diplomatic and kind at all times. Sometimes tense situations cause exasperation and frustration, however, please do your utmost to remain humble and in control.  This will help to promote the enjoyment of the game and interaction with the fleet for everyone, both new and old to the fleet. 

C. Please no name calling or insulting others.  "Noob!" "LOSER" "INSERT HURTFUL WORD OR PHRASE HERE” Don’t do it.  Starfleet Officers are accepting and helpful and PATIENT!  Please be kind.  We were all "Newbies" at one point or another. 


D. We know that we are all adults here, however, please try to keep cursing down to a minimum. Cursing is ok with us as long as it is not used in a harmful way. If you accidentally say something, or use a minor curse word once in a while, we probably will not say anything, however, some people of the fleet may have children or be offended by such language. So please don't intentionally lay out a string of curses.   Remember... there are some curse words that there is no tolerance for.  If you are asked to please refrain from cursing, by another, please be courteous and do your best to comply. 


E. Always be kind and courteous to other people.  We are all friends here.     


F. Respect your commanding officers.  If they give you an order, please follow it.  If you think that the order is out of line, file a complaint with the admiralty.  


G. If you are telling a joke that might offend someone, please use a more private chat. It is ok if it is inoffensive, however, we have a fleet of multi-sex-race-religion & political views. Just use your head.  If you think someone might be offended be smart about where you post it. 


H. Take care of your fellow players.  If they need help, please help them.  We expect them to help you in return.  If you are new to the game and just starting out, we will do what we can to help out when we can.  Sometimes you will have to fend for yourself, however, we will do our best to minimize that time, especially if you are in serious need of help.  


I. If someone attacks you, you are allowed to respond, but remember to remain diplomatic. If you are attacked in game, of course the ship and the crew come first, however, outside the game please remain diplomatic.   


J. Have Fun!  Don't feel weighted down by this code of conduct.  It is not a set of rules, but a way to live and conduct yourself to enhance the enjoyment of others.  Just enjoy, follow the code of conduct and keep it fun for everyone.   


K. Lastly, if someone is in breech of conduct, please contact your superior officer or the superior

officer over the person in breech of conduct.   Be careful not to breech conduct in reply.